Thursday, February 12, 2009

Si bei tired leh!

Nothing to blog cos i'm super duper tired.

Waking up at 6+am everyday is not a joke when i'm sleeping at 12-1am every night. :(

It's my own fault lah cos i'm busy sushi-ing. LOL

The Viwawa admin is so fucking stupid; to create the 'Love Beat'.

It's for Vday lah, a message for 200 cash or 5000 gold & it will be sent to the whole wawa system.

Ma de, make the whole server super lag lor. Those people who sent are super bo liao & childish.

'I love you'
'Happy Valentine day to you'
'I miss you'
'I hope to spend all my Vday with you together'



Don't they know that LOVE is between the couple & action speaks louder than words?

What's the point of telling the whole world that you love so & so? It's non of our fucking business.

Prove to her/him that you love them lah. Say so much also no use. Everyone also know how to say.

I got so fed up while playing so i sent a message too.


I got more than 300,000 gold. I can send at least 60 more messages... LOL

FYI, i'm not jealous that no one sent to me or whatever. Just that everytime the msg pop out, all my sushi goes hay wire & it blocked 1/4 of my screen.

I don't expect or wish to celebrate Vday or whatever occasions anymore. It's my fate that i marry such a man. Hence, no more 'hoping' cos i'll always get disappointment in the end.

It's fine with me. Cos right now, i only love my mum, Raeann & myself! :)

Oh ya! I'll be going to Genting again next Thurs! Haha

It's my bro's (Boon) 21st birthday! He wanted to celebrate there... My mum can't make it so she sent me to do the job!

ZY doesn't want to go & i'm super happy. I jio-ed XS & Vic will be coming along too!

Yoooohoooo. This time round, it's a real holiday for me! I'm gonna play, rest & relax!

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