Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy & satisfied.

Thanks to the help of Mr G, i finally got a new dress & 2 new pairs of shoes for tomorrow photoshooting. If not i will just wear pyjamus for the shoot liao. LOL

Well, because i need to look after Raeann, i totally got no time to go shopping at all. And it's impossible for me to bring Raeann to shopping alone unless it's window shopping. Ah bo how to test clothes & carry her at the same time?

So, this man, whom is at a chalet at Pasir Ris came all the way to Jurong to pick us to Orchard cos i want to go to Daniel Yam & then send us back to Jurong then back to Pasir Ris again. Yoohoo.

Don't be mistaken i'm making use of him cos he's staying opposite my house only so i thought is convenient for him. When i got up the car than he tell me that he came from Pasir Ris. -_-"


Their gowns & dresses are all so gorgeous until i don't know how to choose. I bought a simple maroon red tube baby doll dress. Very nice!! My mum says it's very very nice!! SO HAPPY!

I tested on 2 dresses. Both are very nice but i can only choose one cos i'm si bei fucking poor this month which i don't know why. After paying for Raeann's birthday cake tomorrow, i'm only left with $30.00 wealth. HAIZ. Don't know what the fuck i spend on.

But my mum is sponsoring me this dress at $140.00.

When i reached home, she asked me 'Why don't you buy both pieces? It's very nice leh!'

Wah lau. I'm a very auto person ok. I won't becos my mum is paying than i buy alot alot.

Aftermath, i went to pretty fit to get a pair of shoes to match this dress. Found a pair that cost $79.90 than the sales assistance asked me to get 2nd pair so i can get 20% off both pairs. Being a shoes freak, of cos i buy 2 pairs lah. Both pairs added up to about $85.00 only. So worth! Haha

I got a fetish for shoes. Don't ask me why cos i don't know why either.

Weee weee. I'm so happy today!!

Good night people. :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Bows for sales!

Hihi all,

I've a pair of mini BIG SISTER bows & a pair of mini LITTLE SISTER bows for sales.


Size: 1.75" wide
Price: $9.90 an identical pair
Postage & Handling: $1.00 (Same for one or two pairs)

They comes in one pair of each design. You may choose either design but i only sell in pairs.


Clip types: SNAP

Suitable for any baby girls; little or many hair. All you need is few strands of hair for the clip to hold there. It will not slip away.

I ordered too much & wrongly for Raeann. I ordered 5 pairs together. She doesn't have any sister yet so it's meaningless to keep these 2 pairs. LOL I hope i've 2 daughters so i can wear for both of them but too bad, i don't have.

Doll up your little princess now! Trust me, it's so pretty & cute!

Anyway, to those who are interested, please email me at Alternatively, you may also add me to your msn at for any enquiries or confirmation.

Thank you very muchie. :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Recently i've taken a liking to this song, 小夫妻. Original singers are 欧得洋 & 蔡淳佳, i can only find the video in imeem but i found the song sung by John & Desiree from Superstar which i find it cuter and nicer!! (Playing on my playlist now but don't know why the song incomplete. Watch the video!! SO NICE!)

-Video Removed-

I removed it cos it will cause some interuptions in the song playlists.

Yooohoooo, nice hor? I want to learn it and sing it for XS & Hamster on their wedding day. But firstly hor, i need to find a male singer as my partner, who want?? You must be able to sing & memorize all the lyrics so you can guide me cos i don't know how to sing at all!! Sign up now! Whahahahahah

我愿意 这一生 这一世 呵护这你 一直到 你当爷爷 你当奶奶 还是老夫老妻...

Now my voice is still very sexy so i'm still unable to practice yet. I want to go KTV!! Who want to go with me???

Yesterday i slept at 10pm with Raeann cos i was feeling very not well after the Sakae dinner. OMG. I drink too much hot green tea i think. I feel like puking when i reached home. My mum take medicated oil to rub for me than hor my whole tummy is WATER! When she rub, can hear those water wave sound loudly.

She's worried that my kidney problem is coming back to me again. Haiz. Anyway, i'm so used to hearing myself with illness, illness & more illness. I'm not scare or afraid cos everyone need to die one day. Maybe it's a blessing for me to die earlier cos i'll finally be free from this miserable life. After i die, i won't hear any more nonsenses from the HO family, i don't have to take so much medicines every night, i don't have to bear with all the pain everyday, etc etc. I also won't feel guilty for making Raeann without a father, i also won't have to worry how to teach her properly in the right way and i also won't have to keep repeating NO when they keep asking if Raeann is going back there.

See, there are so much advantages for me to die early. And i bet those people will be very happy cos nobody is there to snatch Raeann with them. But wahahahahha TOO BAD man, i'm still alive. And even before i die, i will also find a lawyer to fight until the custody goes to my parents first than i will die peacefully.

So, they better stop dreaming & asking. Otherwise i will buy a recorder and record NO many many times, mail it to them and let them listen. And if they want to see Raeann right, i will also send them a picture of Raeann, they can paste on the wall and see her everyday.

What a perfect plan!

Anyway hor, this morning i woke up at 6am leh. Than hor, i on my laptop & check my email. Wahhahahahah Than hor, i logged into Viwawa. 15 mins later, i turn around, Raeann is sitting there staring at me. ALAMAK. She wanted to scare me. Everytime she wake up hor, first thing she do is to sit up and she won't make a single noise at all. Than when i look at her, she will give me the sweetest smile of the day.

I shutted down my lappy & accompany her. As usual, she squeezed herself into my arms & pillow and than look everywhere until she fall asleep. So hor, this morning i look some pictures of us. Don't be scare off by my aunty w/o make up look!

Take one, take two.


Take three!


As it was still quite dark at 6am, i need to use the flash. But hor Raeann finds it so sharp until she needs to cover her eyes with her 'chou chou'. I tried to find other angles but she also closes her eyes. Alamak.

Oh yah. I'm going to change her milk brand when she turns one. Cos NAN has changed their packaging and formula and Raeann can't take those with extra ingredients since birth. Hence, she lao sai lor. Which brand is good? Pretty mummies, please do some recommendations, thanks. (Email me please cos there's no tagboard! LOL)

I feel so happy without any tagboard cos hor there's no more Sian to irritate me. Life's SO great without KPO & mad people disturbing. There's no words to describe how happy i am now.

Ohhh... 小夫妻,我的夫妻... 这辈子可以让我爱上了你!!

I wish for a little family of my own, only 小夫妻 & 小瑞恩. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Raeann's coming ONE!

I'm disappearing... i know.

Paiseh man. Cos i've been so sick until i didn't even play Sushido until i'm being kicked to rank 7 now. Sigh Waste my time & energy to fight into rank 2 than few days didn't play kicked to rank 7. Sian.

Anyway, Raeann's 1st lunar birthday falls on this coming Monday.

SO FAST! My darling is ONE.

Time indeed flies very fast unknowingly. I still can't forget the time when i was still pregnant and now, she's one liao.

I'm kinda busy this whole week cos her photoshoot has been postponed to this coming Sunday & i needa prepare alot of things for her & myself. Wahhahahaha Cos i want to chap ji kar inside the shoot so i need to doll myself 美美 also.

My manicure appointment with Clara this coming Friday & i might be going to do rebonding today.

I've ordered a cake for her for the shooting.

Nice anot?

Than i bought her a gown, 肚兜, some bows & clips & a pair of new shoes for the shooting also. Finally she can wear shoes!! But she doesn't seems to like it cos she keep trying to pull it out. Than i tell her, no shoes, no 'gai gai'. LOL And she seems to understand. :)

And sorry people, i'm not doing any celebrations for Raeann.

I will only bring her out for dinner with my family & ah kim's family after the photo shoot on Sunday. As my dad is away to China for holiday, we can eat whatever we like. Whahahahhaha

Cos Raeann now hor, got father = no mother, got mother = no father so i find it rather weird to hold a celebration for her.

I DID think of letting her have father & mother together during her actual birthday with all the friends invited to make her happy. But ar, her father says he wanted to bring her to celebrate with HIS own parents & family. So be it. Anyway, he only got 3 hours permission. He better bring her back to me by 3 hours otherwise i gonna create a havoc and trash out everything i WISH to tell them for a fucking long time.

I don't think they understand english or chinese cos simple words like NO and 不可以 they cannot understand cos they can keep pestering every week with the same question.

I can only say, i'm kan dulan with HIS mother. Cos she si bei act smart.

Remember that time when i mentioned Raeann was down with fever, she was having temperature till 38+ degrees & when i saw her, she was so restless & weak. And yet THEY CAN STILL ARGUE THAT SHE'S VERY OK AT THEIR PLACE AFTER THAT.

Please. Just admit YOU PEOPLE are fucking lazy to even to bring her to see a doctor. Don't give me excuses that she's ok. YOU PEOPLE are not even a doctor, how do you know? Raeann cannot even talk yet, even she's not ok, can she tell YOU PEOPLE? WTFCCB. How come you sick than you rush to see doctor immediately? I thought you always say will recover by itself?

Than nvm. Few days later, ZY called my mum saying Wallace & Chloe down with HFMD. Than do YOU PEOPLE think i'm an idiot to let her go back there issit? How come YOU PEOPLE are so fucking brainless? YOU PEOPLE doesn't even know how to take care of kids & yet YOU PEOPLE keep asking if you all can bring Raeann home, for what fuck huh?

Dear MIL, i know you got many secret medicine. You want to die, you eat yourself, don't harm other people. Luckily you did not feed Raeann with what stupid 'MO DAN' medicine that day, otherwise i will go up CCK and fuck you upside down. TRUST ME, i will do that.

Respect people if you want people to respect you. I've been pulling back my anger & stopping myself to scold you. SO PLEASE, stop asking to bring Raeann home, you all are getting on my nerves.

I may be sick now but i haven die yet lor. I still got the ability to look after MY OWN DAUGHTER so ar, please stop acting kind and want to look after her for me. Thank you very much but i can do it myself.

No time for these crazy mother and son. One mother who think she's so fucking smart & one son who listens everything his mum says no matter is right or wrong. Than they can hug together and die, stop pestering me & my daughter.


I'm so excited over this coming Sunday. I wonder how will Raeann look like dolling up. :)

Many many pictures will be taken & uploaded for that day, remember to check it out!

I'm busy now. Blog again very soon, hopefully!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hi all, my name has changed.

My new name is Sickly Ng.

Cos, i'm sick & sick & sick until now hor my voice... WEEE WEEE damn SEXY!

I'm coughing since Sunday cos hor i've got throat infection due to vomiting for consectively 3 days.

My gastric is giving me some problem cos of the depression medicine i'm taking. Cos it's too heaty for me until i CANNOT shit.

But, i eat & eat & eat. Than all the food stuck inside not digested. Gastric already car park full that's why for that 3 days, i puke whatever i eat & bed ridden cos no strength at all.

But hor, when i'm getting better, I COUGH.

Now, sexy voice. Sigh

I guess, i must have offend some of the 'good brothers' cos I CANNOT BE SO SWAY.


Sick & sick. Where got such thing?

I regret not to study more to become a doctor. Sian.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I want to puke.

Seriously, i played Sushido till i feel like puking. =X

I didn't play that often & siao now but whenever i play, i feel nauseous.

I was at rank 4 than to rank 5 than to rank 2 than now rank 3. If hor i'm rank 3, i rather get rank 4. Cos hor, i don't want the Viwawa T-shirt. 神经病 get the t-shirt i also don't dare to wear out. Moreover 300 viwawa cash lesser. I not stupid. Now, i purposely don't play to drop to rank 4. LOL

I feel like puking now. SO FUCKING BLOATED!

What's wrong with me? -_-"

I finally went to laser away my RED MOLE on Monday. It's so bloody irritating & i really really hate 'things' on my face cos my itchy hand never fail to touch, squeeze & meddle with it. And so, i spent $150.00 to laser this ugly red dot away. Heng i only got one. Imagine i got 10, i need to spend $1,500.00. Siao.

My mum asked me why i want to laser... I told her cos hor it's growing bigger & bigger & i'm afraid it will grow hair some day. Although i know it won't but i'm si bei irritated of it until i BTH cos no matter how much amount of concealer i put, also cannot cover. !#$!@^&*(

I'm so happy recently. :) :) :)

Cos ...





AX got a gf!

Bobo got a bf!

I'm getting married, again!

I'm pregnant, again!

I got myself 2 more LV bags.

I'm going Japan next week.

Raeann got a bf.

Those irritating people i hate have died.


Non of the above i said are real.

I'm happy cos...

Nothing! Just happy~~~~~ :D

I'm siao already cos i see too much sushi. Everyday face sushi will go crazy.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our simple life.


Raeann drink a can of Tiger beer. She got drunk & hangover for 3 days.

Than next day, she crunched one whole apple.



And she was so happy!


No lah, just kidding.

That's an unopened can. She saw my dad drinking so she took a can & tried to drink also. Nothing came out, she threw away the whole can. LOL

But she really crunched the apple, at least 1/4 of it.

Nothing special during the weekends. 7th month praying at my office on Friday & baby Raeann also 'chap ji kar'.

Crawl everywhere to 骗吃骗喝. Haha

That's her. My little greedy pig with trotter legs. :)

She turned 11 months yesterday. So fast. I still haven plan what to do on her birthday, sian.

Going for her port folio this coming Saturday. Hope it turns out well cos i'm going alone with her, don't know if my mum is going anot. Don't intend to ask Raeann's dad along cos i don't want to see him inside the picture. End up i will cut his face away. LOL So, don't bother.

Raeann's so sweet everynight. She sleeps beside me on a seperate pillow. But hor, she will wake up a few times in the night & squeeze into my pillow & want me to hug her to sleep. When she fall asleep, i put her aside cos i scare she will be sweating if i hug her. Than ar, 1 hr later, she wake up again & squeeze into my pillow. LOL

Now she's very fun to play with but also very difficult to handle with. I take a biscuit on my hand, she wants to eat. I run away. She chased me. Haha

I run whole house, she chase whole house. Until she dulan, she go & complain to my mum. Don't know what she talking but she keep saying, 'ma ma, ma ma'. Haha Must be complaining that her ma ma bully her.

So funny.

Well, i'm still taking the depression medications + spine medications. A total of 10 pills everyday. -_-"

I'm si bei scare of medicine now.

And everyday, i spent my time on Raeann & Sushido. After Raeann sleep at night, i will play Sushido for awhile than i go & zzz. Now, i'm at rank 2 in August Top 10. I abit ki siao over it cos i make so many funny friends there. I'm so surprise that all are already mummies.

They're really funny & nice people to chat with. But also have alot of 'siao lang' inside. But i also bo chup. Cos i just want to pass time nia. Nothing to do at all. I can't bring Raeann out alone & my maid is not here yet. Cos we intend to employ my current maid's sister. So they can be together & have family reunion. Haha

And thus, we have to do alot of paperwork cos it's not under the same agent. Moreover, our total income of 30K is not enough cos, ZY's not working. So now, i've to adjust my salary before i'm qualified to employ a maid under my name. My mum already has a maid so she can't employ another one.

Aiya, very troublesome. I hate my body! 24 years old only but 60 years old body & health. Now ar, here pain, there pain. Si bei jialat.

I got work to do now. Blog again. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Unlucky me.

I've been thinking to blog or not to blog cos ALOT of people are reading my blog which i didn't know i'm that "popular". If you guys want to read, jolly well shut up & don't give any comments. Otherwise i'll have to lock it for my own personal viewing only. Thanks.

I received many "shocks" these few days.

ZY came and bring Raeann back to his house on Saturday. I agreed cos my neck & spine is so fucking pain that i think i need a good rest.

I lose my sleep in the end, due to the pain & without Raeann by my side.

Than the pain got worst on Sunday. So i decided to put Raeann at ZY's place for the meantime cos i want to go for some massage to cure the pain first.

I went to Amore Fitness for a swedish massage at a promotional price of $43.00 (U.P $98.00) due to national day for first timer only.

The massage lady was very good & friendly. If you all want to try, try before 9th August otherwise you have to pay $98.00.

When she rubbed on the pain i told her, she said my spine has slanted to my right side & it's so fucking obvious that it's not balance; crooked.

I told her, 不要吓我!

Than she on the light & showed it to me. My tears ji tao drop on the spot.

She still asked me, 'your husband didn't see meh? It's very obvious leh'.

Cos i'm left with only skin & bones at merely 42kg now, so my bones are all popping out.

After the massage, walking along the shopping mall, my tears dropped.

While queuing for food, my tears dropped.

Inside the car, my tears dropped.

At home, i cried for the whole night.


I had this pain when my confinement started. I keep complaining to ZY that my spine is so pain cos i keep bending to change diaper & feeding & keep carrying Raeann on my right arm.

2 hours once, nobody helped me. I didn't even sleep at all.

Than i tried to go chinese physician to massage. The pain will still comes on & off frequently.

Yesterday i went to see a doctor regarding this. And indeed, it's crooked. In future, i can't carry Raeann or heavy stuffs anymore.

Spinal cord crooked can lead to being paralyse.

The moment i heard about this, my first thought was Raeann.

I keep thinking what should i do. I had the thought of putting Raeann in ZY's care. I told ZY about it. Guess what's his reply?

WOW. His reply shocked me again.

He said i'm just giving excuses cos i don't want to look after Raeann.


This person is human meh?

A normal human wouldn't reply such stupid idiotic sms. He should know Raeann is very important to me. Why should i play a joke on my own body & give such a lame reason becos i don't want to look after my own daughter?

I don't know if he's an alien from an unknown outerspace anot. Cos his character & attitude is totally different from a normal human.

I cried to my mum when i reached home. She said she will employ another maid just to help me to look after Raeann.

Now this time, he said he don't want to return Raeann back to me. -_-"

He said i see him good to bully & always want to bully him. WOW.

Now, who is bullying who?

All becos of him, that i've to go through all these & give up my bright future.

10 months pregnancy, what has he done?

I'm the one carrying Raeann around. I'm the one who had morning sickness for almost 5 months. I'm the one who need to take out placenta liquid. I'm also the one who had my cheebye cutted to squeeze Raeann out.

Raeann is coming 11 months old now, what has he done during this 11 months?

Making milk only.

I'm the one who bathe & change Raeann everytime. I'm the one who wash & clean her shit everytime. I'm also the one who look after her everytime.

And him?

For the first 8 months: Sleeping, playing game, watching dvd, going out, playing billiard, lying on the bed like a 'tua pek gong' (大伯公), waiting for people to serve him.

And these 2-3 months, i'm alone to look after Raeann.

And him?

Playing game, playing billiard, eat durian, going out till wee hours in the night & sleep till late noon the next day.

His mum had the cheek to ask someone to lie to me that he's at home everyday just becos i asked him to look after Raeann.

My dear MIL thought i'm 3 years old.

So, am i wrong to say he ruin my whole life? If i still continue carrying Raeann & hack care about my spine, what if i get paralyse one day, are they going to look after me anot?


He isn't fit to be someone's husband & father at all.

Raeann is sick. On Monday, i asked him to bring her to see a doctor since he's so free everyday while i need to work. Doctor MIL said no need, she's fine.

Everytime Raeann fall sick, doctor MIL will say don't need to see a doctor even when she didn't see how serious Raeann is at all.

She will asked her son not to bring Raeann to see a doctor.

If she's that smart, she should be a doctor mah. Why is she still working in a factory? Too wasted.

He bring Raeann to my ah kim's place yesterday & she is running a fever. I had to rush to Jurong West to pick them & go back to the Baby Clinic Raeann usually go at Bukit Batok (Which is my work place).

My neck and spine is still pain. And i had to rush up & down everyday for these 2-3 months, like a mad woman.

I merely asked for a simple help to bring Raeann to see a doctor, is it so difficult?

When comes to custody, YOU PEOPLE know how to say you want to fight. When comes to looking after, YOU PEOPLE throw everything to me alone.


You all want her custody? Dream on.

I struggle until i die also won't give the custody to you all.

My parents dote on me & Raeann alot. And they've got the ability to look after her if anything happen to me.

My dear MIL always think she's an expert in disciplining children. She gives everything the kids want to them.

Don't drink milk, NVM. Don't eat rice, NVM. Eat sweet, OK. Eat tibits, OK. If i'm the kid, of cos i would be very happy to see her. But the kid forever won't know what's wrong or right, what can be done & what cannot be done.

Raeann become very good at screaming & crying if she doesn't get the things she wants after a few times stay at there.

PLEASE. Can somebody tell her?

If she's so free, discipline her own son. Don't come & interfere & influence my Raeann. Later she becomes alien like her dad.

Raeann is my daughter & i'm her mother. I know how to teach her myself & don't need her help at all. Thank you but no thanks.

But anyway, YOU PEOPLE won't have the chance to discipline her or bring her home anymore. Cos NO WAY i will allow. Now, who talk to me also useless.

YOU PEOPLE harmed me. My spinal cord is now crooked. I'm only 24. And YOU PEOPLE must be very happy huh? So, no way i will let YOU PEOPLE harm my daughter.

"Mr Ho aka 大伯公, you got the cheek to complain to my mum that i keep calling & pestering you? I only called you to bring Raeann to see doctor for 3 times. PESTERING?

Yes, i admit, i did send sms to you. But when i changed number, YOU are the one who called my office.

But anyway, i won't ever call or sms you again. So, YOU please don't ever disturb our life anymore. See you at lawyer firm 3 years later in June."

For those who read my blog & wants to KPO, please pass my msg to him, since you(s) have been passing my msg around. Thanks huh.

Wah CB. I see smoke coming out from my head when i typed all these. My blood cells is exploding very soon.

Hmmm, i tell you all another 'shock'.

Yesterday, Raeann & me, slept from 7pm till 7am this morning. LOL

We skipped dinner together. We just knocked out after taking medicine.

Yes! My another maid is coming. I'm so blessed, to have such understanding, caring & wonderful parents. :)