Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey, i'm finally back from this oh-quite-horrible trip.

No shopping. No outdoor games cos was raining so heavily. So crowded, everywhere must queue. Tiko peh inside casino. Muscle ache everyday. Not enough sleep.

Did not really enjoy except for the cold cold weather, shiok.

I donated some $$ to the casino. :(

But baby Raeann was extremely happy. :) She was quite well-behaved during this trip except when having meal together with mummy, aunts & cousins. She's damn good at seeing situation. She knows that she got 'mountains' around, she purposely cry loud loud, she knows there will be people to save her.

But i'm sorry that i don't care. 'Spare the rod & spoil the child' is what i believe. When a kid is naughty, must teach! My aunt said, 'She's still young lar!'. I jitao say, 'Now you say she young, 5 years later, you will say she young also. 10 years later, you will still say she's young! Than when she's 20 years old, it will be too late to teach'.

Raeann was cranky on the way back when the bus's going downhill, guess she can't take the pressure. Sigh. Had a hard time pleasing her...

Her good father can just bo chup, throw to others and sleep all the way. I told him Raeann can't take the pressure and is feeling uncomfy, he says, 'than what you want me to do?'. WTF!

He is tired, so are everybody. KNN.

He scolded me when i scold or beat Raeann. Since he's so KIND, he should look after her & not sleeping & eating so SONG there & let others do the job.

Anyway, i'll sort out the pictures first & blog again later.

Too tired to do anything now, aching everywhere.

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