Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Raeann's coming ONE!

I'm disappearing... i know.

Paiseh man. Cos i've been so sick until i didn't even play Sushido until i'm being kicked to rank 7 now. Sigh Waste my time & energy to fight into rank 2 than few days didn't play kicked to rank 7. Sian.

Anyway, Raeann's 1st lunar birthday falls on this coming Monday.

SO FAST! My darling is ONE.

Time indeed flies very fast unknowingly. I still can't forget the time when i was still pregnant and now, she's one liao.

I'm kinda busy this whole week cos her photoshoot has been postponed to this coming Sunday & i needa prepare alot of things for her & myself. Wahhahahaha Cos i want to chap ji kar inside the shoot so i need to doll myself 美美 also.

My manicure appointment with Clara this coming Friday & i might be going to do rebonding today.

I've ordered a cake for her for the shooting.

Nice anot?

Than i bought her a gown, 肚兜, some bows & clips & a pair of new shoes for the shooting also. Finally she can wear shoes!! But she doesn't seems to like it cos she keep trying to pull it out. Than i tell her, no shoes, no 'gai gai'. LOL And she seems to understand. :)

And sorry people, i'm not doing any celebrations for Raeann.

I will only bring her out for dinner with my family & ah kim's family after the photo shoot on Sunday. As my dad is away to China for holiday, we can eat whatever we like. Whahahahhaha

Cos Raeann now hor, got father = no mother, got mother = no father so i find it rather weird to hold a celebration for her.

I DID think of letting her have father & mother together during her actual birthday with all the friends invited to make her happy. But ar, her father says he wanted to bring her to celebrate with HIS own parents & family. So be it. Anyway, he only got 3 hours permission. He better bring her back to me by 3 hours otherwise i gonna create a havoc and trash out everything i WISH to tell them for a fucking long time.

I don't think they understand english or chinese cos simple words like NO and 不可以 they cannot understand cos they can keep pestering every week with the same question.

I can only say, i'm kan dulan with HIS mother. Cos she si bei act smart.

Remember that time when i mentioned Raeann was down with fever, she was having temperature till 38+ degrees & when i saw her, she was so restless & weak. And yet THEY CAN STILL ARGUE THAT SHE'S VERY OK AT THEIR PLACE AFTER THAT.

Please. Just admit YOU PEOPLE are fucking lazy to even to bring her to see a doctor. Don't give me excuses that she's ok. YOU PEOPLE are not even a doctor, how do you know? Raeann cannot even talk yet, even she's not ok, can she tell YOU PEOPLE? WTFCCB. How come you sick than you rush to see doctor immediately? I thought you always say will recover by itself?

Than nvm. Few days later, ZY called my mum saying Wallace & Chloe down with HFMD. Than do YOU PEOPLE think i'm an idiot to let her go back there issit? How come YOU PEOPLE are so fucking brainless? YOU PEOPLE doesn't even know how to take care of kids & yet YOU PEOPLE keep asking if you all can bring Raeann home, for what fuck huh?

Dear MIL, i know you got many secret medicine. You want to die, you eat yourself, don't harm other people. Luckily you did not feed Raeann with what stupid 'MO DAN' medicine that day, otherwise i will go up CCK and fuck you upside down. TRUST ME, i will do that.

Respect people if you want people to respect you. I've been pulling back my anger & stopping myself to scold you. SO PLEASE, stop asking to bring Raeann home, you all are getting on my nerves.

I may be sick now but i haven die yet lor. I still got the ability to look after MY OWN DAUGHTER so ar, please stop acting kind and want to look after her for me. Thank you very much but i can do it myself.

No time for these crazy mother and son. One mother who think she's so fucking smart & one son who listens everything his mum says no matter is right or wrong. Than they can hug together and die, stop pestering me & my daughter.


I'm so excited over this coming Sunday. I wonder how will Raeann look like dolling up. :)

Many many pictures will be taken & uploaded for that day, remember to check it out!

I'm busy now. Blog again very soon, hopefully!

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