Friday, December 26, 2008

I can sew ok!

There's something that i need to do but i've been delaying for quite sometime already.

I always tell myself, 'i'll do it tonight', but end up i'll forget clean clean about it.

Just now, i suddenly thought of it & i started the job immediately while watching 'Little Nonya'.

I'm doing Ashlyn's one first, Raeann's one can wait. Haha

As i don't know how to use sewing machine, i'm going to sew it stitch by stitch.


Started sewing one side of the openings...


Then the other side...


Completed! Yes, i know it looks very tai-ko but don't worry cos that's the interior of the pillow.

After sewing both of the side-opening, i flipped the pillow over & iron-on the beautiful rhinestones names i customised.

Ta Dang!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm done with it! It's si bei beautiful lor. I think that i'm really talented at times. Mummy also said it's very pretty!

The rhinestones are quite 耐 also, tried peeling it but it sticks on to the fabric firmly.

But it looks quite plain to me & i'm brain-storming what else can i add on to it. Hmmm...

I gtg & search for some pretty little stuffs now. I'll take a picture again after i add in cotton & sew up the main opening. :)

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