Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's life?

Damn it! My mind just couldn't stop thinking about that guy, especially when i'm alone; driving. Most of the topics were about him since Monday.

*Take a deep breath*

He has been sent for cremation at 9am yesterday. His parents doesn't wish to hold any funeral for him cos they think that 'it's not something to be proud of'.

Well, i can fully understand the frustration, anger & sadness in his parents.

He left without a word, so sudden & causes everyone to be in shock, till now.

Reason of him jumping down from 10th storey is, quarrelling with girlfriend. They're together for about 1 month.

It's so silly of him.

Nobody knows the actual reason, only him. Perhaps he has his own problems which he kept to himself.

But why must he choose such a way to end his life?!??! Sigh

Although i don't know him that well, but my heart totally sank whenever i thought of him. I feel sad for him, as well as his parents. :(

Please people, (everyone out there who reads my blog) cherish your life & everyone around you! If you encounter any problem & looking for a listening ear, I'M HERE! You may email to me, i don't promise good advices but i can be there to share.

P/S: My email address is stated under my profile picture.

I don't wish to hear anymore of such cases again.


I'm so busy these 2 weeks so i won't be blogging very often.

Just some quick updates! :)

Rem that time i mentioned that Raeann popping another 4 teeth?

Oh, it's not 4, it's 8 at the same time. -__________-"

Poor baby!


Fashionista Boutique is having her first time ever MEGA Clearance Sales!

Check out now!

Thank you all!

I ordered Mac for my lunch today, but it's not here yet. Hungry!

It's here already! :)

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