Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feel loved.

Hi people,

How are you? LOL

Yeah i'm blogging now at 11.22pm cos Raeann is sleeping soundly already & i'm very busy for the whole day. Was on MC on Monday & Tuesday cos mummy wanted me to rest. And gosh! I was so damn bloody lethargic which i don't know why. I just sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat...

My body and bloody finger seems like people pumped some air into it.

SO bloated!

Nothing much, just an entry saying i'm fine, very fine in fact after the ******** on Monday.

Called me cold blooded, but i really ain't sad at all. :)

I feel more xin fu and blessed than my confinement days. I get to rest alot and whole lots of tonics waiting for me to eat them. Mummy boiled me birdnest for 2 consectively days already. So nice of her. :) My mummy is the best! Well, she is very fair cos everyone gets to had it, even those isn't of the same surname ok!

ZY drank some this morning and he was commenting the birdnest mummy boiled was too thick for his liking. Knowing that he would say how great his mum's birdnest taste like, i already prepared an answer to 'shoot' him back. I said, 'sorry hor, your mum is not so 好死 to boil it for me & i ain't that 好命 to enjoy that, my surname is not HO leh!' Than i asked him to go buy canned bird nest drink instead since he likes those watery type of bird nest. He doesn't appreciate what people do for him and always comments how great his mum is. Well, no comments about this cos i don't want to get involved with them again.

Even Aunt Susan bought me box of birdnest to 'pu' myself, so thoughtful of her, thank you so much. This time round i will drink it all up and nobody will steal it again. Haha

Quote of the day: Don't ill-treat others' daughter especially ME.


Enough of my nonsense. I'm going to bed with my little darling liao... She learnt alot alot alot recently. So funny lor.

One thing i really loves about her... She will automatically greets everybody (my family) when she sees them!

My maid ~ 'ang tiii'
My mum ~ 'AH MA' (sweetest of all)
My dad ~ 'gong'
My bro ~ 'gu'
Bobo ~ 'yiiiiiiiiiii'
Bubble ~ 'ba booo'
Me ~ 'ma ma'
ZY ~ 'papa'
Ethan ~ 'korrrrr korrr'

But one thing i dislike about her... Now everytime before i scold or beat her, she calls out for 'AH MA' first. Cos she knows her ah ma will come and save her. Well, i told my parents off some time ago. I told them if everytime she do something wrong than call out for help & she don't get her punishment, how would she knows that she can't repeat the mistake again?

And now, they kept quiet when i discipline her cos they knows i will also beat or scold her in front of them. I told Raeann and everyone before that i don't care & bother whose going to help her at all.

Than ar, ZY always tell Raeann... 'later your 母老虎 come than you know!'


Yes lah. I am one.

But little sweetie still sticks to me alot. So i'm somehow still a nice mother ok!


Nitez people. Bed time!

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