Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Bows for sales!

Hihi all,

I've a pair of mini BIG SISTER bows & a pair of mini LITTLE SISTER bows for sales.


Size: 1.75" wide
Price: $9.90 an identical pair
Postage & Handling: $1.00 (Same for one or two pairs)

They comes in one pair of each design. You may choose either design but i only sell in pairs.


Clip types: SNAP

Suitable for any baby girls; little or many hair. All you need is few strands of hair for the clip to hold there. It will not slip away.

I ordered too much & wrongly for Raeann. I ordered 5 pairs together. She doesn't have any sister yet so it's meaningless to keep these 2 pairs. LOL I hope i've 2 daughters so i can wear for both of them but too bad, i don't have.

Doll up your little princess now! Trust me, it's so pretty & cute!

Anyway, to those who are interested, please email me at Alternatively, you may also add me to your msn at for any enquiries or confirmation.

Thank you very muchie. :)

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