Sunday, November 30, 2008


It's been quite some time since Nuffnang gave me an ad. My earnings was stuck at $23.00 & i need another $27.00 before i can cash out the money. Sigh

And thanks Nokia once again for choosing my blog to advertise for them. I received an email last night, stated that the ad will starts from 28 Nov - 3 Dec. But, but... why i don't see any ad yet huh? o.O

Anyway, Fashionista Boutique's sales was relatively good this month. :) A very big Thank You to all lovely customers. We're very much motivated by you girls. We love you all. *muackz*

It was only till yesterday then i realise that my blog has quite alot of readers. LOL

I went into my nuffnang account, stated that this blog has almost 1000 visitors this week.

Ok, it may not be alot to some. But, given my laziness in blogging, it's consider quite alot to me already.

I have not been updating often now, where do these 1000 visitors come from? I'm very puzzled.

But anyway, thanks all so much for reading my rants. Appreciate it! :)

Another busy week starts from tomorrow... I gotta 加油!

Gtg Zzz now! Nitez all.

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