Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aunt Susan's mee hoon kuey is the best of all!

Before i post up some random pictures, i gotta do something very important first.

Which is to, Wish Missy XS a ...


May all your wishes come true & let us wait for baby Ashlyn's arrival.

I love this name; Ashlyn. Feminine with abit of style, so unique! :)

Warning: Below are some super bo liao pics. LOL


This is Raeann's new toy, soccer ball. She's so indulged with BALL now. My aunt says she's suppose to be a boy lar. But she came out too fast, forget to bring her kukubird along. LOL


My lunch on Monday, homecook mee hoon kuay! I love mee hoon kuay & chilli padi!

Soupy stuff with chilli padi = BEST.

There's homecook lunch again today! YippiE!

Byebye all, going over to another office loh!

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