Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lolly Poppies®

Paiseh, paiseh. I'm damn super horribly busy recently.

I finally completed the whole lot of cash vouchers. It's like ... finally!

I took damn long cos i was doing & playing sushido at the same time. Woman I love to multi-tasks.

Raeann is getting more & more & more & more naughty each day. She's so thick skinned until she must get scolding & beating from me everyday. I really must teach her well otherwise she will become a damn rotten egg.

Regarding my marriage, i don't wish to reveal anything in my blog anymore. Everything are fated; which i believe strongly.

I gtg & chiong sushi now. Blog again next time.

Btw, please support Lolly Poppies®!!!

See you guys around!

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