Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hi all, my name has changed.

My new name is Sickly Ng.

Cos, i'm sick & sick & sick until now hor my voice... WEEE WEEE damn SEXY!

I'm coughing since Sunday cos hor i've got throat infection due to vomiting for consectively 3 days.

My gastric is giving me some problem cos of the depression medicine i'm taking. Cos it's too heaty for me until i CANNOT shit.

But, i eat & eat & eat. Than all the food stuck inside not digested. Gastric already car park full that's why for that 3 days, i puke whatever i eat & bed ridden cos no strength at all.

But hor, when i'm getting better, I COUGH.

Now, sexy voice. Sigh

I guess, i must have offend some of the 'good brothers' cos I CANNOT BE SO SWAY.


Sick & sick. Where got such thing?

I regret not to study more to become a doctor. Sian.

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