Wednesday, October 22, 2008

VOV spree

Have anyone heard of VOV cosmetics?

VOV is a brand from Korea and now selling at our local drugstore, Guardian.

I'm going to direct import their products from Korea at a cheaper price.

And i'm going to open this spree for my readers now. If you guys are interested but unsure of this brand, you may wish to drop by Guardian and take a look. :)

1) VOV Eyebrow Pencil


I'm personally using this eyebrow pencil now. It's good, really. Classy & chio design with some rhinestones on the cap.

Price: $8.90 inclusive of normal postage.

Colors: Natural Black / Natural Brown

*Xiao Shan - Natural Brown x 1
*Aliza - Natural Brown x 1

2) VOV Mini Blusher


Guardian is selling at $13.15. Very cute and chic design with portable size.

Price: $10.90 inclusive of normal postage.

Colors: VK302 / VK303 / VK304 / VK305

VK302 is for those who prefer light makeup.
VK303 is for those who prefer pinkish cheek.
VK304 is for those who wants natural cheek color.
VK305 is for those who wants cute effect.

3) VOV Eyeshadow Compact


Pictures are taken from original items. Portable size with hidden mirror.

Price: $15.90 inclusive of normal postage.

Colors: #001 / #005 / #006

*Lydia - #006 x 1

4) VOV Compact Powder Foundation (Limited Edition)


Powder foundation in a sleek compact with a generous mirror

This foundation is special in its design as it resembles a slide phone.. the keypad area is the powder when slide out and bent, the cover is actually the mirror. there is also a hidden compartment for the sponge.. all in the small hp-like cover.

VOV Foundation:-

1) Provides everyday Ultraviolet Ray protection with SPF 24.
2) Contains Vitamin E allows moisturizing effect after put-on. Skin will not experience dryness with a long lasting effect.
3) Covers up pores, pimples, blemishes and oil absorbant.
4) Smooth texture, easy to put on with a natural matte finish.

Price: $19.90 inclusive of normal postage

Colors: #001 - Natural skin color / #002 - Lighter shade

Dimension of whole thing: 9.5cm x 5.7cm

Dimension of the refill area: 5.7 x 4.4cm

Can be refill with your own foundation too. :)

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If anyone is interested in the products, you may email or sms me if you have my number.

Products are all authentic.

Order more to get cheaper price from the supplier!

Closing date for all orders: 31st October 2008, 2pm. Items will arrive about 1 week after closing date.

Full payment must be in by: 31st October 2008, 7pm.

Full amount will be refunded if item is out of stock. No cancelling or changing after order is submitted, please consider & decide carefully before placing your order. :)

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