Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Early bird.

Good morning...

I'm like waking up earlier & earlier each day. Yesterday @ 6.50am, today @ 6.15am. LOL

Cos i'm worried that Raeann will be late for school if i overslept.

When i've things on my mind, i can't really sleep well. I'll keep waking up many times in the middle of the night & think it's morning already.

I don't like to rush. When i rush, i forget everything. Thus, i rather wake up earlier to prepare more comfortably.


I sacrifies my sleep just becos i want to doll myself up. :)

Oh well, i really believe in karma now. What goes around, comes around. Even if it's not on you, it might fall on your kids or your next-next-next generations.

How you nurture your son to treat other's daughter, it's also how other's son will treat your daughter.

IF you don't wish your daughter to be hurt, then teach your son well first.

Get it? :)

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