Thursday, November 27, 2008


I've been busy for the longest time ever.

I'm one who gets insomnia very easily. Especially when i can't complete my tasks, even though the dateline is still very far away. Cos if i want to do, i'll urgently want to see the results out of it. If not, i will just drag & drag & drag, then anyhow complete it on last minute.

I've not been sleeping well these few nights becos i can't finish my stuffs!!! I felt that i've got so much things to do yet NOT ENOUGH time! So ar, i will wake up extremely early & a few times in the night cos i thought is morning already.

Tonight, i can finally sleep early & well. :)

Cos the web is almost done and our new collections has been updated! Yippie...

Ok, Lolly Poppies has changed it's name, looks & layout. And it will be named as Fashionista Boutique from now on. :)

And in future, lesser Taiwan & Hongkong items/pictures will be seen. Cos we decided to get our stocks from other sources, invite a model & have our own pictures. We took leave on Tuesday for the photoshoot!

Special Thanks to Vic Vic!~

She helped us to be our model! So nice of her. :)

Model is model lor. She can pose herself so naturally & let us take pictures of her. We're not professional photographers but with her guides, we managed to get it done without much hassle!
If i'm the model ar, i think i need half a day to complete taking cos i'll be laughing my ass off during every shoot. LOL

Anyway, here are the preview of some of our new collection...





Can you believe it? All items are $30.00 & below. :)

More items @

Hot favourites: Braided, Kimono Sexy, Aladdin & Slim Legs

Limited stock only!

I'm so excited to see the outcome of the sales... Cos if the sales turn out fast & good, we will launch new collections every 2-3 weeks! So babes, if you really like our clothes, shop with us ok?

P/S: Don't worry babes, our stocks are definately not lousy China goods.

See you girls around. :)

I need a break now. TIRED!

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