Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy woman.

As busy as a bee, as fat as a hippo, as lazy as a pig.

Yes, it's me.

Heh, i finally prepared the angbaos for CNY. Guess how much total did i bao? ONE THOUSAND.

Last year, 1.1k. Reduced by $100 this year. I seperated my angbaos into different grades; $4, $6, $10, $12, $20, $68, $100.

I really wonder why some people can 包 a total of $400, $500, $600 or $700 only???!!!?!

How to 包 arh? Can somebody teach me?! -_-"


I was on leave on Friday cos my aunt need to clean her house. And with 2 kids around, it's quite impossible to do so. And so, i need to look after monster myself that day. Brought her to town to collect my Miss LV Vernis (sent for colorwash) & Joo Chiat for praying. :)

Settled our lunch @ Joo Chiat as well.


Monster is so hao lian, always want to take chopsticks & eat on her own now. She refused to open her mouth if i feed her. -_____-"

Aftermath, brought her to Bukit Batok & Hillview office to find her 'gong' & 'ma'. My dad had been grumpy recently. She's the only one who can make my dad smile now.


LOOK! She's so busy. Haha


Attended baby Ashlyn's full month on Saturday, stayed there till almost 1am! :) Played one round of mahjong & Raeann fell asleep there. Actually she refused to sleep until 11pm cos we forgot to bring her 臭臭 along. But i think she's super duper tired already, after playing eating for the whole day. LOL

I was busy chasing her around & thus no time to take pictures!


Cleaned up my toilet & the space outside my room on Sunday. Created a 'playground' corner for little boss, with the mickey carpet that i've bought long ago. FINALLY! After saying for so long...

Monster saw us cleaning & she wants to 'chap ji kar' too. Si bei kpo!



Sian, really sick & moodless for CNY. How i wish i can go holiday like mummy! She's going Macau on 初二. So good!

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