Thursday, November 13, 2008


As a mother, the happiest thing in life is watching own kid grow up & become a useful person.

Raeann is constantly giving me joy and surprises in my life.

Every morning when she wake up, first thing she do was to give a peck on my cheek. A sweet kiss from her brightens up my whole day.

Usually, i will bring her downstairs for my maid to feed her porridge if she wake up the same time as me.

But these 2 days she woke up later than usual, when i was preparing half way. Normally when i'm preparing half way, i don't like and cannot get disturbed. If i get distracted, i will take longer time than usual & make myself dam frustrated.

So, i will just leave her alone and quickly finish my make-up than bring her downstairs and have breakfast together with her.

This morning after she woke up, she climb down herself and walk along the bed edge to come and find me. Than ar, my wardrobe was open cos i took out clothes to wear. (Usually, Raeann will go and mess the things inside if it's not closed.) She was looking at the wardrobe from the bed.

I told her, 'Raeann, please help mummy to close the cupboard'. (I said only once.)

Not expecting that she will understand, she walked to the wardrobe, closed it and walked back to where she was standing...

I was, dumb-founded.

Well, first of all, i said that for fun cos i never expect she will understand. Secondly, i thought she don't understand and walk over to mess up the things inside.

She really makes me so happy lor. 14 months and 1 day old and she can help me with my stuffs. :) I'm contented enough to have this daughter & i sincerely thank god for this.

For Raeann, i will forgive all those stupid, ignorant people in this world. People who is so bloody kpo who wants to interfere in everything that isn't her business at all. People who sees outsider as rotten eggs and her own kids as angels. People whose mouth is so smelly, always adding fuel to the fire.

I will forgive her. But i will never forget what she did to me.

Lunch time!~ Byebye.

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