Monday, March 30, 2009

Jurong Bird Park (28th March 09)

Brought Raeann to the Bird Park last Saturday...

I didn't want to go at first cos i felt it's too expensive. LOL

Admission : $18
Mono rail : $5

Total : $23, just to see birds. But funny thing is, there are quite alot of people!



But well, as long as Raeann is happy, i will oblige.

I'm sucha blur fuck. Upon reaching there then i realised that my digital cam got no batt, totally FLAT! But fret not, i still managed to take some pictures with my N82. :)

The weather is fucking WARM & DRY. I perspired a total of 13567352 drops of sweat. IT'S TRUE!

The food there are damn bloody expensive as well. -_-"

We ordered one plate of fish & chips, one plate of spring chicken, one root beer & one ice lemon tea.

Guess how much?


In fact is $33.80 but i bought one talking parrot for Raeann @ $6.00 with any meal purchased.


This parrot is so scary. It talk by itself ONCE at around 6am this morning! I'm a very light sleeper. I woke up but i couldn't find where issit. My alarm rang at 7am. I woke up & found the parrot sitting on top of Raeann's cabinet. So, couldn't be we accidentally hit the tummy to make the parrot talk. Eeeerriieee...

It's still so expensive can. The drinks cost $5-$6 for one glass! Oh gosh.

The mosquitos there must be very happy & satisfied. So many people volunteer to go & feed them, we're 3 of them lor.

ZY said, it's the FIRST time he's been there. Ok, i actually forget whether i did went before or not. I assume that i did cos it's so near my house! Haha But i can confirm i visited Mandai Zoo & Night Safari before; very smelly. I don't know what on earth people can see @ Night Safari. It's so dark & all the animals are sleeping. Pay money to hear them snore & smell their shit!

Ok, pics now!

@ Bongo Burger.



She's angry cos she's hungry... Haha! Imgine she ate up all the fish (2 pieces) by herself.

@ The Entrance.




She's admiring the ceiling...

After paying $23...







We spent longer time to see the penguins cos it's AIR-CONDITIONED!! But anyway, i love penguins. Loves the way they walk... SO CUTE! When Raeann just started walking, she walks like a penguin! LOL


We need to take twice cos Raeann's not looking at the camera!! But the 2nd take my hair become so messy!! Haiz...

But it's ok! Cos i just went to trim my hair!!! Hohohohohahaha

I've been wanting to trim before CNY but my hairstylist is always not free. Everytime i go, her salon is always full. So i made an appointment earlier & YES, it's finally short!



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2nd Wedding Anniversary


Today's my 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

How time flies... I've already tolerated this man for 2 years. Sigh

We're not going to celebrate anyway. Not in the mood to do so.

Raeann is going to be 19 months soon!

This horrible little monster is driving me up to the wall nowadays. Angry but funny at the same time.

She can talk and talk and talk so loudly till i BTH and stuff pacifier into her mouth... I always tell her, 'OK LAH, Mummy's not deaf so you don't need to talk so loud'.

Another hobby of her's is EATING. She can eat continously non-stop. She just eat whatever we eat lah.

She learnt alot from her school; playgroup. Good and bad also have lah.

She says Bobo is Ah Bui and her dad is Bui Bui.

So i asked her, 'than you leh?'

She replied, 'Bui Bui Bui'.


When i say ONE, she will continue with TWO. But when i say THREE, she will jump to FIVE. After that EIGHT than TEN.

She knows that breast is call 'NEH NEH'. -____________-"

But she tio complained 2 weeks ago. Sigh

Teacher says her butt got needle, cannot sit for even 1 min. Walk here walk there nvm, even dustbin also take and play.

Aiyo. I think she's hyper active!

Well, i gtg now. Tons of work to do. Anyway, i decided to get the clutch! :)

I emailed XS & ask her to see which's nicer. She cannot resist the temptation & she bought the clutch already! I also want! I want a series of Vernis in Amarante!

I want to go LV... hur hur...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fuck it!


1) Frustrated

2) Angry

3) Upset

Just one sentence...

'Men Cannot Be Trusted'

I'm not gonna reveal anything now cos the truth is not out yet!

There's more to meet the eyes.

Fuck it.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I was being attacked by 铁头宝宝 on Monday night when i was sleeping.

She was doing some 醉拳 and her head hitted hard on my high-cheek bone. It was so bloody fucking painful and the impact was so big till it was swollen & blue-black on the very same day.


It's NOT FUNNY ok!

The blue-black patch has spreaded below & around my eye now. -_______-"

I used layers of concealer & powder every morning to cover but it's still can be seen lor.

I hope it will recover SOON. I really cannot live with such an eye. :(

This ZY kept laughing at me. I feel like slapping him already. Stupid.

His eyes are 1000000 times worse than mine lor; his dark eye rings. At least mine will recover, his one are forever his trademark liao. He machiam 1000 years never sleep.

I suspect he is the one who pushed Raeann's head against my face. MUST BE!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick Updates!

I'm very very busy cos we're closing our accounts end of this month...

So, just some quick updates!

My husband finally 想通了!!!

His car will be taken over by his friend wef tomorrow. Which means, he will be $1000 richer every month. He said he will help me pay half of my car's instalment. Well, i'll 听这先 cos he seldom keep his promise de.

But right now, he's thinking of selling away my swift & get either a BM or Audi. Hahaha SIAO.

Anyway, i shall let pictures do the talking now. Gotta get back to work!




Brought Raeann for a haircut at Toy'rus last Sat. My butt really ITCHY cos i purposely asked ZY to drive us to VivoCity just for the haircut and it cost me $20! It's even more expensive than mine. Mine only cost $18 and i still can bargain until siao.


At least Raeann managed to sit still there. But she looks 100% ah toot & boyish now. LOL


Teddy called & said he bought something for us during his China trip, so we went to meet him at Clementi on our way home.

Thank you Uncle Teddy & we wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He wants to act nest cos he refused to let me know that his birthday falls on 2nd March until my big mouth hb came back & tell me yesterday.
I owe you a treat, ok?!