Thursday, December 11, 2008

Super dulan.

Tons of anger & hatred are inside me now. No words can describe how i am feeling.

I received a lawyer letter from that cb taxi driver yesterday.

He wanted to claim a total amount of $4,420.65 from me.

HE, whom knocked his front left headlight onto my right back tyre claimed that I was the one who knocked onto him.

And that LJ witness who claimed to be a passenger inside the taxi when the accident happened said i was the one who caused the accident.


I can't blame if the passenger has no driving licence & doesn't have any on-the-road experience, but she has totally NO COMMON SENSE i can say.

How am i going to use my back to knock onto his front? SO FUNNY.

She doesn't know what's driving & that's why she needs to take a cab. And maybe the taxi driver bribed her to be his witness. Who knows?! *shrug*

It's not that i can't afford to pay for his damages, but i'm just 不甘愿 lor. Why should i pay when HE is the one who knock onto my car? SIAO.

I know that my chances of winning is very low cos HE has a witness. But the witness might be a fake one cos he can anyhow get one person to be what.

Aiya nvm lah, what i believe is, '恶人有恶报'. HE & SHE will get their retribution ONE DAY.


I hope government can stop all ah peh above 60 to STOP driving taxi. At 60, how many of them still have good eyesight? Don't cause anymore inconvenience & harm to others.

Oki, i'm not angry anymore. :)

This song, 香水有毒, Raeann can sing hor!!! Everytime i played it on my car, Raeann will start singing & singing. LOL

She's very cute lah. Love her so much.

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