Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mummm Mummm...

Poor Raeann was being banned on FOOD (her favourite) for the whole of yesterday. Cos she's not feeling well & we're afraid her fever will come again after food just like the day before. Therefore, she's solely on FM yesterday.

But... she really cannot resist food lah, even though when she's sick. She keep telling me... "Ma mee, i want mumm mumm... mumm mumm...!"

Aiyo. So poor thing lor! She looked so weak and tired yesterday. Heart-broken seeing her like that, i brought her to JP after work cos she has been asking to go 'gai gai' (go out).

I just give her whatever she wants, as long as she's happy.

On the line with XS now. Brb.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Singapore first case of Influenza A (H1N1).

Oh dear!

Singapore confirmed it's first case of Influenza A (H1N1) yesterday.

The patient is a 22 year old Singaporean woman who was in New York from May 14 - 24.

Read the full report here.

I hope i'm not the 2nd one. Cos i'm having on & off fever for the past 2 days & still not recover yet.

My fever shoot up to 39 degrees yesterday.

I've seen a doc lah, don't worry.

The doc says it may be due to my throat infection cos i'm coughing real real real badly.

Today, i'm feeling much better but not still not in pink health yet.

I better recover soon. I wanna go watch Night At The Museum 2! I wanna play mahjong! I wanna go KTV!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not any better...

My throat is damn itchy and i'm coughing almost every minute!

I feel like eating hot soupy food now...

But, canteen food sux + nobody buy for me as i'm too weak to walk there. Sigh

End up, i dialled 6777 3777 for a Fillet O' Fish meal.

I hope i won't die after eating that.

Speedy recovery to me & Raeann! God bless!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Very sick...

Fever... Cough... Strengthless...

Issit synthoms of H1N1?

Very weak & tired!

Most probably it's due to the 2 rounds of steamboat buffet i had last Friday.


Look at the amount of OIL! 不肥是假的!

Aftermath, we went to Top One KTV. Supposed to meet XS's girlfriends at 11pm but guess what time they reach?


Super late queens. But they are all very fun people! :)

So, during the first 2-3 hours, me & XS sang till sore throat & voice break. That explains my sexy voice now.


We coincidentally wear yellow top and jeans together! Haha Our new favourite color is yellow.


Wonder what song is this?! 爱情拜年作比较???

Left the KTV @ 4.30am but retired at about 7am!! OMG. Initially they still wants mahjong after the KTV but i really 'buay dong' liao...

Woke up at 12+pm the next day & prepare to go & pick up darling Raeann. Meanwhile she's still ok sitting in the car seat but i wonder how long can she tahan! LOL

Brought her to Sakae Sushi & Kiddy Palace then Home Sweet Home.

Later that night, Raeann suddenly got fever & she's extremely cranky.

I gave her medicine and she slept at 8+pm. ZY said she did not sleep well at CCK, no wonder she's so grumpy.

Poor girl. See next time they still dare to insist bringing her home anot lor.

We did alot of things on Sunday but i'm too weak to type it out already...


Brought Raeann to play badminton @ J.W Sports Complex for awhile cos KK & JJ were there. My motive was to let her sweat so she will recover from her fever faster.

But then later, I GOT FEVER! Haiz.

No mood, no appetite, no strength, no energy.

What's next?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What should i do?

If the man who hurt you times & times beg for your forgiveness, will u forgive him?

I seriously don't have the courage to do so anymore.


妥协 - 蔡依林

你总爱编织谎言 我负责配合表演
所有改变 只为了进入你的世界

你划定楚河汉界 我不能轻易犯规
所有时间 都是先给了你优先权
不自觉 爱到不敢冒险
成了你的傀儡 一年两年

爱到妥协 到头来还是无解
绑着你 不让你飞
历史不断重演 我好累

爱到妥协 也无法将故事再重写

我了解 不会变 不再徘徊

This song totally describes how i feel now. Sigh

Friday, May 22, 2009


Bought a car seat for Raeann @ $139.00 from OG! Bobo sponsored $50.00! ... for my & Raeann's bday. But i treated her to buffet lunch @ Mushroom Pot. (I so bo hua leh!)

Thanks to friends for the concern sms. I'm fine, really.

This time round, i'm more calm & clear, no longer feel angry, sad, agitated or whatever.

Maybe, i had really given up. Alright, shall not brood over spill milk & i need to move on.

I need to settle alot of stuffs & i feel so lucky we didn't have a house yet. *phewz*

Yesterday, Raeann saw ZY strangling me. She cried, ran over to hug me & keep sayang-ing my face. I feel so sad seeing her like that, guilty as well to frighten her. *sorry baobei* Divorce is the best solution. I don't wish to give Raeann a bad childhood memories.

I'm in dilemma now. I don't know whether to put Raeann @ his place during weekends or weekdays.

I won't deprive her rights from seeing her dad cos i feel it's unfair to her. But if i place her during the weekdays, the time she'll be spending over at CCK will be more & the chances she will become spoilt rotten is almost 99%.

However, if i place her during the weekends, i think i'll have sleepless night cos i'll just miss her so badly & the time will be so difficult to pass by... At least during the weekdays, i need to work & time won't pass so miserable for me.

Anyway, it's such a hard decision cos no matter what, i'll have to sleep without her for a few nights a week. :(

My parents will be back tonight! Mummy said, we will discuss it again when the divorce date is nearing. I'll be waiting for this day - 24th March 2010. It's finally the official day i'm single again.

I'm so sick of doing everything over again! I need to go family court, re-apply for PPO, attend court session, blah blah blah. So troublesome!

Is there any shortcut for it? I'm so tired & lazy but i die die have to do it cos i won't be a fool for twice.

God, please help me & give me some strength to move on!

That's it! The End.

I'll be signing my divorce deed in March 2010.

I need not have to wait for 3 years cos ZY hitted me again last night.

I called police immediately. I was a fool for withdrawing the PPO the previous time,
naively think that he will not do it again!

But its ok. I can directly get a divorce with the police report yesterday.

So, should i divorce a man who hitted me 3 times?

Or should i just stay on and continue to let him hit till i die one day?

What a sad story.

3 cheers to freedom anyway!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Should i put tattoo?

Hey human, please click on the MTV under 'Lovely Media' now!

This song is superb! Oldies are always the best!

Anyway, i feel like putting a tattoo... On my hand or ankle!

Should i?

I scare pain leh. Also no idea what to put?

Is there any website i can get some ideas from?

I don't know why i got this sudden urge. I just feel it's cool! Haha

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yeah! I've my own domain!

My New Blog :

No worries, those who had linked me need not have to change any setting
to their blog cos it will automatically re-direct! Sounds great?

Let's see who will be the next one to buy a domain too! Haha

Advert Font


This is a very nice font. I'm using this font for my header for a long time
but don't think everyone can see.. cos it's not a basic font in Microsoft.
However, you may download it from here FREE ->
Download -> Save -> Extract -> Install = So easy! :)

No dieting!

I officially QUIT dieting w.e.f today!

Hahahahaha One day diet is enough...

Becos hor, everytime when i say i want to go on diet, even with the most minimum amount of food intake, i still put on weight! -_-" I think even breathing makes me fat! Haha

Thus, i'm gonna quit it today! NO MORE DIETING! Shall eat whatever i feel like eating!

Got sudden crave for TU-TU KUEY! Whooosh!

No car today, cannot go & buy. Sian.

I love my new blog skin. It looks much 'fresher' in white! And the scrolling pics *loves*

Ok, what's for dinner later?! Hmm.

I'm skipping lunch cos i had double dosage of breakfast today! Just eaten the 2nd round...

1st round - Garlic bread & 肉粽 @ home.
2nd round - 板面 @ IMM.


See? I'm really not dieting.

Just now, i was organising my photobucket album & i saw Raeann's baby pics. Alot of memories man. How time flies...


Her passport photo! Haha Chao Botak!



I've got a video of her when shaving her hair @ 4 months old. I'm uploading it to youtube now & i will post it later! Hehe

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sorry - Madonna

Sleepy head

My parents are once again in Hatyai now.

I need to wake up @ 6.15am today cos i promised mummy to help her send that fat baby to school.

So sleepy can. Not enough sleep makes me fatter. :( SAD!

Yesterday i received a Mother's day card from Raeann again! This time round is from her chinese lesson, previous one was english lesson (i realised it only yesterday).


Obviously, i knew is not done by Raeann lah. The only thing done by her was the messy red paint on the card. Haha

I will keep all her priceless pieces. :)

This morning, i don't know why i ki siao, maybe wake up too early liao.

I camwhored! This is something which i've not done for a very long time liao...


I'm not feeling good today. My sore throat is here again... I need durian!

Durian is my remedy whenever i've sore throat! Surprisely, i recovered everytime. Maybe 与毒攻毒! Haha

I'm officially on diet w.e.f TODAY!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Blues

Just some random thoughts...

Upon seeing so many friends/mummies having a nest of their own, i'm honestly green with ENVY.

I had always wanted a house of my own since i was very young. But seems that i can only 'dream' of having one.

Cos we can't afford. :(

So many people have been pestering me to get my own house & i have to explain my difficulty over and over again.

Buying a house isn't as easy as buying LV bags. I don't own alot of LV bags anyway. -_-"

My CPF alone (cos ZY don't have CPF) is not even enough for the 10% deposit & we will have to fork out more than 10K cash to top up for it.

Where am i going to get 10K? Yes, my mum will definately help me but i don't want to. I've never ever ask for financial help from my parents at all.

I'm married. It's ZY's duty to support me, giving me a shelter over my head & not my parents. It's either we share half for the flat or he pay. Neither am i going to buy a house for him to stay too. I've paid more than enough as a woman already.

It's no big deal owning a car at all!

If i can choose, i would rather have a house than a car.

I took up 10 fucking years of loan from the bank for my car & i'm still owe-ing more than half the amount.

If i were to sell it now, i've to fork out 10+K to the bank! And again, where am i going to find 10+K?

It's every woman's wish to marry a good man.

Divorce is woman's greatest failure in life.

Who would want to get a divorce if they can choose not to? Not everyone can get good husband & enjoy good life.

I've been very lenient towards ZY now cos i simply 'bo chup' & closes one eye for everything.

But how irritating he can be, nobody knows. Not that i didn't want to give in but he's really too much at times.

He's ridiculously spoilt. He went for billiard almost every noon & throw all his work for me to do. Just open his big mouth & expect that i MUST do it for him.

I'm not working for him. Yes, i did promise that i will do for him... during my free time! But i need to settle my companys' stuffs as well. How many hands do i have?

That day i merely asked him to check email himself, he use 'don't know' as an excuse.


What's so difficult keying in username & password then click?

I got super fed up & i asked him to do his invoice himself. I've done all the settings for him already, all he need to do is to key in the informations. Very difficult?

He said he wants to beat me up!

Need he has to use such a harsh tone, just to force me to do his things for him? He think i will be scare?

Luckily my mum was around to stop everything.

I'm human. I'm not robot or god. I cannot simply do everything for him & where is he? PLAY BILLIARD.

I've nothing to say if he's working... Or if he asked his mother to do for him since she loves it so much.

But no leh. I'm expected to do EVERYTHING for him. He should marry a maid instead.

Really hate people saying 风凉话 when situations are not falling in their shoes. If i were to marry a good husband, i die die also won't divorce him lor cos i'm not one who treats marriage like a game.

Ok. Enough of all the rantings. Some stuffs to share...

I brought Raeann to take bus, MRT & LRT to XS's house cos ZY drove my car to work.

It's so tiring but fun! I've always wanted her to experience taking bus & train. And to let her know, i will not pick & fetch her everywhere she goes in future. She must learn to be tough!

Actually it's been a long time since i last took bus/MRT & i'm so afraid of getting lost!

Heng i'm not 路痴. I still know how to read directions board.

I borrowed ezlink from Mary cos i don't have one & i don't know where/how to purchase it too!

I took bus 241 to Pioneer MRT station (Used to be 242 to JP but don't have 242 now!). It's just 2 or 3 stops away from my house. So fast lor!

Then i took MRT to CCK and change LRT to Bukit Panjang! LOL


I seriously don't dare to take too much pics cos i look like so 'sua ku' lor!


Raeann doesn't like the LRT cos it's so small, crowded & stuffy!

One hour + ride to XS's place. ZY called & was shocked when i still haven reach XS's house after one hour.

I told him i took bus, MRT & LRT and he said i 'eat too full'. Haha

Frankly speaking, i wanted to rot at home that day de cos the sun was very BIG man. But as i'm getting terribly fat, i forced my butt to move out of the house.

Overall, Raeann was quite well-behaved but she will drive people CRAZY! LOL

She's super friendly, she said 'BYE BYE' to everyone especially indians/bangalas.

She got so excited upon seeing black-skin people. And she will say 'NEI NEI BYE BYE' very loudly & give them a big smile. -_____________-"

Nei Nei = Ah Bu Nei Nei = Bangalas.

It's so paiseh till i had to carry her & speed up my walking pace.

We managed to reach XS's place in one piece. Hehe

Saw baby Ashlyn! As adorable as ever...

Raeann : Di Di!

Me : No it's Mei Mei...

Raeann : Oh, Mei Mei!

Me : Yah, Mei Mei lor!

Went to walk around and back in 2 mins...

Raeann : Di Di!

Me : I say no lah. It's Mei Mei ok!

Raeann : Di Di! Di Di!

I think she purposely wan...


1713 is back last night! Owner went holiday till this coming Thursday! Woohoo!

Gotta go bank later! Vrooommm... Vrooommm...


Our new shoes! I love this flat & my pedicure so muchie!

3rd pair of shoes this month liao! Shoes fetish is back! Shopping vein is still acting! Siao liao!

P/S: Raeann may not be as smart as others but it doesn't matter to me at all. Whether she will gets a degree in future is not something i'm able to control too! I believe in fate. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

My toilet is horrible!

I've removed my imeem cos i don't know why the hell i always hear like 30s of each song only? Issit my com, blogger or imeem? I can't seem to find any solution to it... :(

Anyway, i'll post up MTV of nice songs every now & then, when i feel like it lor.


I've something to complain!

My house! I think the contractors/renovation sucks; to the core.

For years, we've been facing problems like water leakage, air-con leaking/not cold & etc.

My parents keep spending $ to repair, repair & repair. But seems like the $ was not well-spent & the results were only temporary.

Few days back, i discovered something horrible in my toilet!



Look at those disgusting black patches that were caused by water leakage. The ceiling look 'swollen' & i'm so afraid it will fall anytime... & crush me to death cos it's just above the toilet bowl. :(

However, come to think of it, ZY should be the one with higher chance of crushing to death. Haha

Know why?!

Cos hor, he's so fucking lazy that he sits on the toilet bowl to BATHE!

Causing all the items in the whole toilet to be wet & rusty. Regardless of how many times i said him, he still continue to do that. Until now i've no choice but to turn blind eyes to avoid quarrels! Sigh

Haha. If the ceiling is to fall on him one day, i don't know whether to laugh or to cry man. LOL

NOTE : I need to STOP shopping for this month now!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

陈孟奇 & 姚慧敏 - 我们的爱


I managed to get rid of Raeann's chou chou (smelly pillow) last Saturday. Haha

It happened like this...

She dropped her chou chou through the small hole between my bed and the wall and i refused to pick it up for her cos it was quite 'in'. I was lazy to shift the bed and get it for her. Then i was thinking, aiya might as well stop it.

So i told her, 'ga-ga (monster) bite your chou chou liao, eat already, NO MORE!'.

And she made noise for 1 bloody hour. She kept looking & pointing at the hole, asking me to find it for her. I repeated, 'ga-ga mum mum already' many times.

She refused to sleep, kept pointing at the hole and say 'GA-GA, PAH PAH (scare)'. HAHAHA

I sayang her & ask her to go & sleep, she die die don't want to. Then i said, 'U make some more noise, i don't want you anymore!'.

Then she kept quiet, came to me, asked me to hug her & she sleep! LOL

After she woke up, she did not cry anymore. She did find her pillow but i told her, 'U forget liao meh, just now ga-ga bite & eat finish already'. Then she blur blur, walk away lor.

Many people asked her about her pillow these 2 days. She told them, 'ga-ga ARMMM (eat)'. Wahahhahahha so funny lor. Kids are kids. Naive, innocent + cute!

Now she keep all her toys after playing cos she scare ga-ga eat them up! Whahahahhaa

Luckily she was quite well-behaved these few days without her pillow arh. Ah bo ZY sure surrender and give it back to her! Then she will be forever sticking to that smelly + dirty pillow. YUCKS!

In another 3-4 months time, i'm gonna think of a way to quit her pacifier!!!

ZY : Wah she really ok liao hor, without her chou chou.

Me : I told you before liao. Kid's habits are decided & controlled by the parents. Its whether the
parents want to stop it anot. Gotta be harsh otherwise its gonna be shameful in future.

This is me. If anyone think that my way is wrong, WHATEVER! I know what's best for my kid. :)


Ok, peektures as promised!


See?! It's really very girly, sweet, pretty, shiny & extremely princessy!

The box is super duper heavy, LV-Inspired one ok!

Even the dices are so unique, the ribbon stands for ONE.

But the kitty doesn't bring me luck at all. Played twice only & i lost $326.00. :(

ZY said kitty is his mistress, cos he won almost $500 during these 2 times. Ma de! Win my $ still dare to talk cock! Haha

We played 50cents-$1, shooter pay & until 8 tais.





I guess, SHE is a boy. =]

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Am i heartless?

I'm back from a terrible Mothers' Day dinner. It's such a horror that i hope there won't be next time anymore.

Queue and long waiting time are unavoidable cos of the occasion & crowds. Never really enjoy the dinner cos all the while i'm busy feeding Raeann, as usual. Sigh

Baby Shin Le is a cutie! He's very very adorable and i wonder why he still has that 'baby smell' on him @ 11 months old huh? I love that 'baby smell' man. Baby Ashlyn also has it! I miss her. I shall arrange to see her soon. :)

Mahjong session with XS & hamster last night cos the Hello Kitty mahjong set arrived!

WOW. What a beauty!

Every part of the mahjong are really pretty except for the wordings. It's those olden cheena writing and we can't really get used to it.

I lost $177.00 and i told the mahjong, I HATE THEM. Whahhahahahhaha

I'm just joking. How will i ever hate such pretty things that was given from my bestest pal?

I love the mahjong completely. It's totally irresistable, i swear. Pics are taken and i'll upload them on Monday, if i can remember. LOL

Coach capacity in megenta had also arrived. It's BIG, alot bigger than the one i had. XS said it's good, can put many things. That's for her anyway, glad she liked it!

I'm still contemplating whether to get the plum one or not, cos the seller has some attitude problem. -_-" Yeah, i'm getting them from a different seller cos this one (megenta's seller) doesn't have plum color. So sad! The other one (plum's seller) sells at a steeper price of about $40.00 difference! That's alot ok! Awww...

Ok, actually my purpose of blogging now is to ask my readers a question...

Am i heartless?!

Cos i just read Alice & Julia's blogs & i see that they're so vexed and upset when they see their lil' ones crying upon sending them to school...

How come i'm not huh? OMG.

To me, i feel is normal for kids to cry during their first 1-2 weeks in school. And i don't really bother about Raeann crying cos i know she will & must get used to it one day. The more i go 'sayang' her, the louder she'll cry if she doesn't want to go to school.

Even though i'm given one week to accompany her in the school, i did not even do it for one day. Cos the first day she was very fine, sut sut walk in herself, take book and sit down. She don't even bother to say 'bye' to us. She started crying on the 2nd day for awhile. And she completely stopped crying on the 5th day, if i did not remember wrongly.

Now in morning she will wake up, ask for milk then go and take towel & hankerchief out from her cabinet & ask me to bathe her cos she wants to go school to find 'korkor' & 'jiejie'. At times, she do get cranky and refuse to bathe. So i will ask her, 'Do you want to go school? If yes, must bathe!', then she will LL walk to the washroom herself & let me bathe for her.

I know she's still very young & i shouldn't do that to her. But to me, they must learn from young. I want her to be independent like me & not dependent like her dad. If i'm going to be soft hearted & stop letting her to go school just becos i don't want her to cry, she will still be the same when she goes to K1, K2 or even Primary One. How long am i able to protect her? And NO WAY i'll let her insist her way like how his dad is now.

Sorry for being so harsh darling but you will realise my good intention one day. Your mummy, me was given such harsh training by your ah gong ok! Yes, my dad was very harsh to us de. It was only after i got married then he reduce his scolding on me.

Those who read my previous previous blog (the one before i got married) before should know that. During that time, i'm always made to cry at work, tio scolded until cry. Right also scold, wrong also scold, bo tai bo chi always tio kan, dam jialat!

But it's all thanks to him that i'm independent now. I never rely on people to help me to do my things. Even if i don't know how to do, i'll try to figure it out until i know.

I'm not like someone who simply use 'don't know' as an excuse & open his big mouth to ORDER people to do things for him like as if that person is oblige to do it for him. If don't want to do, he threaten to BASH that person up wor. So scary man!


Please remember that i'm not a person whom's easy to be bullied de so don't ever try it... again!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

Today, Raeann's school specially arranged a mini concert for all the kids' mothers to attend. I'm just back from there.

Today is also the day when i feel that all my efforts and pain are being paid off, by the little joy of my life.

I'm happy & proud to be a mummy now! :)

The teachers taught the kids to sing for us (mothers), prepare salad & gave us their priceless master piece.

Although Raeann can't really sing and most of the time she's just being 'extra' by adding 'YEAHHHH' at the end of the song, i'm so touched by all these little gestures. Can't blame her cos she's still the youngest inside the class... also the shortest! Haha

I love my little TERRORIST aka BUI KIA!


Even the teachers also tabulek tahan her ok! She's the bully of the class lor! Sigh

She can snatch other kid's food until those kids CRY! And then now, when they see her, they put their lunch box high up so that she's unable to reach it. The teachers were telling me that those kids are sooo funny cos they teach each other to put their lunch box HIGH HIGH if they see Raeann coming.

Aiyo, this bui kia ah, i really don't understand what she wants. She just refuse to eat from her own lunch box even IF the food are the same. Very funny right? She purposely want to eat from other's lunch boxes. -_________-"

Sometimes really feel so paiseh lor. Imagine the kids go home & complain to their parents? Alamak.

But nevertheless, this bui kia bring alot of joy & laughter to my life. I guess i'm really used to having her around my side, pestering me. Haha



I wonder if she'll still remember Mothers' Day 15-20 years later?

Anyway, i <3 Little Learners. Thank you for accepting & guiding my little bui kia...

I hereby wishing all mummies in the world a ...


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Raeann's 2nd Birthday Plan

My lil' precious is turning 2 in 4 months time. :)

This year i will organise a party for her, at her school. Cos it's her birthday, not mine. No point inviting my friends, end up making them waste $ to buy presents for her.

Although is just a mini party between she & her friends, but i bet she'll be very happy.

Now, i'm planning what to do on her party. Give me some suggestions cos it's my first time organising such a party!

I'm searching for party favors for the kids now!

1) Treat boxes

Kids never fail to be smiling when they receives presents, even though its just cost us a few bucks. Gift packs are very common cos i used to receive them alot when i was young! I want to make it more unique. Hehe But of cos these empty treat boxes doesn't come cheap also.


Those circle ones are those choices out of the rest. Which is nicer huh?


Or this?

This look more mature & i'm sure the boys won't like it!

I really don't know what's the popular characters among toddlers now cos Raeann doesn't watch cartoon at home de. So i ain't sure what she likes too. (I think it's FOOD! Haha)

2) Stuffs to put inside the treat boxes

As usual i think. Some sweets, some biscuits, some toys, what else? Any idea?

3) Food @ the party

I've to ask the in charges if i'm allow to bring food for the kids & what kind of food do they like. And of cos it must be healthy otherwises those parents will kill me if anything happen to their darlings.

But becos i'm such an unhealthy person, i don't know how to prepare healthy food. Die.

Maybe 12 sets of Mac happy meal will do? LOL Hotcakes!! eeee. Raeann doesn't like it.


P/S: Actually, do i need to prepare food anot huh? Any parents do that?

4) Birthday cake

Yooohooo. The main subject. I decided to go for cupcakes cos i'm 100% sure the kids will make a big mess with cake. Cupcake for each individual one to bring home!! Idea?

Anyone got good recommendations for nice cupcakes? I don't want those super sweet, just nice will do.

I want to order about 15-18 pcs! And most importantly, i need them to deliver the night before to my house or early in the morning to her school!

P/S: The cakes look very nice here (, anyone ordered from her before?

Ok, that's all ba.

I imagine that Raeann will be very very happy with her trademark (cannot-see-eyes) smile. Haha

That day i caught her sleeping like that ...



What a weird position?!


And i realised her trotter thighs slim down alittle... ^^

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coach Amanda!

Shit... Hell...

God... Save... Me...

Siao liao lah. I'm at it again. The spending month of the year! Die already lah. How to stop? Sigh

I want to get this Coach Amanda Capacity Wristlet! And i'm getting one for XS too.


We're both very confuse about what color to choose!


Our initial choice was Plum (me) & Teal (XS). But after sometime, we feel that the 2 colors actually look quite shitty dirty.

I like the black one but it's not available. Only the other 3 colors are available. :(

Megenta or Plum nicer?!

I promise after this, i will not buy anymore. =x

Monday, May 4, 2009


Location : #02-74 Far East Plaza

Ok, great news for the girls & boys now.

Trendy & fashionable unisex wear now at x.hybrid! Although the clothings are not-my-style but there are definately people out there who are into such trends... right?








Check out their shop @ Far East Plaza!

I was invited to their opening on 1/5/09 which is also a very sinful day for me. :(

I laid my hands on LV Damier Neverfull MM @ $1,080.00. Yes, it's finally launched in Singapore. (LV staff smsed me 2 weeks ago to inform.)


I seen & tested on a few before i decided to get this.

Vernis Sunset Boulevard - Too small for my daily barangs lah & then end up it will be sitting inside my wardrobe, collecting dusts. The LV staff asked me not to buy. Haha

Monogram Tivoli PM - I jitao dislike monogram. Even Bobo says, 'market have alot'! Haha

Vernis Wilshire Bld - The mouth open too big lah. I'm sucha careless person. Better be safe than sorry.

ZY and Bobo suggested this; Vernis Brentwood @ about $2.5+K.


They said is nicer than Neverfull. Oh well.

After buying Vernis Rosewood, i really got phobia buying light-colored strap bags. Its sooooo difficult to maintain lor. I spent $60.00 polishing that bag but it turned back the same after ... 1 month. I get really frustrated seeing the strap till i wanted to buy a new set of straps. But its too expensive lah! $300++. Mad.

Anyway, i don't feel it's nice also! Maybe becos i'm still young lah... Haha Maybe few years down the road, i will like it.

By that time if i like then i buy lor. I promised myself to get at least one LV every year mah. So when i reach 30, i'll have one line of collections. ^^

When i die, all my LVs will be passed on to Raeann. Haha I will train her to adore LVs like how i do. So next time, we can drag her father to LV boutique and he has to pay! Wahahhahah cos he always say, 'no matter what Raeann wants, he will buy for her'.


He better make sure he fulfill this promise to Raeann.

I always warn him - Not everything she wants & we have to give. Now she wants a toy car, in future she will ask for a real car. What if we cannot afford? How? Borrow loan shark huh? Or rob the bank? He think he's a good father by giving her whatever she wants. Up to him lor.

Heh, that neverfull is really not bad. Big and spacious - able to fit in alot of things! Whooooohoooo.