Saturday, December 13, 2008


Am i that popular?!

The more popular one is, the more 'hate' & 'jealous' messages you get. Agree?

Just look at Xiaxue & Dawn Yang's blog traffic. There are people who visit their blogs frequently no matter they love or hate them.

And i'm so glad that i've such a FAITHFUL READER, always visiting my blog to help increase my traffic. Oh, Thank U So Much SIAN! :)

Regardless how many blog addresses i changed, you still managed to find me. You're such a LOYAL FANS & I LOVE U SO MUCH!

Hopefully your visits & tags will helps me to earn more $$ as Nuffnang will be giving me more ads. And very soon, i can withdraw out my first payout. :)

P/S: You must be jealous cos you're infertile right? Haha Do more kind deeds & stop being a KPO. :) Give birth of cos must see doc lah. Which woman now don't? You don't need to cos you infertile mah. CHEY!

So sleepy after 2 rounds of mahjong at XS's place! Time flies. Her little princess will be coming out SOON, real SOON.

CNY is also approaching. I no longer have any CNY mood cos it ain't the same as before anymore.

My eyes is closing, i need to sleep now.

Blog again soon!

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