Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sad CNY!

This year is most probably the saddest CNY in my whole life!

Bored. Bored. Boring.

Something happened & my mum had to cancel her trip. :(

Me & Raeann spent our time eating, eating & eating. Steamboat, bbq & new year cookies.

My angbao is not enough. I had to change another $100 of $2 notes with mummy & 包 more.

But luckily Raeann managed to recover back for us. LOL

Meanwhile, her angbao total up to $1,076. This Saturday still got one more round to go; my dad's relatives.

I'm going to use $450 to pay for her school fees & the rest will be deposited into her mighty savers account as usual.

Haiz, i forgot to bring my digital cam today & thus, i can't upload any pic!

I'm so si bei super boring this year. I guess it will get worse & worst as the year goes by...

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