Monday, December 29, 2008

Nokia Music Store

Last month, i mentioned about Nokia giving me an ad but it doesn't appear & i thought Nokia had removed it.

Ok, it's my mistake. Nokia did not remove it. The advertisment date starts from 28 Dec instead of Nov.

EDB (Engineering Courses) SS's ad will appear in Feb 2009. :)

Thank you once again. Please place more ad on my blog! Haha

Anyway, i explored Nokia Music Store this morning. And now i know, it's a place for legal music downloads.

$2.00 for one song & $16.00 for one album. The songs are quite updated also.

Check out Nokia Music Store now!

I treated the family to a seafood dinner on Saturday cos it's mummy's birthday.

The bill came up to $440.67. I don't find it expensive cos there are drunkurd prawn, lobster, abalone, crabs, peking duck, fish, mussles, desserts & fruits.

I did not take any picture cos it was only when i reach there than i realise that my camera batt was flat. -_-"

What a waste!

Aftermath, we went prawning!!! In case some people don't know, prawning located opposite bird park is re-open with new paint, new lights, new boss, cleaner enviroment & of cos more expensive price.

In the past, 3 hours for $25.00. Now, 2 hours for $25.00 & 3 hours for $35.00. WOW!

Everything increased. :(

I took some pictures with my hp but it's not very clear & i've no time to post it also.

I gtg & do stock orderings now. Bye bye!

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