Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hello. I haven sleep. Whahahah

Cos there's something that i find it super funny. LOL

ZY hor, this morning hor, told me he 失眠!!!

Alamak. How can a pig 失眠??

He slept the whole morning & noon yesterday. Then at night he said he got insomnia... So hor, he played game till this morning wor. Than ar, he now having running nose cos he told me is due to 失眠. -_-"

失 his head ah. He sacrified his sleep becos he wanted to play game. But he was being forced to wake up at 12pm today cos i need to run some errands. So he gave 失眠 as an excuse hoping i can let him sleep longer.

Aiya, he thought i'm Raeann, good to 骗, keep trying to lie but always end up being 才穿 by me.

That day i called him, i 明明 hear billiard sound liao, but i never ask or say anything lah. Cos i need to go post office to post all the packages, so i rushed him.

Than ar, he said SO LOUDLY wor, 'People working leh, u keep rushing & rushing me!'.

I jitao say, 'Don't thought i don't know what you're doing just now. You think i'm 3 years old issit?'.

Than he asked me what he is doing earlier on.

I said, '你自己心知肚明 lah. 不要以为我不知道你刚才去打球!'.

Than he gave me one super cunning smile. He said, '我只是打一下子吗!'.


It's either he's too stupid or i'm too smart.

I guess it's both. Haha

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