Friday, December 5, 2008

SU Korean Crusine

Annyong ha shimnikka!

I somehow take a fancy to Korean guys food after dining at SU Korean Crusine last night.

The Korean young boss is sooooo... cute!

A newly opened authentic Korean restaurant (Su Korean Crusine) located at The Village @ Jurong Hill.



Photo credit to The Village @ Jurong Hill.

It's my first time eating korean food & i really find it quite nice, although i don't really like the taste of kimchi but i simply love their BBQ pork collar!

Their service are extremely good & their price are very reasonable. :)

Mummy, Bobo, ZY, me & Raeann ordered a set meal for 4. Their portions are all just nice, not too little, not too much. The bill came up to be only $110+! Cheap right!?!?! (We initially thought it's very expensive.)

We all eat until full full lor.

The people there (Bosses, waitress & waiter) all loves Raeann alot becos this sumseng po is simply not afraid of anyone lah.

They keep playing with her & ar she can walk around the whole restaurant like machiam her house. -_-"

Cute korean boss keep exchanging winks with her & the other older boss asked, 'how come Raeann is so good with him, machiam like long time no see friends!'

Than he jokingly said to Raeann, 'Maybe you're my gf in my previous life!'. Whahahahahah

Ok, now to the pictures i took.

The free 小菜.

So much hor? But i never eat, don't like. Mummy loved the kimchi. Raeann loved the green color vege (I don't know what it's call). And i don't know why the hell am i hugging their menu! lol


All the dishes occupied the whole table for 6. Worth it lor! Hmm, the fried cuttlefish is so yummy!



Look how happy Miss Bobo is...


So is Raeann...

Kiss in korean language is called 'poo poo'???!!

Cute korean boss keep pointing to his cheek & asked Raeann to 'poo poo' him...

And Raeann 'poo poo' him many times!! LOL


This is how she react after kissing him. Alamak.

And after that, they continued to 放电...


Cute anot?? Ok la, in my opinion, he's consider not bad looking among the koreans liao. I wonder why their skin is so nice leh.




Satisfied & full.

Wah lau, i really can't trust ZY's photo-taking skill man! He hor can either cut half our head/face away or can't centralise the picture wan leh! Look at the photo below & you will understand. Sigh



Ok, this time round, he did not cut our face away but is there another person beside me meh??? Why just he can't centralise it huh?

He said, '你的脸没有被cut掉已经算很好了咯!'.


Sometimes, cannot be blamed if a person has no talent in it... :)

Thank you those who asked how am i & ZY getting on.

We're fine. :)

Both of us are busy with our own stuffs & we can't find time to quarrel now.

Although yes lar, i still need to nag at him once in awhile when he sticks to his game/TV for many hours or sleep until machiam died, but he will not argue back now lor. So after i nagged, i just walked away & do my own things.

And also becos nowadays ar, Raeann extremely loves to touch his things. She dare not touch mine cos i will beat. I don't allow her to meddle with my bag. Don't want her to have that habit of meddling with people's stuffs. But ZY won't beat her mah.. He wants to be 绝对好爸爸 so i just let him be lor. Don't complain to me can liao.

But he will say to me, 'U see! U see what your daughter doing!'.

So i will see lor. Just see only.

He's expecting me to go and beat or scold her & stop her from touching his things. But i did not. Cos when i did, he will say, 'aiya don't scold or beat her lah!'.

And he will continue to say, 'See see see see what your daughter doing!'.

Then i will reply, 'YA, i'm seeing ah'. Wahahahahhaha

Siao wan, everything also ask me to see. Even when a cockroach refuse to die after gallons of by-gond sprayed at it, he also asked me to see. Than i said to him, 'Just let it be lah. Anyway not inside the room also. Why? I see already than the cockroach will finally die issit?'. Haha

He's damn 夸张 lor, always kicking a big fuss over a small cockroach. Sprayed by-gond into my switch, causing damage to my hp charger & now, i cannot charge my hp already. :(

No breathe to scold him liao lah...

YES. YES. YES. Genting tomorrow!!

Excited man!

P/S: Should i place my tagboard back? This blog's hits are much higher than Fashionista Boutique lor. Why huh?

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