Thursday, August 28, 2008


Recently i've taken a liking to this song, 小夫妻. Original singers are 欧得洋 & 蔡淳佳, i can only find the video in imeem but i found the song sung by John & Desiree from Superstar which i find it cuter and nicer!! (Playing on my playlist now but don't know why the song incomplete. Watch the video!! SO NICE!)

-Video Removed-

I removed it cos it will cause some interuptions in the song playlists.

Yooohoooo, nice hor? I want to learn it and sing it for XS & Hamster on their wedding day. But firstly hor, i need to find a male singer as my partner, who want?? You must be able to sing & memorize all the lyrics so you can guide me cos i don't know how to sing at all!! Sign up now! Whahahahahah

我愿意 这一生 这一世 呵护这你 一直到 你当爷爷 你当奶奶 还是老夫老妻...

Now my voice is still very sexy so i'm still unable to practice yet. I want to go KTV!! Who want to go with me???

Yesterday i slept at 10pm with Raeann cos i was feeling very not well after the Sakae dinner. OMG. I drink too much hot green tea i think. I feel like puking when i reached home. My mum take medicated oil to rub for me than hor my whole tummy is WATER! When she rub, can hear those water wave sound loudly.

She's worried that my kidney problem is coming back to me again. Haiz. Anyway, i'm so used to hearing myself with illness, illness & more illness. I'm not scare or afraid cos everyone need to die one day. Maybe it's a blessing for me to die earlier cos i'll finally be free from this miserable life. After i die, i won't hear any more nonsenses from the HO family, i don't have to take so much medicines every night, i don't have to bear with all the pain everyday, etc etc. I also won't feel guilty for making Raeann without a father, i also won't have to worry how to teach her properly in the right way and i also won't have to keep repeating NO when they keep asking if Raeann is going back there.

See, there are so much advantages for me to die early. And i bet those people will be very happy cos nobody is there to snatch Raeann with them. But wahahahahha TOO BAD man, i'm still alive. And even before i die, i will also find a lawyer to fight until the custody goes to my parents first than i will die peacefully.

So, they better stop dreaming & asking. Otherwise i will buy a recorder and record NO many many times, mail it to them and let them listen. And if they want to see Raeann right, i will also send them a picture of Raeann, they can paste on the wall and see her everyday.

What a perfect plan!

Anyway hor, this morning i woke up at 6am leh. Than hor, i on my laptop & check my email. Wahhahahahah Than hor, i logged into Viwawa. 15 mins later, i turn around, Raeann is sitting there staring at me. ALAMAK. She wanted to scare me. Everytime she wake up hor, first thing she do is to sit up and she won't make a single noise at all. Than when i look at her, she will give me the sweetest smile of the day.

I shutted down my lappy & accompany her. As usual, she squeezed herself into my arms & pillow and than look everywhere until she fall asleep. So hor, this morning i look some pictures of us. Don't be scare off by my aunty w/o make up look!

Take one, take two.


Take three!


As it was still quite dark at 6am, i need to use the flash. But hor Raeann finds it so sharp until she needs to cover her eyes with her 'chou chou'. I tried to find other angles but she also closes her eyes. Alamak.

Oh yah. I'm going to change her milk brand when she turns one. Cos NAN has changed their packaging and formula and Raeann can't take those with extra ingredients since birth. Hence, she lao sai lor. Which brand is good? Pretty mummies, please do some recommendations, thanks. (Email me please cos there's no tagboard! LOL)

I feel so happy without any tagboard cos hor there's no more Sian to irritate me. Life's SO great without KPO & mad people disturbing. There's no words to describe how happy i am now.

Ohhh... 小夫妻,我的夫妻... 这辈子可以让我爱上了你!!

I wish for a little family of my own, only 小夫妻 & 小瑞恩. :)

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