Friday, July 25, 2008

KPO reader - Sian

'Sian' keeping popping out of nowhere to tag on my entries claiming ridiculous & untrue things which he/she assumed to be.

I think, 'Sian' either don't understand english or is too imaginative.

I've never seen such a free & KPO person before.

I removed my tagboard cos 'Sian' is damn fucking irritating. If he/she got guts, email & scold me. Don't use tagboard, it's too troublesome.

I think in future, he/she will be even more SIAN. Cos no tagboard for him/her to attack me & i can scold him/her whatever i like here but he/she teh liao his/her lan pa/neh neh cos he/she doesn't have the guts to email me at all.


Boo hoo. Go away lar, you're not welcome here!

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