Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ugly creature... Psss.. Psss...

Psss... Psss...

WAH! There was a big small python in my office this morning!

I was late for work, as usual. Whahhahahahha

When i reached, everybody including my dad, bro & my neighbour were helping to catch the horrible creature.

My dad said the python is very small only. -____-"

Yucks! Snakes are ugly. So is 'Sian'. Cos both starts with letter 'S'. Boooooo...

AX & Ricky are saying the same thing, 'you're the biggest snake what!'

Wahahhahahah, yes lor. I'm always late for work ever since i was pregnant. And i always play Viwawa during my working hours, my Sushido is at level 46 now & nobody wants to play with me anymore... :(

But becos i'm born a 大小姐 so i'm given the privilege to do so. Sian, don't be jealous, ok?

Yes, i may have a unsuccessful marriage cos of my 小姐脾气 which Sian said so.

But i've a wonderful mum & dad with cute siblings & of cos a adorable daughter, which makes up a happy family. So, what's the matter if i don't have a husband?

I'm still waiting for Sian to email me.

No guts to email me yet got the cheek to keep tagging my tagboard. Buay paiseh, keep coming to people's territory & create trouble. 神经病!

No time for you crazy bitch/bastard! I've much better thing to do.

Ya, back to the snake topic. During lunch time, i went to research about snakes. Wah lau, it's really really 贰心.

My mum tells me some people loves to eat snake, as in eating real snake meat. She said it's good for the skin.


How to eat?!!!? See already will puke lor. Even beef i also don't dare to eat anymore. Cos i think of the cow, very poor thing.

Oh ya, i suddenly thought of something which i wanted to blog about few days ago but no time to do so.

I was talking to a very good friend on msn few days back. Shall not mention her name cos it's not very convenient to do so.

I got si bei agitated while chatting with her.

Not she make me angry, is her ex bf.


That man got the cheek to fuck woman without condom & then ask those poor ladies to go for abortion with merely $500!

Si Gi Na! Si bei Yao Xiu.

Nbz. Don't let me see him on the street (although i didn't see him before)!

If he got the guts to shoot in his sperm, than he must have the guts to bear the responsiblity.

CB. Thought is fun si bo? Those babies will come back & haunt him, hopefully.

Wah, i'm very sio now. Blog again soon!

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