Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stingy-ness is the root of rich-ness.

Went for korean crusine with the girls for dinner last night. It was meant to be XS's birthday meal. We ordered a tad too much & the bill came up to be $121+. So expensive wor!

Didn't took any pictures cos we're too busy eating & talking. :(

Hmm, i realise something recently. Wonder if anyone agrees with me?

Rich people are usually VERY stingy.

Stingy people are usually VERY rich.

That's how they become rich! Right?! Haha o.O

And usually such people will never admit that they are stingy.

I must learn to be stingy & so i will become rich. When i'm rich, i can buy many many LVs. Whahahahaha

Below are some of the examples in my own opinion, no hard feeling against anybody. :)

1) Never put enough cash inside your wallet. When you need money than you go withdraw it.
So, when you don't have enough money, you either won't spend or spend on others.

2) Money sucker. Suck as much money as possible from others & throw inside your own bank account.

3) Always kp about how poor you are. In this case, people will think you're really poor and offer to pay for you.

4) During occassions like birthday, X'mas & etc, never give angbao or buy present. Find whatever free gifts you have at home & re-sent it to others.

5) Takes forever to pay back what you owe. Cos people will eventually get sick of asking from you & sooner or later, they will just forget about it.

6) Never bring cash when playing mahjong. If lose, act blur about paying them back later.

7) Always siam or act blur when the bill comes. When asked, use 'not enough cash' as an excuse.

8) Let people think that 'getting a treat from you is harder than making a pig fly' & thus nobody will ask a treat from you again.


If you guys have other examples or encounter such people before, please tag on my board. I will copy & add it into this list. :)

With this list, everyone of us WILL BE RICH! Ho Ho Ho.

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