Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm SO bored!

How old am i actually?

Why am i spending all my holiday festivals rotting at home? Isn't this suppose be the lifestyle of an ah ma?


My neighbours are having parties. I hear loud musics, karaoke singing, yelling & bbq smell around my house.

But here i am alone, facing the screen blankly. Laptop is still my closest friend! :)

Raeann's sleeping since 7.30pm cos she's so tired after playing for the whole day today. She woke up at 7am & took a merely 45mins nap in the noon only.

ZY went out to meet his friend.

So, what am i suppose to do now huh?? Maybe i should go Boon Lay Shopping Centre & join those ah ma & ah pek to countdown. Haha

Nah, just kidding, i hate crowds.

I'll just pass my time watching tv & playing sushido at the same time. -_-"

I wonder why are people so happy over countdown man. To me, it's just yet another day. In fact, i don't like the year to pass so quickly. Cos,

1) I'm older again.
2) Price increase in everything again.
3) GST may increase again.
4) My burden getting heavier cos Raeann needs to attend school & etc.

But then again, 2008 is a damn fucking sway year for me. Glad that it'll be over very soon. :)

Aiya, since i'm so bored now, i shall post some pictures; to entertain myself.

Brought Raeann for her ear check-up this morning @ KKH specialist.

While waiting for her number...

Well, the bill didn't come as expensive as what we expect.

Aftermath, we went to Bugis 观音庙 to pray. OG was having sales, bought her a pair of shoes there.

Went to VivoCity after that. Raeann fell asleep in the car while on the way there...

So we've got no choice but to let her sleep at Starbucks sofa. We don't bring pram out de cos Raeann don't like it & it's NOT EASY to let her sleep on our arms. PAIN LEH!

She's sleeping so soundly... for around 15 mins ONLY!!

Raeann's also entitled to a small cup of cuppachino from Starbucks. Haha

But of cos, i did not let her drink kopi lah. Bo bian lor, have to exchange mine with her. -_-"

If you saw the pic below, you will know how bored i am now.



Oh yeah, my little durian woke up!!!!!!!!! I think she wants to countdown with me. I'm gonna accompany her now~

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nokia Music Store

Last month, i mentioned about Nokia giving me an ad but it doesn't appear & i thought Nokia had removed it.

Ok, it's my mistake. Nokia did not remove it. The advertisment date starts from 28 Dec instead of Nov.

EDB (Engineering Courses) SS's ad will appear in Feb 2009. :)

Thank you once again. Please place more ad on my blog! Haha

Anyway, i explored Nokia Music Store this morning. And now i know, it's a place for legal music downloads.

$2.00 for one song & $16.00 for one album. The songs are quite updated also.

Check out Nokia Music Store now!

I treated the family to a seafood dinner on Saturday cos it's mummy's birthday.

The bill came up to $440.67. I don't find it expensive cos there are drunkurd prawn, lobster, abalone, crabs, peking duck, fish, mussles, desserts & fruits.

I did not take any picture cos it was only when i reach there than i realise that my camera batt was flat. -_-"

What a waste!

Aftermath, we went prawning!!! In case some people don't know, prawning located opposite bird park is re-open with new paint, new lights, new boss, cleaner enviroment & of cos more expensive price.

In the past, 3 hours for $25.00. Now, 2 hours for $25.00 & 3 hours for $35.00. WOW!

Everything increased. :(

I took some pictures with my hp but it's not very clear & i've no time to post it also.

I gtg & do stock orderings now. Bye bye!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I can sew ok!

There's something that i need to do but i've been delaying for quite sometime already.

I always tell myself, 'i'll do it tonight', but end up i'll forget clean clean about it.

Just now, i suddenly thought of it & i started the job immediately while watching 'Little Nonya'.

I'm doing Ashlyn's one first, Raeann's one can wait. Haha

As i don't know how to use sewing machine, i'm going to sew it stitch by stitch.


Started sewing one side of the openings...


Then the other side...


Completed! Yes, i know it looks very tai-ko but don't worry cos that's the interior of the pillow.

After sewing both of the side-opening, i flipped the pillow over & iron-on the beautiful rhinestones names i customised.

Ta Dang!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm done with it! It's si bei beautiful lor. I think that i'm really talented at times. Mummy also said it's very pretty!

The rhinestones are quite 耐 also, tried peeling it but it sticks on to the fabric firmly.

But it looks quite plain to me & i'm brain-storming what else can i add on to it. Hmmm...

I gtg & search for some pretty little stuffs now. I'll take a picture again after i add in cotton & sew up the main opening. :)

Happy Boxing Day!

Brought Raeann for a trim on X'mas eve. Her new hairstyle look 100% boyish lor.


I call her 'ah toot' now. LOL

Me & ZY dyed our hair too. Becos it's ZY's friends' salon, we are entitled to an unbelievable cheap price. $78 for 3 of us! Cheap hor.

Vic popped me one surprise when i reached home. X'mas gifts for Raeann & me! :)

Well, i never expect to receive anything this year cos i did not prepare any X'mas gifts at all. Aiya don't need to waste time & money lah. Everyone is busy with their own stuffs also.

Anyway, thank you girl. I'm searching a gift for you now. :)


Check out Vic's new studio shoot. Damn hot & sexy! Weee weee. I made this header for her. Sometimes i feel it's a waste that i didn't go into web designing. Haiz.


Bobo hanged 2 of Raeann's socks on my door & don't know 5-6 of her socks on her door.

On 25/12 morning, i found these...


Poor Santa had to come even though she's not feeling well. Sigh.

I returned the money to mummy but she refuse to take back wor. She asked me to keep it well. Oh, did i mention before i've an album for old notes? Raeann will be rich in future. Haha

While doing my everyday hobby (opening the fridge), i found a super cute log cake inside.


Want to eat but can't bear to spoil it's face, how ar? I tasted abit & it's not sweet at all. Wah kao, it's made of dark chocolate & i totally HATE it. Too bitter!


Finally, after a long long wait...

Baby Ashlyn is out!!

Super naughty girl lor. Her EDD is on 24/12 but she refused to come out. And on 25/12, her mummy buay tahan liao, jitao ask Dr Toot Tho to perform op on her.


She's a X'mas Baby!! So, in future, our X'mas won't be boring anymore. Haha

Last week, Xs kept complaining her tummy was very itchy. I told her, Ashlyn's hair sure bushy bushy one. LOL

Indeed it is! So cute lor. OMG! I really can't wait to see her.

And to celebrate baby Ashlyn's arrival, Fashionista Boutique is having 10% off for everything TODAY! ONLY TODAY! Free postage too!!! Come on in now!

*All orders & payments are to be made by 12am today to enjoy this offer.

Congrats Xs & hamster on their new bundle of joy. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry X'mas to all!

I used to put Raeann to bed by 9pm, 9.30pm at the most. Cos i don't want her to have the habit of sleeping late & waking up late.

Honestly speaking, Raeann is not hard to put to bed. All i have to do is, to off all the lights & lie besides her. Sometimes when i have things to do, i will tell her to sleep on her own. And yes, she listens. She will lie on the bed, turn here turn there & fall asleep after a short while.

But, she's sleeping at 10pm everyday now. Cos ar, her mummy & daddy is crazy over 小娘惹. LOL

I get very angry & 激动 while watching it.

"Women life are worthless."

"Woman MUST devote their whole life at home."


I don't understand why woman last time can be so fucking stupid.

Wah lau. Why their surname is Huang ah? Really 丢脸 leh. My surname is also Huang but luckily i'm not a baba.

Well, maybe they can't be blamed cos they don't study last time. But whoever are still thinking that it should be such way that woman must stay at home to look after kids everyday no matter you are working or not, you better die earlier. Cos you don't belong to this century.

Women now are much much better than men lor. We can work to support ourselves & family. We are more fillial to our parents. We're more sensible in many ways. ETC.

Anway, 欧宣 is soooooo pretty!!! I guess this role will bring her some award or fame.

I gtg & finish up my work. I'm forced to take half day today cos Raeann is at home with her dad now. Her dad wants me to go back asap to prevent him from becoming siao. LOL We're bringing her for a hair trim later. :)

Merry Merry X'mas, everyone!

This year don't need to hang socks cos Santa won't be coming as she is sick & poor now.

Which is my mummy lah! I really hope she can get well soon to celebrate her birthday on the 27th. I'll be giving a treat at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant.

Booked a table for 10+1 liao. Jing & Vic, cya on that day yeah!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fulfilling Weekend!

Yippie i've got an incoming ad again! Thank you EDB (Engineering courses) SS for choosing my blog!

Wow wow wow! I'm sorting out the pictures that i've took during the weekends now.

It's been quite some time since my camera worked so hard liao. The owner is LAZY, yes she is. :)

Didn't sushido for more than 1 month already but sushi craze started again 3 days ago.

Who want to challenge me?

My nick in viwawa is i_love_raeann. Say hello if you see me ok?

I'm so sian lor. Always tio kick nvm, tio banned somemore. Sigh. Wonder why people are so kiasu? They see my level jitao kick me. Level 75 only mah. I don't cheat what, no matter i win or lose, i will keep playing until i've to log out.

Anyway ladies, i've something damn damn damn good to intro!!

INCOCO DRY NAILS APPLIQUE (Click to watch their live demo)


I did it on my nails over the weekend.

Stick on & file it = DONE.

Chop chop 15 mins. No more messy nails!


I don't even have to apply top coat or wait for it to dry. Jitao bathe for Raeann after i completed my fingers. The polish still shines now & FYI, it's real nail polish.

It's really GOOD for busy woman like me! :)

I think i'm gonna stock up more of it.



Customised this rhinestones iron-on for Raeann & Ashlyn. I'm going to sew pillows for them & iron onto it.


Went to Bukit Panjang Plaza with mummy on Friday evening after picking little devil from ah kim's place. The moment we reached there, we heard 'Barney is a dinosaur, la la la la la.'


Luckily Raeann don't like this purple monster. I'm sorry but i really dislike Barney, cos he looked like monster to me. It's not special anymore cos so many people are crazy over it; kids & their parents.

Sometimes i wonder...

It's parents influencing the kids or kids influencing the parents? Hmm.

ZY bought alot of plush toys & claimed that it's Raeann who liked it. How on earth does Raeann knows what's that character? Eg, Winnie The Pooh, Carebear & etc.

I guessed it was ZY who liked it instead. -____-"

It's a waste of money to buy plush toys, isn't it? Take up so much space, can't talk, can't move & can't be eaten. In years to come, it will be thrown away... What's the point?

My house have tons of soft toys! Cos my uncle used to 钓 alot at soft toys machine. Now all kept in boxes & collecting dusts.


ZY's in good mood on Saturday. He suddenly asked me to go & play mahjong while he bring Raeann back to CCK. But no mahjong that day cos not enough legs. Than he suddenly say want to bring us out for dinner. WOW. Too bad i didn't buy 4d that day if not i'll confirm strike wan. Haha

We asked XS & hamster along too! Cos XS was almost bored to death already.

All ZY said was a restaurant besides Pasir Panjang car mart & upon reaching there than we know is ...





The meat here are thicker & they have more variety of side dishes.

Looking at their menu, we expect the bill to be very expensive from the food we ordered. The spicy chicken soup is super yummy!

Surprisingly, the bill is not expensive at all. 4 persons + 1 baby eating until feel like puking = $130+ only.

But seriously, i had enough of pork collar. I've no freud with pig at all.

They have a corner for children to play, NICE! Raeann keep wanting to go inside...


But it's not too nice for us. Cos most of the time, we're inside the 'playground' with Raeann & we have to take shift to eat. Sigh

She's damn naughty that day, make me lose my temper there. I had to 'dua' her mouth to make her keep still & shut up.

I promised XS not to post up any of her ugly pictures. It's ain't nice to post up pictures that people don't like.

But this pic is quite nice... (Consider not bad with ZY's photo-taking skill.)


Look at Raeann's si bei buay song face! She just stopped crying from my beating & she refused to smile for this picture.

Hmm, i actually wanted to camouflage XS's face but i don't see the need to leh cos i think XS still look great in her pregnancy & she don't look fat right? For a woman who is going to give birth anytime, her size is just nice lor.

Men can't take proper photo issit? Sigh

I actually thought ZY's photo-taking skill is damn jialat liao. But hamster's one is even worse. LOL

NVM, we will take it ourselves next time. I realised we've not been taking pictures for quite some time liao! :(

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ashlyn / Raeann / Playgroup / Maid

Baby Ashlyn is so naughty. lol She weighs 3.6kg already but still refuse to come out!

Dr Toot Tho says she can directly go for ceseran when Ashlyn hits 4kg cos it will be very difficult to come out naturally.

Initially, XS wanted to induce it yesterday night. But after some consideration, she decided to wait for contraction pain. Hopefully the pain will come before her edd on 24th.

Cos Dr Toot Tho says the chances of giving birth naturally after inducing is only 50%. Ashlyn is abit too big & scare something will happen halfway through... So, it's better to play safe, just let nature take it's course.

Btw, Dr Toot Tho is also my gynae. He's quite good lah. Cos he will scold & nag if your weight gets out of control during pregnancy. And maybe that's why i can shed off my pregnancy fats quite fast. :) Thank you ah, Dr Toot Tho. Hee

Treated XS to Cafe Cartel for dinner last night cos she said baby Ashlyn wanted to eat steak. But than hor, XS ordered pork chop in the end.

We're guessing what food is Ashlyn craving for that XS didn't eat & thus she don't want to come out. Durian, Steak, Ham, etc etc etc? Hmm.

On the way to dinner, Raeann told us that Ashlyn will come out on the 21st!!! Haha

Let's see if Raeann is ZUN anot.


See that Miss 大识字? She acts as if she's helping us to take order. LOL

My food came first & i was too busy eating. Haha. That explains why there's no more pictures after that.

Eh, Citibank credit card can get 15% off total bill wor. Buay pai man.


Raeann's 4 more teeths are halfway out now.

1st teething - 5 months old (4 teeth at the same time)
2nd teething - 6-7 months old (4 teeth at the same time)
3rd teething - 13-14 months old (4 teeth at the same time)

She was stucked at 8 tooths teeth for 6 months! OMG. But mai siao siao man, these 8 tooths teeth of her's can eat almost everything. I wonder how she do that. My cousin said that she don't chew food, she swallow!

Hey btw, what's the difference between teeths & tooths ar? I'm confused, don't know to use teeth or tooth. LOL

Now, i can be sure Raeann DO understand what we're talking about.

This morning, mummy asked Raeann to on the TV for her. Raeann walked over to the TV, press the on button, took the SCV & TV remotes on the table & pass it to my mum.

WAH LAU. She si bei auto man! My mum didn't mention anything about remotes at all lor.

Than, before we leave the house to ah kim's place & work, we asked her to off the TV, she off it. After that, she struggled down when i carried her up, she walked to the sofa & put all the remotes back to the place she took it from nicely. Si bei auto again, nobody asked her to do so. I was about to scold her from struggling down from my arms liao. Haha

All the beatings & scoldings help! She did absorb in what i taught her. *touched*

I'll be putting her to 'Little Learners' playgroup in March 2009. It's not cheap man.

9am - 11am daily from Monday - Friday. $120 per month regardless of P.H & school holidays hor.

March - 1 week school holiday.
June - 2 weeks school holiday.
December - 1 month school holiday.

Meaning i still have to pay the $120 even though Raeann is on holiday. -_-"

That's not all lor.

$60 every 3 months for their administrative charges.
$3 insurance for one year.
I forgot how much is the one-time registration charge.
$20 for one set of uniform.

Poor me. :(

I think Raeann will need more than 3 sets cos i've a maid who got the world record of washing clothes for a si bei super long time. FYI, she NORMALLY washes my clothes for 1-3 months. 6 months is still OK, sometimes can disappear for 1 year & pop out again after that.

She said she can't finish her work on time.

She claimed she needs 3 hours to pack ONE room. Why the hell she must take 3 hours without sweeping, vaccuming or mopping the floor & just arranging the bed?

30 mins to move ONE pillow issit?! -_______-"

REASON -> Cos hor, she spent her time watching tv, talking on phone & gossiping about every person/thing in the world.

No wonder she always cannot finish her work lah.

Sian. Employ maid also must depend on luck. Luckily that time i did not employ her sister impulsively. If not ar, the 2 of them will have party everyday.

Aiya, enough of my rantings. I need to work now. Bye.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stingy-ness is the root of rich-ness.

Went for korean crusine with the girls for dinner last night. It was meant to be XS's birthday meal. We ordered a tad too much & the bill came up to be $121+. So expensive wor!

Didn't took any pictures cos we're too busy eating & talking. :(

Hmm, i realise something recently. Wonder if anyone agrees with me?

Rich people are usually VERY stingy.

Stingy people are usually VERY rich.

That's how they become rich! Right?! Haha o.O

And usually such people will never admit that they are stingy.

I must learn to be stingy & so i will become rich. When i'm rich, i can buy many many LVs. Whahahahaha

Below are some of the examples in my own opinion, no hard feeling against anybody. :)

1) Never put enough cash inside your wallet. When you need money than you go withdraw it.
So, when you don't have enough money, you either won't spend or spend on others.

2) Money sucker. Suck as much money as possible from others & throw inside your own bank account.

3) Always kp about how poor you are. In this case, people will think you're really poor and offer to pay for you.

4) During occassions like birthday, X'mas & etc, never give angbao or buy present. Find whatever free gifts you have at home & re-sent it to others.

5) Takes forever to pay back what you owe. Cos people will eventually get sick of asking from you & sooner or later, they will just forget about it.

6) Never bring cash when playing mahjong. If lose, act blur about paying them back later.

7) Always siam or act blur when the bill comes. When asked, use 'not enough cash' as an excuse.

8) Let people think that 'getting a treat from you is harder than making a pig fly' & thus nobody will ask a treat from you again.


If you guys have other examples or encounter such people before, please tag on my board. I will copy & add it into this list. :)

With this list, everyone of us WILL BE RICH! Ho Ho Ho.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aunt Susan's mee hoon kuey is the best of all!

Before i post up some random pictures, i gotta do something very important first.

Which is to, Wish Missy XS a ...


May all your wishes come true & let us wait for baby Ashlyn's arrival.

I love this name; Ashlyn. Feminine with abit of style, so unique! :)

Warning: Below are some super bo liao pics. LOL


This is Raeann's new toy, soccer ball. She's so indulged with BALL now. My aunt says she's suppose to be a boy lar. But she came out too fast, forget to bring her kukubird along. LOL


My lunch on Monday, homecook mee hoon kuay! I love mee hoon kuay & chilli padi!

Soupy stuff with chilli padi = BEST.

There's homecook lunch again today! YippiE!

Byebye all, going over to another office loh!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Am i that popular?!

The more popular one is, the more 'hate' & 'jealous' messages you get. Agree?

Just look at Xiaxue & Dawn Yang's blog traffic. There are people who visit their blogs frequently no matter they love or hate them.

And i'm so glad that i've such a FAITHFUL READER, always visiting my blog to help increase my traffic. Oh, Thank U So Much SIAN! :)

Regardless how many blog addresses i changed, you still managed to find me. You're such a LOYAL FANS & I LOVE U SO MUCH!

Hopefully your visits & tags will helps me to earn more $$ as Nuffnang will be giving me more ads. And very soon, i can withdraw out my first payout. :)

P/S: You must be jealous cos you're infertile right? Haha Do more kind deeds & stop being a KPO. :) Give birth of cos must see doc lah. Which woman now don't? You don't need to cos you infertile mah. CHEY!

So sleepy after 2 rounds of mahjong at XS's place! Time flies. Her little princess will be coming out SOON, real SOON.

CNY is also approaching. I no longer have any CNY mood cos it ain't the same as before anymore.

My eyes is closing, i need to sleep now.

Blog again soon!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Super dulan.

Tons of anger & hatred are inside me now. No words can describe how i am feeling.

I received a lawyer letter from that cb taxi driver yesterday.

He wanted to claim a total amount of $4,420.65 from me.

HE, whom knocked his front left headlight onto my right back tyre claimed that I was the one who knocked onto him.

And that LJ witness who claimed to be a passenger inside the taxi when the accident happened said i was the one who caused the accident.


I can't blame if the passenger has no driving licence & doesn't have any on-the-road experience, but she has totally NO COMMON SENSE i can say.

How am i going to use my back to knock onto his front? SO FUNNY.

She doesn't know what's driving & that's why she needs to take a cab. And maybe the taxi driver bribed her to be his witness. Who knows?! *shrug*

It's not that i can't afford to pay for his damages, but i'm just 不甘愿 lor. Why should i pay when HE is the one who knock onto my car? SIAO.

I know that my chances of winning is very low cos HE has a witness. But the witness might be a fake one cos he can anyhow get one person to be what.

Aiya nvm lah, what i believe is, '恶人有恶报'. HE & SHE will get their retribution ONE DAY.


I hope government can stop all ah peh above 60 to STOP driving taxi. At 60, how many of them still have good eyesight? Don't cause anymore inconvenience & harm to others.

Oki, i'm not angry anymore. :)

This song, 香水有毒, Raeann can sing hor!!! Everytime i played it on my car, Raeann will start singing & singing. LOL

She's very cute lah. Love her so much.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Genting Trip

Date: 6th - 9th December 2008

Ok, before i blog about genting, some pictures to show u guys first.

Went to Collin's & Jasmine's baby shower before we set off. What a day! So many occassions lor! ZY's cousin's wedding also on that day but we're unable to turn up.


Inside the car on the way to Jasmine's house. :)

After that, we went back home to take a short rest before we cabbed to golden mile for dinner & bus ride. Raeann was so sleepy lor but she refuse to sleep. Guess what she's doing??



Recently, she loves to carry big, small bags & walk around. When you asked her, 'Raeann, you go shopping huh?', she'll reply, 'AH'. So funny!

I bought the chiong burberry dress she's wearing at $12.90 only. What a steal!


It's not the right time to go genting at this peak season, the human begins are like ants, never ending flow.


Queue for hotel, queue for food, queue for games, queue to gamble & even need to queue to go toilet. What fun is there when you spend half a day just queuing & queuing?

And ar, the people there are damn fucking rude, Singaporeans are much more polite. When they push or knock you, they simply walk away. When you accidentally knock onto them, you apologise & they scold you. Crazy.

Because of the stupid crowds, ZY's new bluetooth was begin pulled out by Raeann unknowingly. And ar, he can't bear to scold Raeann so he scolded me becos i went into Lovely Lace to take a look. -_-"


Raeann dropped her precious 'chou chou' also. Dropped when & where, we have no idea at all. Luckily i seperated the case out before the trip. I need to use the case to make a new one for her tonight.

Theme Park

We're damn sway. Sunday & Monday were raining chickens & ducks for the whole day & thus the outdoor theme park was closed. :(

We actually bought the tickets for outdoor & indoor at RM51 per pax on Monday cos we didn't know it will rain lor & we didn't expect the rain won't stop too. :(


How can i never play space shot???!!! Wah kao. Part of my motive to go genting is to do that. Sigh

So, in order not to make the RM51 totally wasted, we stayed indoor to queue for those boring rides. Sian 1/2. -_________________-"


We did not take this train cos when the queue is so damn bloody long. Those pictures were took inside the restaurant (Hot Pot) during lunch on Sunday (7th Dec 08).

Don't ever go there (Hot Pot) pls! Food sux & fucking expensive. We waited half an hour for the food & drinks to be serve. -____-"


This dragon ride is so slow that Raeann almost fall asleep. Haha

Then, we proceed to take the boat ride...


See Raeann's sleepy face & you will know it's even more slower than the dragon ride. And it's playing opera music on the boat, Raeann jitao fall asleep after 3 mins. LOL

So we went back hotel to let Raeann sleep first & ZY went to casino.

She was so tired that she napped for 3-4 hours & she hitted me when i tried to wake her up. LOL

After ZY is back, we brought her to play again with her sleepy mode still on. But after awhile, she seems to replenish her full battery again.

The rain became smaller for awhile so we took her outdoor to take a look.


This vintage car ride that goes outdoor. So freaking COLD outside. Think it's so bloody cold that it makes Raeann wide awake.

After this ride, the heavy rain comes again. Damn fucking cold until we decided to hide inside.

Hence, we went to queue for the ferry wheel.


Queued for soooooooooooooooooooo long... No big deal, Singapore Flyers did it better. :)

These are only the rides we took for RM51 (x 2 pax).

The weather became super good for outdoor games on Tuesday (9/12/08). While walking to take our lunch, we see through the window very CLEARLY.


It's ok, my dear. There will be a chance again. :)

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Raeann is standing at 76cm now. :) Wanted to take a pic of her measuring her height but was carrying too many things.

Dreamz @ The Pavillion
Mummy was given 2 free complimentary tickets to Dreamz (magic & circus show) for her birthday. She redeemed it & we went to watch lor. Becos of this show ar, Missy Bobo misunderstood mummy. Sigh

The cheapest ticket was at RM80 for member.

I was cheated lah. I was told it's an animal show. But who knows those people keep dancing & dancing with some magics performed.

One white tiger, one white lion & 2 dogs did came out during the show lah BUT for less than 5 mins only.

I think i got a little phobia with white tiger after that zoo incident. Eeeek.

Raeann fell asleep when the show just started & woke up after the show ended. LOL

Buffet Lunch

During the last day there, we went for buffet lunch with ZY's points. He got 100+ points cos he confessed that he came to genting to gamble when we quarrelled that time. I was too smart to guess it first.

Ma de! His pack of lies. I told him, 'One day, you will get it in return'.

Anyway, the asian lunch was not bad but not super nice as what ZY described.

Raeann kept playing with the waiters while eating her chicken wing. She was very obedient cos all her 'mountains' were not around.

The waiter gave her one green apple. And she walked around, eating her apple & disturbing other people.


How would anyone bear to scold this little imp? Everybody then started playing with her & she became popular.



Oh my! Look at my incurable panda eyes.


Brought her for some games after lunch while waiting to board the bus home. Saw Missy Bobo & cousins there.


Not bad sia, Raeann used her legs to step on 75 tickets 2 times. You're so 厉害 my dear. 75 tickets is somehow like their 2nd or 3rd prize lor.



ZY bought her a Garfield bag on Sunday (7/12/08) & she carrys it her own. It was meant to lessen my burden of bringing so many bags around. Raeann carried it for about 1 hour & end up, i'm still the one carrying the Garfield around. -_-


Raeann saw me putting the shawl & she wants it too. I put her down to stand while waiting for ZY's shitting break cos my back can't take it anymore. She found herself a place to sit down. She replied me 'AH' when i asked her issit she's tired. Smart girl. :P

Then on Monday, Aunty Raeann went shopping at genting.


She snatched ah kim's bag & refuse to return to her. So she just took the bag & walk on herself & everyone was looking & laughing at her.

ZY bought her a bag at Lovely Lace cos she seems to love bags like her mum. Next time, i will teach her what's LV. Haha

You get to see all sorts of people inside the casino.

I never liked gambling cos i can't bear to lose my money on it. But i did went to casino & donate some money to them this time.

I need to apply for Genting world card & slot card first. I was given the blue normal card without picture. I was told i need 3 or 4 points before i can upgrade to the green one with picture.

The points can be used to redeem theme park ticket, meals, hotel rooms & etc. So nice!

And i'm now their SILVER card member. 厉害 right? ZY says until it's so so so difficult & good to get a silver card. Chey! What's so great & hard getting a silver card? I merely flash my platinum credit card to them & i jitao upgrade to silver card immediately for free. I also get free casino chips & one day hotel stay as well. :)

(Talking about credit card, i think Citibank is siao. I applied for their Visa platinum cos i can get $150 guess voucher & i received it long time ago. But the day before i went genting, they sent me another 2 more credit cards; Citi Clear Platinum & Tangs Platinum on their own accord. -_-"

Since it's free subscription for 3 years, why not? Anyway the Tangs Visa let me get 10% at CK Tangs whole year round.)

We arrived genting at 4am. Luckily mummy booked a room for a day before cos she was worried that Raeann wanted to sleep. True enough. Bobo, cousins & ah kim all wanted to rest. One small room with 6 adults & one baby, i volunteered to go casino & 'tong' my night through.

Played jackpot initially cos ZY was playing & my eyes was really closing while sitting there like a stone. I always feel jackpot is a game for ah-soh & it's a waste of time & money cos we can never win the machine unless we hit on some big prize.

Went to play Mr. Cashman & lose RM30. Heart pain decided that it's better to remain as stone.

ZY saw me almost sleeping & asked me to use RM50 to play for fun. Ok lor, to make me stay awake.

I won about RM100+ the moment i put money in, the bonus kept coming often. It's quite fun lar, cos ah, you can win 5000 credits even when you played the most minimum amount. ZY jitao come & chap one leg, ignoring his own game. Keep pressing for me until i don't know who's playing.

He's damn sway, always make me lose the bonus lor.

Lost RM130 on jackpot, heart really sibei pain liao. Went to find aunt & mummy at the baccarat table, Aunt asked me to take RM100 play for fun. Luckily i won!! I placed RM25 for every game only & i won RM300! I won almost every game until aunt & mummy followed what i bet. LOL

So my total winnings on that day is RM170.

Gambling always let people win first & make people lose back double, triple, 10 times, 20 times or even 100 times the amount you won.

On Sunday night, i went again after Raeann slept cos ZY wanted to go so badly. Si bei duper hot cos super crowded. ZY just squeeze inside the moment he reached there & ignored me. A tiko peh was standing besides ZY, kept smiling at me. I feel so uncomfy so i went to the stone chair about 2m away to take a seat. I sat there for almost 2-3 hours. ZY jitao forget my existance. Ma de.

I feel so stuffy & bored. Pissed off & went to change some chips to gamble.

Please do not gamble when your mood's not right.

I lost RM300 that night. :(

Monday night lagi worse! I lost RM650. I putted a stop on myself cos i need to leave some money to buy a diamond white gold pendant for XS as her bday present.

My overall loss is RM780. Heart break into 2 pieces liao. :(

I guess i didn't have any gambling luck at all...

I took the whole day to sort out all the pictures & blog this entry. I need to work now.

The aches & pile of work makes me damn moody & headache.


Hey, i'm finally back from this oh-quite-horrible trip.

No shopping. No outdoor games cos was raining so heavily. So crowded, everywhere must queue. Tiko peh inside casino. Muscle ache everyday. Not enough sleep.

Did not really enjoy except for the cold cold weather, shiok.

I donated some $$ to the casino. :(

But baby Raeann was extremely happy. :) She was quite well-behaved during this trip except when having meal together with mummy, aunts & cousins. She's damn good at seeing situation. She knows that she got 'mountains' around, she purposely cry loud loud, she knows there will be people to save her.

But i'm sorry that i don't care. 'Spare the rod & spoil the child' is what i believe. When a kid is naughty, must teach! My aunt said, 'She's still young lar!'. I jitao say, 'Now you say she young, 5 years later, you will say she young also. 10 years later, you will still say she's young! Than when she's 20 years old, it will be too late to teach'.

Raeann was cranky on the way back when the bus's going downhill, guess she can't take the pressure. Sigh. Had a hard time pleasing her...

Her good father can just bo chup, throw to others and sleep all the way. I told him Raeann can't take the pressure and is feeling uncomfy, he says, 'than what you want me to do?'. WTF!

He is tired, so are everybody. KNN.

He scolded me when i scold or beat Raeann. Since he's so KIND, he should look after her & not sleeping & eating so SONG there & let others do the job.

Anyway, i'll sort out the pictures first & blog again later.

Too tired to do anything now, aching everywhere.

Friday, December 5, 2008

SU Korean Crusine

Annyong ha shimnikka!

I somehow take a fancy to Korean guys food after dining at SU Korean Crusine last night.

The Korean young boss is sooooo... cute!

A newly opened authentic Korean restaurant (Su Korean Crusine) located at The Village @ Jurong Hill.



Photo credit to The Village @ Jurong Hill.

It's my first time eating korean food & i really find it quite nice, although i don't really like the taste of kimchi but i simply love their BBQ pork collar!

Their service are extremely good & their price are very reasonable. :)

Mummy, Bobo, ZY, me & Raeann ordered a set meal for 4. Their portions are all just nice, not too little, not too much. The bill came up to be only $110+! Cheap right!?!?! (We initially thought it's very expensive.)

We all eat until full full lor.

The people there (Bosses, waitress & waiter) all loves Raeann alot becos this sumseng po is simply not afraid of anyone lah.

They keep playing with her & ar she can walk around the whole restaurant like machiam her house. -_-"

Cute korean boss keep exchanging winks with her & the other older boss asked, 'how come Raeann is so good with him, machiam like long time no see friends!'

Than he jokingly said to Raeann, 'Maybe you're my gf in my previous life!'. Whahahahahah

Ok, now to the pictures i took.

The free 小菜.

So much hor? But i never eat, don't like. Mummy loved the kimchi. Raeann loved the green color vege (I don't know what it's call). And i don't know why the hell am i hugging their menu! lol


All the dishes occupied the whole table for 6. Worth it lor! Hmm, the fried cuttlefish is so yummy!



Look how happy Miss Bobo is...


So is Raeann...

Kiss in korean language is called 'poo poo'???!!

Cute korean boss keep pointing to his cheek & asked Raeann to 'poo poo' him...

And Raeann 'poo poo' him many times!! LOL


This is how she react after kissing him. Alamak.

And after that, they continued to 放电...


Cute anot?? Ok la, in my opinion, he's consider not bad looking among the koreans liao. I wonder why their skin is so nice leh.




Satisfied & full.

Wah lau, i really can't trust ZY's photo-taking skill man! He hor can either cut half our head/face away or can't centralise the picture wan leh! Look at the photo below & you will understand. Sigh



Ok, this time round, he did not cut our face away but is there another person beside me meh??? Why just he can't centralise it huh?

He said, '你的脸没有被cut掉已经算很好了咯!'.


Sometimes, cannot be blamed if a person has no talent in it... :)

Thank you those who asked how am i & ZY getting on.

We're fine. :)

Both of us are busy with our own stuffs & we can't find time to quarrel now.

Although yes lar, i still need to nag at him once in awhile when he sticks to his game/TV for many hours or sleep until machiam died, but he will not argue back now lor. So after i nagged, i just walked away & do my own things.

And also becos nowadays ar, Raeann extremely loves to touch his things. She dare not touch mine cos i will beat. I don't allow her to meddle with my bag. Don't want her to have that habit of meddling with people's stuffs. But ZY won't beat her mah.. He wants to be 绝对好爸爸 so i just let him be lor. Don't complain to me can liao.

But he will say to me, 'U see! U see what your daughter doing!'.

So i will see lor. Just see only.

He's expecting me to go and beat or scold her & stop her from touching his things. But i did not. Cos when i did, he will say, 'aiya don't scold or beat her lah!'.

And he will continue to say, 'See see see see what your daughter doing!'.

Then i will reply, 'YA, i'm seeing ah'. Wahahahahhaha

Siao wan, everything also ask me to see. Even when a cockroach refuse to die after gallons of by-gond sprayed at it, he also asked me to see. Than i said to him, 'Just let it be lah. Anyway not inside the room also. Why? I see already than the cockroach will finally die issit?'. Haha

He's damn 夸张 lor, always kicking a big fuss over a small cockroach. Sprayed by-gond into my switch, causing damage to my hp charger & now, i cannot charge my hp already. :(

No breathe to scold him liao lah...

YES. YES. YES. Genting tomorrow!!

Excited man!

P/S: Should i place my tagboard back? This blog's hits are much higher than Fashionista Boutique lor. Why huh?