Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2nd Wedding Anniversary


Today's my 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

How time flies... I've already tolerated this man for 2 years. Sigh

We're not going to celebrate anyway. Not in the mood to do so.

Raeann is going to be 19 months soon!

This horrible little monster is driving me up to the wall nowadays. Angry but funny at the same time.

She can talk and talk and talk so loudly till i BTH and stuff pacifier into her mouth... I always tell her, 'OK LAH, Mummy's not deaf so you don't need to talk so loud'.

Another hobby of her's is EATING. She can eat continously non-stop. She just eat whatever we eat lah.

She learnt alot from her school; playgroup. Good and bad also have lah.

She says Bobo is Ah Bui and her dad is Bui Bui.

So i asked her, 'than you leh?'

She replied, 'Bui Bui Bui'.


When i say ONE, she will continue with TWO. But when i say THREE, she will jump to FIVE. After that EIGHT than TEN.

She knows that breast is call 'NEH NEH'. -____________-"

But she tio complained 2 weeks ago. Sigh

Teacher says her butt got needle, cannot sit for even 1 min. Walk here walk there nvm, even dustbin also take and play.

Aiyo. I think she's hyper active!

Well, i gtg now. Tons of work to do. Anyway, i decided to get the clutch! :)

I emailed XS & ask her to see which's nicer. She cannot resist the temptation & she bought the clutch already! I also want! I want a series of Vernis in Amarante!

I want to go LV... hur hur...

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