Friday, November 28, 2008


Wah kao, i met an idiot today, screwed up my mood.

I was fine throughout the afternoon, just feeling abit tired. Met Lydia mama for lunch at Bosses (Vivocity). Good ambience, nice renovations, food was not bad & most importantly, great companion!

Love chatting with Lydia, she is always smiling away, seeing her will make me forget my stress too. But after she left, my stress comes back again. LOL

Anyway, my dad's back from Shanghai today & we decided to make a trip to airport to pick him and then have dinner elsewhere.

My bro recommended this steamboat (天外天) located at Opal cres. Well, can't deny that their soup is nice but i really si bei kan dulan with the stupid aunty's attitude. Thought she is the boss initially, but later bro told me she's just a worker there. NBZ.

We reached there before bro, dad & mum cos we went by seperate car cos ZY wanted to pass something to his friend first. Mum asked me to order the food first. And so, i went to order.

This stupid old woman wants to take my order while talking to other worker. She made me repeat 4-5 times for my orders. NVM.

I ordered what mum asked me to order.

Than stupid old woman asked me, 'you want fish head in the steamboat?'.

Being a fish-hater, i merely asked her a simple question in a very nice tone, 'is there alot of bones?'

Than ar, she shouted at me.

Stupid old fucker: 'you want fish head than add fish head, if you don't want than take fish meat.'

WTF. Did she directly answer my question anot? Siao.

I asked nicely again, 'fish head alot of bones issit?'

Stupid old fucker: 'THAN YOU WANT BONES ANOT?'


Stupid old fucker: 'DON'T WANT THAN TAKE MEAT LAH!'


She thought she very SUT to shout at me & makes all the people there laughing at me.


I walked back and complain LOUDLY to ZY. I said, 'stupid attitude, next time give me $ i also won't come again.'

Is this the way to treat customer meh? Yes, no doubt their business is not bad, but they also cannot ya ya papaya mah. SO WHAT if their food is not bad? With such cb attitude, nobody will want to go there lor.

Anyway, the food is SO-SO only. Not bad doesn't mean is nice.

After a hard day of work, what human wanted is to have a nice dinner & enjoy it. But ar, this dinner ji tao make me kan dulan. Eat until si bei buay song.

Ma de. It's my FIRST TIME so dulan eating outside. Cos usually, i speak very nicely to people & people will reply nicely to me too. Not like this old fucker, machiam i owe her few hundred thousand. She better go 反省反省, otherwise her boss will lose alot of business becos of her stupid attitude.


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