Friday, March 6, 2009


I was being attacked by 铁头宝宝 on Monday night when i was sleeping.

She was doing some 醉拳 and her head hitted hard on my high-cheek bone. It was so bloody fucking painful and the impact was so big till it was swollen & blue-black on the very same day.


It's NOT FUNNY ok!

The blue-black patch has spreaded below & around my eye now. -_______-"

I used layers of concealer & powder every morning to cover but it's still can be seen lor.

I hope it will recover SOON. I really cannot live with such an eye. :(

This ZY kept laughing at me. I feel like slapping him already. Stupid.

His eyes are 1000000 times worse than mine lor; his dark eye rings. At least mine will recover, his one are forever his trademark liao. He machiam 1000 years never sleep.

I suspect he is the one who pushed Raeann's head against my face. MUST BE!

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