Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dad's menopause


My dad has very serious menopause now.

He gets very agitated over tiny minor little issues.


1) Workers didn't flush toilet.
2) Workers litter on the floor.
3) Food came back late & he's hungry.
4) Alot more & still counting...

He kept repeating that my worker litter on the floor for more than 50 times since yesterday noon. Moreover, he already scolded the worker...

He blamed my mum for spoiling the worker. -________-"

My mum got fed up & quarrelled with him just now.

I told him, 'Pa, you already say more than 50 times liao, we know & we understand & we will remind them not to make such mistake again'.

He said, 'You tell them, they won't understand wan, they will do it again'.

I said, 'Ok, since you've already told them, we shall see then. Don't need to keep repeating. If they refuse to listen, you tell them 1000 times, they also won't listen. Why make yourself so frustrated over such thing? Don't think so much & make yourself suffer'.

Am i right?

Than he asked me to pack his luggage for him & his eyes turn red! -_-"


Don't know what to say or do.

I know he's not feeling good inside him. He suffers, we suffered too.

We asked him to see doc about his menopause, he scolded us instead.

I don't feel good when i see him like that but i really can't sit beside him & hear him repeating the same old thing again & again.

The whole family avoided him as to prevent getting trouble... Don't like to be scolded for nothing also mah...

But i think is time to do something now as he's getting more & more worse.

Problem is, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Can someone give me some advice on this?!!?

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