Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our simple life.


Raeann drink a can of Tiger beer. She got drunk & hangover for 3 days.

Than next day, she crunched one whole apple.



And she was so happy!


No lah, just kidding.

That's an unopened can. She saw my dad drinking so she took a can & tried to drink also. Nothing came out, she threw away the whole can. LOL

But she really crunched the apple, at least 1/4 of it.

Nothing special during the weekends. 7th month praying at my office on Friday & baby Raeann also 'chap ji kar'.

Crawl everywhere to 骗吃骗喝. Haha

That's her. My little greedy pig with trotter legs. :)

She turned 11 months yesterday. So fast. I still haven plan what to do on her birthday, sian.

Going for her port folio this coming Saturday. Hope it turns out well cos i'm going alone with her, don't know if my mum is going anot. Don't intend to ask Raeann's dad along cos i don't want to see him inside the picture. End up i will cut his face away. LOL So, don't bother.

Raeann's so sweet everynight. She sleeps beside me on a seperate pillow. But hor, she will wake up a few times in the night & squeeze into my pillow & want me to hug her to sleep. When she fall asleep, i put her aside cos i scare she will be sweating if i hug her. Than ar, 1 hr later, she wake up again & squeeze into my pillow. LOL

Now she's very fun to play with but also very difficult to handle with. I take a biscuit on my hand, she wants to eat. I run away. She chased me. Haha

I run whole house, she chase whole house. Until she dulan, she go & complain to my mum. Don't know what she talking but she keep saying, 'ma ma, ma ma'. Haha Must be complaining that her ma ma bully her.

So funny.

Well, i'm still taking the depression medications + spine medications. A total of 10 pills everyday. -_-"

I'm si bei scare of medicine now.

And everyday, i spent my time on Raeann & Sushido. After Raeann sleep at night, i will play Sushido for awhile than i go & zzz. Now, i'm at rank 2 in August Top 10. I abit ki siao over it cos i make so many funny friends there. I'm so surprise that all are already mummies.

They're really funny & nice people to chat with. But also have alot of 'siao lang' inside. But i also bo chup. Cos i just want to pass time nia. Nothing to do at all. I can't bring Raeann out alone & my maid is not here yet. Cos we intend to employ my current maid's sister. So they can be together & have family reunion. Haha

And thus, we have to do alot of paperwork cos it's not under the same agent. Moreover, our total income of 30K is not enough cos, ZY's not working. So now, i've to adjust my salary before i'm qualified to employ a maid under my name. My mum already has a maid so she can't employ another one.

Aiya, very troublesome. I hate my body! 24 years old only but 60 years old body & health. Now ar, here pain, there pain. Si bei jialat.

I got work to do now. Blog again. :)

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