Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Still remember this ma?

In the past, it cost only 20cents, 50cents or maximum $1. But 今时不同往日 anymore...

Yesterday evening, we headed to IMM for dinner cos i wanted to get a new school bag for Raeann. The Garfield one is too heavy & it's not big enough to fit in all her stuffs cos of it's BIG HEAD.

Managed to find one 'My Melody' at only $12.00. :)

Just when we're about to head home, childish HO saw the Super Mario light which he think it's very worth at only $3.00 each. (Everytime he will spend so much money on such machine & claim that it's Raeann who wants it.)


He uses $24 to 'tikam' for 8 times, just becos he wanted to get the 'bullet' (circled in star).

End up he gets 3 fishes, 3 green mushrooms, 2 red mushrooms but 0 bullet.

I took out $3 from my coin pouch & try once.



He's super jealous & buay song.

I gave that bullet to Raeann & he tried ways & means to 'cheat' it from her. He used all the 8 to exchange with her for one bullet. -______-"

What kind of father huh?! Snatch toy with his daughter?!?!? Sigh

He said the light is super 美 & he wanted to collect the whole set of it. SUPER 美 meh? How come i don't find it so?

Don't know what's on his brain.

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