Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hello. I haven sleep. Whahahah

Cos there's something that i find it super funny. LOL

ZY hor, this morning hor, told me he 失眠!!!

Alamak. How can a pig 失眠??

He slept the whole morning & noon yesterday. Then at night he said he got insomnia... So hor, he played game till this morning wor. Than ar, he now having running nose cos he told me is due to 失眠. -_-"

失 his head ah. He sacrified his sleep becos he wanted to play game. But he was being forced to wake up at 12pm today cos i need to run some errands. So he gave 失眠 as an excuse hoping i can let him sleep longer.

Aiya, he thought i'm Raeann, good to 骗, keep trying to lie but always end up being 才穿 by me.

That day i called him, i 明明 hear billiard sound liao, but i never ask or say anything lah. Cos i need to go post office to post all the packages, so i rushed him.

Than ar, he said SO LOUDLY wor, 'People working leh, u keep rushing & rushing me!'.

I jitao say, 'Don't thought i don't know what you're doing just now. You think i'm 3 years old issit?'.

Than he asked me what he is doing earlier on.

I said, '你自己心知肚明 lah. 不要以为我不知道你刚才去打球!'.

Than he gave me one super cunning smile. He said, '我只是打一下子吗!'.


It's either he's too stupid or i'm too smart.

I guess it's both. Haha


It's been quite some time since Nuffnang gave me an ad. My earnings was stuck at $23.00 & i need another $27.00 before i can cash out the money. Sigh

And thanks Nokia once again for choosing my blog to advertise for them. I received an email last night, stated that the ad will starts from 28 Nov - 3 Dec. But, but... why i don't see any ad yet huh? o.O

Anyway, Fashionista Boutique's sales was relatively good this month. :) A very big Thank You to all lovely customers. We're very much motivated by you girls. We love you all. *muackz*

It was only till yesterday then i realise that my blog has quite alot of readers. LOL

I went into my nuffnang account, stated that this blog has almost 1000 visitors this week.

Ok, it may not be alot to some. But, given my laziness in blogging, it's consider quite alot to me already.

I have not been updating often now, where do these 1000 visitors come from? I'm very puzzled.

But anyway, thanks all so much for reading my rants. Appreciate it! :)

Another busy week starts from tomorrow... I gotta 加油!

Gtg Zzz now! Nitez all.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Wah kao, i met an idiot today, screwed up my mood.

I was fine throughout the afternoon, just feeling abit tired. Met Lydia mama for lunch at Bosses (Vivocity). Good ambience, nice renovations, food was not bad & most importantly, great companion!

Love chatting with Lydia, she is always smiling away, seeing her will make me forget my stress too. But after she left, my stress comes back again. LOL

Anyway, my dad's back from Shanghai today & we decided to make a trip to airport to pick him and then have dinner elsewhere.

My bro recommended this steamboat (天外天) located at Opal cres. Well, can't deny that their soup is nice but i really si bei kan dulan with the stupid aunty's attitude. Thought she is the boss initially, but later bro told me she's just a worker there. NBZ.

We reached there before bro, dad & mum cos we went by seperate car cos ZY wanted to pass something to his friend first. Mum asked me to order the food first. And so, i went to order.

This stupid old woman wants to take my order while talking to other worker. She made me repeat 4-5 times for my orders. NVM.

I ordered what mum asked me to order.

Than stupid old woman asked me, 'you want fish head in the steamboat?'.

Being a fish-hater, i merely asked her a simple question in a very nice tone, 'is there alot of bones?'

Than ar, she shouted at me.

Stupid old fucker: 'you want fish head than add fish head, if you don't want than take fish meat.'

WTF. Did she directly answer my question anot? Siao.

I asked nicely again, 'fish head alot of bones issit?'

Stupid old fucker: 'THAN YOU WANT BONES ANOT?'


Stupid old fucker: 'DON'T WANT THAN TAKE MEAT LAH!'


She thought she very SUT to shout at me & makes all the people there laughing at me.


I walked back and complain LOUDLY to ZY. I said, 'stupid attitude, next time give me $ i also won't come again.'

Is this the way to treat customer meh? Yes, no doubt their business is not bad, but they also cannot ya ya papaya mah. SO WHAT if their food is not bad? With such cb attitude, nobody will want to go there lor.

Anyway, the food is SO-SO only. Not bad doesn't mean is nice.

After a hard day of work, what human wanted is to have a nice dinner & enjoy it. But ar, this dinner ji tao make me kan dulan. Eat until si bei buay song.

Ma de. It's my FIRST TIME so dulan eating outside. Cos usually, i speak very nicely to people & people will reply nicely to me too. Not like this old fucker, machiam i owe her few hundred thousand. She better go 反省反省, otherwise her boss will lose alot of business becos of her stupid attitude.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


I've been busy for the longest time ever.

I'm one who gets insomnia very easily. Especially when i can't complete my tasks, even though the dateline is still very far away. Cos if i want to do, i'll urgently want to see the results out of it. If not, i will just drag & drag & drag, then anyhow complete it on last minute.

I've not been sleeping well these few nights becos i can't finish my stuffs!!! I felt that i've got so much things to do yet NOT ENOUGH time! So ar, i will wake up extremely early & a few times in the night cos i thought is morning already.

Tonight, i can finally sleep early & well. :)

Cos the web is almost done and our new collections has been updated! Yippie...

Ok, Lolly Poppies has changed it's name, looks & layout. And it will be named as Fashionista Boutique from now on. :)

And in future, lesser Taiwan & Hongkong items/pictures will be seen. Cos we decided to get our stocks from other sources, invite a model & have our own pictures. We took leave on Tuesday for the photoshoot!

Special Thanks to Vic Vic!~

She helped us to be our model! So nice of her. :)

Model is model lor. She can pose herself so naturally & let us take pictures of her. We're not professional photographers but with her guides, we managed to get it done without much hassle!
If i'm the model ar, i think i need half a day to complete taking cos i'll be laughing my ass off during every shoot. LOL

Anyway, here are the preview of some of our new collection...





Can you believe it? All items are $30.00 & below. :)

More items @

Hot favourites: Braided, Kimono Sexy, Aladdin & Slim Legs

Limited stock only!

I'm so excited to see the outcome of the sales... Cos if the sales turn out fast & good, we will launch new collections every 2-3 weeks! So babes, if you really like our clothes, shop with us ok?

P/S: Don't worry babes, our stocks are definately not lousy China goods.

See you girls around. :)

I need a break now. TIRED!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I don't know what title to post for this entry.

I've been wanting to blog since last Thursday, but my workloads forbid me to do so. :(

I'm thinking to close my blog once and for all since i've got no time to update at all. Sigh

I don't deny i'm abit lazy too.

We (Mum, Bobo, ZY, me, Raeann, aunts & cousins) will be setting off to genting on Dec 6 and back on Dec 9. I'm SO FUCKING excited ok cos Raeann will be going as well.

In fact, i'm damn bloody scare, that Raeann will make noise and end up making my trip miserable. But i don't care lah. I've to try it if not i will forever using 'scare' as an excuse not to bring her overseas. Darling, let's start from short trip first ok? Be good & obedient, I HOPE you will.

Sidetrack abit.

EH, has anyone watched the video of the 3 tigers mauling up that man? HEY, he's so pitiful ok. Everyone said he commited suicide. But, I DON'T THINK SO LEH.

I guess he is being possessed.

I mean, using common sense, if you want to commit suicide, will you do it in this way? Knowing that it will be a slow & torturing process & not in complete corpse when you're finally dead?

If it's me, i wouldn't have choose such a method. I wan to die pretty, haha.

Ok, back to last Thursday!

Let some pictures do the talking...


At midnight 12+am, ZY & me were doing something so exciting!!! :)


And of cos, Raeann is sleeping super soundly.

Hmm... Sweet? It's just the two of us, SO ROMANTIC!

Oh mine. We do it everywhere and make a mess out of the whole room.

And finally... finally... finally, the loads were out & we were both much relieved!



We were catching cockroaches!!

Ma de! I was surfing net halfway than Mr Ho suddenly jumped up and ask for newspaper.

Wah kao. It's so sudden, where am i to find newpapers? So, i passed him a charles & keith paperbag. LOL

And ar, he shifted all my things out just to find that cockroach. I am there so busy packing my things back.





But still, it did not escape. SIGH. Poor thing.

After everything, Mr Ho said, 'eh keep this paperbag hor, very good to use, next time can use again'. -_-"

SIAO. I hope ar, i don't see anymore cockroaches in future. Hate it.

I wonder ar, why Raeann still can sleep so well regardless of the noise we made? LOL

Anyway, Raeann can walk very steady now. And she's so busy walking everywhere everyday. :)

Thank to reader, Angelyne for emailing me to teach me how to rotate video. I managed to do it with window movie maker. Thank you so muchie. :)

Raeann walk like a little penguin. Pardon her untidy hairstyle, she was sweating like hell.

And before i end this entry, i've something to sell away.


The last one - dark navy blue @ only $19.00 inclusive of normal postage.

Please don't ask for further discount cos i'm selling it below cost. Supplier sends me the wrong color, i don't really like blue & i've got no clothings to match.


If anyone is interested, you may sms me @ 90087688 for faster reply.
OH YEAH. Btw, Lolly Poppies is starting with wholesales & supplying now. If you have a new shop and looking for apparels/bags/beauty products, WE DO SUPPLY.
Check out for more detail.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


As a mother, the happiest thing in life is watching own kid grow up & become a useful person.

Raeann is constantly giving me joy and surprises in my life.

Every morning when she wake up, first thing she do was to give a peck on my cheek. A sweet kiss from her brightens up my whole day.

Usually, i will bring her downstairs for my maid to feed her porridge if she wake up the same time as me.

But these 2 days she woke up later than usual, when i was preparing half way. Normally when i'm preparing half way, i don't like and cannot get disturbed. If i get distracted, i will take longer time than usual & make myself dam frustrated.

So, i will just leave her alone and quickly finish my make-up than bring her downstairs and have breakfast together with her.

This morning after she woke up, she climb down herself and walk along the bed edge to come and find me. Than ar, my wardrobe was open cos i took out clothes to wear. (Usually, Raeann will go and mess the things inside if it's not closed.) She was looking at the wardrobe from the bed.

I told her, 'Raeann, please help mummy to close the cupboard'. (I said only once.)

Not expecting that she will understand, she walked to the wardrobe, closed it and walked back to where she was standing...

I was, dumb-founded.

Well, first of all, i said that for fun cos i never expect she will understand. Secondly, i thought she don't understand and walk over to mess up the things inside.

She really makes me so happy lor. 14 months and 1 day old and she can help me with my stuffs. :) I'm contented enough to have this daughter & i sincerely thank god for this.

For Raeann, i will forgive all those stupid, ignorant people in this world. People who is so bloody kpo who wants to interfere in everything that isn't her business at all. People who sees outsider as rotten eggs and her own kids as angels. People whose mouth is so smelly, always adding fuel to the fire.

I will forgive her. But i will never forget what she did to me.

Lunch time!~ Byebye.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feel loved.

Hi people,

How are you? LOL

Yeah i'm blogging now at 11.22pm cos Raeann is sleeping soundly already & i'm very busy for the whole day. Was on MC on Monday & Tuesday cos mummy wanted me to rest. And gosh! I was so damn bloody lethargic which i don't know why. I just sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat...

My body and bloody finger seems like people pumped some air into it.

SO bloated!

Nothing much, just an entry saying i'm fine, very fine in fact after the ******** on Monday.

Called me cold blooded, but i really ain't sad at all. :)

I feel more xin fu and blessed than my confinement days. I get to rest alot and whole lots of tonics waiting for me to eat them. Mummy boiled me birdnest for 2 consectively days already. So nice of her. :) My mummy is the best! Well, she is very fair cos everyone gets to had it, even those isn't of the same surname ok!

ZY drank some this morning and he was commenting the birdnest mummy boiled was too thick for his liking. Knowing that he would say how great his mum's birdnest taste like, i already prepared an answer to 'shoot' him back. I said, 'sorry hor, your mum is not so 好死 to boil it for me & i ain't that 好命 to enjoy that, my surname is not HO leh!' Than i asked him to go buy canned bird nest drink instead since he likes those watery type of bird nest. He doesn't appreciate what people do for him and always comments how great his mum is. Well, no comments about this cos i don't want to get involved with them again.

Even Aunt Susan bought me box of birdnest to 'pu' myself, so thoughtful of her, thank you so much. This time round i will drink it all up and nobody will steal it again. Haha

Quote of the day: Don't ill-treat others' daughter especially ME.


Enough of my nonsense. I'm going to bed with my little darling liao... She learnt alot alot alot recently. So funny lor.

One thing i really loves about her... She will automatically greets everybody (my family) when she sees them!

My maid ~ 'ang tiii'
My mum ~ 'AH MA' (sweetest of all)
My dad ~ 'gong'
My bro ~ 'gu'
Bobo ~ 'yiiiiiiiiiii'
Bubble ~ 'ba booo'
Me ~ 'ma ma'
ZY ~ 'papa'
Ethan ~ 'korrrrr korrr'

But one thing i dislike about her... Now everytime before i scold or beat her, she calls out for 'AH MA' first. Cos she knows her ah ma will come and save her. Well, i told my parents off some time ago. I told them if everytime she do something wrong than call out for help & she don't get her punishment, how would she knows that she can't repeat the mistake again?

And now, they kept quiet when i discipline her cos they knows i will also beat or scold her in front of them. I told Raeann and everyone before that i don't care & bother whose going to help her at all.

Than ar, ZY always tell Raeann... 'later your 母老虎 come than you know!'


Yes lah. I am one.

But little sweetie still sticks to me alot. So i'm somehow still a nice mother ok!


Nitez people. Bed time!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So much things in mind...

I've fixed an appointment with doctor on Monday for an ********.

It was suppose to be last Saturday but doctor couldn't find the baby inside my womb and he suspected it was an ectopic pregnancy. So, i took the blood test last week, got my result & went for scanning today. I was confirmed 4 weeks & 1 day pregnant. -_-"


It doesn't seems a tough decision for me to make cos i'm assured that i want it this way. My previous pregnancy really leaves me a deep deep scar & phobia.

The fat-ness on me.
The out of shape figure.
The headache of no clothes to wear.
The stupid stretchmarks.
The horrible hospital stay.
The disgusting confinement.
The sleep-less nights.
etc etc etc...

There are far too much things that is stopping me from giving birth to another one.

Now that Raeann is 14 months old, and i'm finally more relax, isn't i stupid to give birth to another one to torture myself again just becos that family wants a baby boy? Cos ZY think it WILL BE a boy. SIAO.

What if it's a girl again, how? Am i going to go through all their nonsense treatments again?


Mummy asked me, 'Why that time u had Raeann you told me you didn't want to commit a sin thats why u want to give birth & now you want to abort?'

I replied, 'If i know giving birth & looking after a kid is such a torture, i also won't give birth to Raeann lor. I rather commit the sin.'

ZY promise this promise that again. It will end up to be empty promises anyway. Once bitten, twice shy. I'm won't be stupid for twice lor.

He keep forcing me to keep this baby. I told him, 'You all are the one who made me FEAR over pregnancy. Now you want to talk so much. NO means NO.'

This decision is final. Nothing can be said or done to change my mind. Byebye baby, pls come to me again in my next life when you've a better father.