Monday, April 20, 2009

Ah Bui!

I'm getting very fat recently.

I eat, eat, eat, eat & eat non-stop... even when i'm not hungry! Why huh? So old liao still puberty meh?!

I really hope people will stop asking me out for FOOD. I need to go on diet!

As usual, my weekend was BORING!

Friday - Mj with Xs & Hamster. Won $202! YES! Finally.

Raeann wore my hairband and asked me to take pics for her. -_-"


She knows how to 爱美 also, got my gene i think. LOL

FUCK those stupid mosquitos/insects or whatever who simply love to attack on her. Poor girl always kena bitten by it. Recover liao, bite again. Damn sickening!

Saturday - Show face at CCK then pass stuffs to XS at BP then wedding dinner at Ang Mo Kio. Stupid weather almost killed me! Dressed Raeann up like a little princess. But the weather make her sweaty, sticky & messy. -_-"


Look at our fat arms! Haha


Sunday - Eat, play game, eat again, play game again, eat again again, play game again again then finished up my HK series till 3am!

OMG! This series is power!

学警狙击 (Rating: 4.5/5)


And of cos, most of the actors are simply 帅呆了! Weee-weeet.


I like him most. I just got to know, we share the same surname! 吴卓羲, Ron Ng.

Seriously, he's handsome isn't it? Haiz. I wish, i hope, i dream.

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