Friday, January 30, 2009

Pic, pic & more peek tures!

Kinda busy at the moment so i ain't going to blog much.

Shall let the pictures do the talking instead. I spent some time editing these pics. SO FUN!









Raeann received a gift from my cousin, Meggy...


This 3 pieces cost almost $200.00. Wooohooo! Thanks sis!

She's such a fortunate kid. :)

Oh yah, Raeann will be starting her playgroup class this coming Monday, 2nd Feb 09!

By right, minimum is 18 months old. But the teacher said Raeann is very smart so she can start at 16 months+.

I can't wait to see her go school sia. Wonder she will be a big bully there anot? LOL

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peek a boo.

Found one & only pic taken during CNY on my hp.


I putted on ALOT of weight over this week, i think. Eat alot but never shit. Sian. Constipation again!

Went to search for Raeann's pic taken on CNY last year.


How time flies...

More pics will be uploaded when i remember my camera! :)

Sad CNY!

This year is most probably the saddest CNY in my whole life!

Bored. Bored. Boring.

Something happened & my mum had to cancel her trip. :(

Me & Raeann spent our time eating, eating & eating. Steamboat, bbq & new year cookies.

My angbao is not enough. I had to change another $100 of $2 notes with mummy & 包 more.

But luckily Raeann managed to recover back for us. LOL

Meanwhile, her angbao total up to $1,076. This Saturday still got one more round to go; my dad's relatives.

I'm going to use $450 to pay for her school fees & the rest will be deposited into her mighty savers account as usual.

Haiz, i forgot to bring my digital cam today & thus, i can't upload any pic!

I'm so si bei super boring this year. I guess it will get worse & worst as the year goes by...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dad's menopause


My dad has very serious menopause now.

He gets very agitated over tiny minor little issues.


1) Workers didn't flush toilet.
2) Workers litter on the floor.
3) Food came back late & he's hungry.
4) Alot more & still counting...

He kept repeating that my worker litter on the floor for more than 50 times since yesterday noon. Moreover, he already scolded the worker...

He blamed my mum for spoiling the worker. -________-"

My mum got fed up & quarrelled with him just now.

I told him, 'Pa, you already say more than 50 times liao, we know & we understand & we will remind them not to make such mistake again'.

He said, 'You tell them, they won't understand wan, they will do it again'.

I said, 'Ok, since you've already told them, we shall see then. Don't need to keep repeating. If they refuse to listen, you tell them 1000 times, they also won't listen. Why make yourself so frustrated over such thing? Don't think so much & make yourself suffer'.

Am i right?

Than he asked me to pack his luggage for him & his eyes turn red! -_-"


Don't know what to say or do.

I know he's not feeling good inside him. He suffers, we suffered too.

We asked him to see doc about his menopause, he scolded us instead.

I don't feel good when i see him like that but i really can't sit beside him & hear him repeating the same old thing again & again.

The whole family avoided him as to prevent getting trouble... Don't like to be scolded for nothing also mah...

But i think is time to do something now as he's getting more & more worse.

Problem is, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Can someone give me some advice on this?!!?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Waredrobe disaster


I can't decide what to wear for Raeann on the first day of CNY. It's giving me headache!

I only bought one Polo Ralph dress for her this year (Lydia helped me to get it from US) cos i really really got no mood for CNY at all...

She's really damn 好命 cos i don't even own any branded clothes at all. I din even get anything for myself & i don't intend to buy also.

Went to clean up Raeann's wardrobe just now. She really got alot of clothes & many of them are brand new, never wear before.

I found a few pieces of CNY clothes, all brand new. CNY clothes = red, pink, cheongsum or traditional style.

Please help me to decide what to wear for her!

1) 旗袍姑娘

My dad bought this for her when he went to China that time. The length is just nice until her feet. But she dare not walk wearing it... LOL Maybe it's too 'gentle' for her.

2) 肚兜小妹

I bought this for the photo shoot. She wear it for less than 15 mins on that day only. This suit cost me $35.00! -____-"

Yes, i know it's very expensive but i need it urgently so just buy lor.

3) Simple & Nice

This has been kept inside the wardrobe for more than one year already. It's still brand new. Don't know why i bought it in the first place. Must be $ too much last year. LOL It's still a tad too big cos her tummy so big but the area there is still loose.

4) Sweet Pinky

My ah kim (Raeann's nanny) bought this for her... Size is just nice!

How???!!! What should i wear for her??!!! Your comments is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Oh yah. We wishes all a Happy 牛 year! :)




Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm feeling so emotional right now @ 11.52am.

Has been reading someone's blog everyday.

I feel so sad, for the guy that left & the girl whom witness everything. :(

He left alot of questions mark for everybody.

I put myself into that girl's shoe. Sadness filled up my heart & tears dropped.

Her blog's song is playing 回到过去 (Jay Chou) & i guess this song describes her feeling best.

When one's alive, everything can be repeat over & over again. But when one's dead, nothing can be done anymore. :(

I think i'm abit siao. Don't know why the hell i keep thinking...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy woman.

As busy as a bee, as fat as a hippo, as lazy as a pig.

Yes, it's me.

Heh, i finally prepared the angbaos for CNY. Guess how much total did i bao? ONE THOUSAND.

Last year, 1.1k. Reduced by $100 this year. I seperated my angbaos into different grades; $4, $6, $10, $12, $20, $68, $100.

I really wonder why some people can 包 a total of $400, $500, $600 or $700 only???!!!?!

How to 包 arh? Can somebody teach me?! -_-"


I was on leave on Friday cos my aunt need to clean her house. And with 2 kids around, it's quite impossible to do so. And so, i need to look after monster myself that day. Brought her to town to collect my Miss LV Vernis (sent for colorwash) & Joo Chiat for praying. :)

Settled our lunch @ Joo Chiat as well.


Monster is so hao lian, always want to take chopsticks & eat on her own now. She refused to open her mouth if i feed her. -_____-"

Aftermath, brought her to Bukit Batok & Hillview office to find her 'gong' & 'ma'. My dad had been grumpy recently. She's the only one who can make my dad smile now.


LOOK! She's so busy. Haha


Attended baby Ashlyn's full month on Saturday, stayed there till almost 1am! :) Played one round of mahjong & Raeann fell asleep there. Actually she refused to sleep until 11pm cos we forgot to bring her 臭臭 along. But i think she's super duper tired already, after playing eating for the whole day. LOL

I was busy chasing her around & thus no time to take pictures!


Cleaned up my toilet & the space outside my room on Sunday. Created a 'playground' corner for little boss, with the mickey carpet that i've bought long ago. FINALLY! After saying for so long...

Monster saw us cleaning & she wants to 'chap ji kar' too. Si bei kpo!



Sian, really sick & moodless for CNY. How i wish i can go holiday like mummy! She's going Macau on 初二. So good!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's life?

Damn it! My mind just couldn't stop thinking about that guy, especially when i'm alone; driving. Most of the topics were about him since Monday.

*Take a deep breath*

He has been sent for cremation at 9am yesterday. His parents doesn't wish to hold any funeral for him cos they think that 'it's not something to be proud of'.

Well, i can fully understand the frustration, anger & sadness in his parents.

He left without a word, so sudden & causes everyone to be in shock, till now.

Reason of him jumping down from 10th storey is, quarrelling with girlfriend. They're together for about 1 month.

It's so silly of him.

Nobody knows the actual reason, only him. Perhaps he has his own problems which he kept to himself.

But why must he choose such a way to end his life?!??! Sigh

Although i don't know him that well, but my heart totally sank whenever i thought of him. I feel sad for him, as well as his parents. :(

Please people, (everyone out there who reads my blog) cherish your life & everyone around you! If you encounter any problem & looking for a listening ear, I'M HERE! You may email to me, i don't promise good advices but i can be there to share.

P/S: My email address is stated under my profile picture.

I don't wish to hear anymore of such cases again.


I'm so busy these 2 weeks so i won't be blogging very often.

Just some quick updates! :)

Rem that time i mentioned that Raeann popping another 4 teeth?

Oh, it's not 4, it's 8 at the same time. -__________-"

Poor baby!


Fashionista Boutique is having her first time ever MEGA Clearance Sales!

Check out now!

Thank you all!

I ordered Mac for my lunch today, but it's not here yet. Hungry!

It's here already! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Expect the unexpected.

Heh. I wanted to blog today.

But i'm totally lost for speech now.

Was reading Shandy Sim's blog yesterday and got quite emo after that...

So many 'what if' & 'what will i do' appeared in my mind. Sigh

This morning, 2 shocking news wake me up totally.

1) My bro's (Boon) friend (Mingfei), commited suicide this morning. :(

He's only 22. Reason of suicide is still unknown. Couple of months ago, i still bought 2 gold pendants from him leh. Why so 想不开 leh???!


Life's short & unpredictable. Enjoy it to the fullest!

2) SFW4599X is now on the way to hospital, suspected to have kena some 'bird flu'. Ma de. Can start but cannot move. -_-" It's time for a change, Joanne... (Need to spend $ again, sigh.)

Let me calm myself first & i'll blog later. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hokkien oldies!

It's so funny!

When i'm free, i've nothing to blog about. But when i'm busy, i've many things to blog! Why huh?

Now i'm super free, but i've nothing to write. So i'm just typing rubbish here.


How's the new songs?

Recently abit crazy over hokkien oldies. I can sing quite a number of them hor, cos when i was young, i was trained. Everyday also listen & sing karaoke. LOL

Those were the days...

Listening to the songs now reflect back alot of memories. :(

I have a plan!!

I want to go & perform 七月歌台 this year! Whahahahahahhaha

Actually i've been saying for many years, but i don't have any lobang to do it.

It's a good chance to overcome my stage fright.

Oh ya, i'm desperately looking for a hokkien song, 祝福 (jiok hock).

Tried all ways & means to find it since last night... Can't find leh!

Who has this song huh? Send me can? (Please hor, i don't want 张学友 one.)

The lyrics goes like this...












Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Raeann is a $ face. LOL

There's something very funny that i suddenly remember. Hahahahhahaha

That day, Raeann went to mess up ZY's wallet. She took all the $50 notes & gave him back 2 pieces of $2 notes & say THANK YOU to him.


So smart of her!

Now, her everyday routine will be stealing ZY's wallet to one corner & take everything out.

ZY refused to scold her. So i don't bother also. Cos if i scold & she cry, he will act to be Mr. Nice father.

I'm so fat!

Eeee.... The ending of 'Little Nonya' is so disappointing!!!!!!!

Ma de. Alot of things they 'cut' away lor. Cos they need to squeeze everything into last 2 episodes.

Chen Xi & Yueniang should be together mah! Haiz. So disappointed!


Let's rewind back to last few days...

Saturday (3rd Jan 09)

I did something very daring today. I brought my little devil to shopping alone!!! Haha

I drove there... Don't ask me how i do it without baby car seat. Raeann's very cooperative. :)

We went to the new Jurong Point. Wah. Dam big!

Although i'm very tired & busy chasing Raeann around, i still managed to get 2 pairs of shoes! One for myself & one for mummy. So glad mummy likes it & she feels comfortable in it. :)

Raeann's very mischievious nowadays. She wants to ANYHOW walk on her own. She will purposely walk the opposite way & dash into shops herself. Sigh

I scold & beat until very sian already. Cos her skin damn thick, now beat her, she bo la-sa.

And she's good at pinching people. Aiyo they said cos i eat too much crabs when i was pregnant. She pinched me, i pinch her back. Than she complain 'pain pain' & pinch me again. -__-"

She learnt alot from Ethan & she's so good at talking now.

Words she always use:

1) Ah ma
2) Ah gong
3) Papa
4) Ah mee (Mummy)
5) Guuu (Uncle)
6) Popo (婆婆)
7) Yiyi (Aunt)
8) ney ney (Money)
9) neh neh (Milk)
10) youuu (Thank you)
11) Yes
12) Mai (Don't want in hokkien)
13) sweet sweet
14) mum mum (Food)
15) ter ter (Water) (Everyday also hear her saying)
16) Ball ball
17) Aunty (My maid)
18) Ji (Kuay Ji = 瓜子)
19) Pennn (Open)
20) Bear Bear

That's all i can think of now.

I don't know why she loves 瓜子 so much, just like her dad. Whenever she sees that container, she'll definately bring it to someone and ask them to open for her. Very irritating.

Anyway, i bought new falsies from Girllashes. As what alot of people say, their service are damn good, really.

My new favourite is #462. I also bought #420 but i haven try it yet.


It's long! I like!

Look at the volume! So full.

I'm so crazy over falsies now. Save me alot of time & less hassle than putting on mascara. :)


Sunday (4th Jan 09)

I spent my whole noon sewing & sewing. LOL

I'm done with Ashlyn's pillow & Raeann's new 臭臭.


I'm so satisfied with my own work. Haha


My parents are very upset over Saturday 4d cos...

2 weeks ago, i went to LTA to settle the ownership of the new trailer my company bought from Hua Tiong. The plate number is 8757.


In case some people don't know, trailer is the one at the back. The head is called 'prime mover'.

A trailer can't move without a prime mover.

Last week, the new 110 tons crane arrived. It cost us 1.8 million, burn a big hole in the pocket. The plate number is 2581.


2581?! Find it familiar? It's a hot number on that day & it's SOLD OUT @ Singaporepools. Cos it's 阿扁 new convict's number jumbled.

And let's look at Saturday 4d results.



Luckily i stopped buying 4d, otherwise i'll be as sad as them.

Everyone's damn buay song over 2581 & totally hate this number now.

As a result, my company is going to bid for a new number for the new crane. Haha

Yesterday, i went to LTA to settle it, waiting for the results now...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Rhinestones iron-on for sales!

Hi people!

I've customised this extra blink blink iron-on for sales.


Status: 1 piece in stock only (Based on first come first serve basis)
Size: 18 cm x 19 cm
Price: $13.90 only

Iron it on your bag, jeans, clothings or anywhere to blink up your stuffs. It's as simple as ABC to do it.

Instruction will be emailed to you upon confirmation.

The price is nett & inclusive of normal postage. No bargaining of price cos the iron-on rhinestones doesn't come cheap & the work ain't simple at all.

Appreciate your understanding. :)

The start of 2009.

Don't know why man, these few times on the road always tio spotted by people. Haha

Bryan just smsed me, "sfw4599 go where'. LOL

SFW4599 going back to office lah.

Looks like my car plate is known to many people. Maybe the color of my car is quite prominent also - lavendar pink.

I'm seriously in trouble now. CNY is coming in about 3 weeks time & i have not done or buy anything yet. I haven prepare angbaos. I haven buy any clothes or shoes. I haven done my spring cleaning. I'm simply moodless to do anything.

Another problem is... I'm running out of fashion sense. :(

I really don't know what type of clothes to buy & what to wear on CNY. I feel like wearing short & rot my holiday away at home.

I don't want to go 拜年 at all. Every year, my relatives will come to my house & thus i don't have the habit to go house visiting.

But last year, i HAVE TO follow ZY & his whole family for visiting. It's so tiring & i hate it!

His dad's friend, his dad's relatives & his mum's relatives, what has it gonna do anything with me? It's non of my business at all what.

I don't ask ZY to follow my dad to his friend's house also what. But my dad will never ask us along too. Cos,

2) We're married & have our own family.

It's our choice to go or not to go & not a must that we should go.

Aiya, very tired now. I sprained my 细细的小腰 on NYE & i've difficulty bending & getting out of the bed yesterday. Luckily today i feel better after sticking 2 pieces of Salonpas on it last night.

This is Raeann's new shoes...


Although i don't really like Hello Kitty but this is the most comfortable pair we found in entire OG. The others are either too hard, too expensive or left the last piece on shelf. I wouldn't mind if the last piece is clean & not nua but too bad it's dam nua & dirty.

I saw one pair @ $79.90. OMG!

I know there will be people who will buy but it's definately not me. Even my shoes also not so expensive lor.

Spend so much on something u step & drag it on the floor. Siao ah.