Monday, May 4, 2009


Location : #02-74 Far East Plaza

Ok, great news for the girls & boys now.

Trendy & fashionable unisex wear now at x.hybrid! Although the clothings are not-my-style but there are definately people out there who are into such trends... right?








Check out their shop @ Far East Plaza!

I was invited to their opening on 1/5/09 which is also a very sinful day for me. :(

I laid my hands on LV Damier Neverfull MM @ $1,080.00. Yes, it's finally launched in Singapore. (LV staff smsed me 2 weeks ago to inform.)


I seen & tested on a few before i decided to get this.

Vernis Sunset Boulevard - Too small for my daily barangs lah & then end up it will be sitting inside my wardrobe, collecting dusts. The LV staff asked me not to buy. Haha

Monogram Tivoli PM - I jitao dislike monogram. Even Bobo says, 'market have alot'! Haha

Vernis Wilshire Bld - The mouth open too big lah. I'm sucha careless person. Better be safe than sorry.

ZY and Bobo suggested this; Vernis Brentwood @ about $2.5+K.


They said is nicer than Neverfull. Oh well.

After buying Vernis Rosewood, i really got phobia buying light-colored strap bags. Its sooooo difficult to maintain lor. I spent $60.00 polishing that bag but it turned back the same after ... 1 month. I get really frustrated seeing the strap till i wanted to buy a new set of straps. But its too expensive lah! $300++. Mad.

Anyway, i don't feel it's nice also! Maybe becos i'm still young lah... Haha Maybe few years down the road, i will like it.

By that time if i like then i buy lor. I promised myself to get at least one LV every year mah. So when i reach 30, i'll have one line of collections. ^^

When i die, all my LVs will be passed on to Raeann. Haha I will train her to adore LVs like how i do. So next time, we can drag her father to LV boutique and he has to pay! Wahahhahah cos he always say, 'no matter what Raeann wants, he will buy for her'.


He better make sure he fulfill this promise to Raeann.

I always warn him - Not everything she wants & we have to give. Now she wants a toy car, in future she will ask for a real car. What if we cannot afford? How? Borrow loan shark huh? Or rob the bank? He think he's a good father by giving her whatever she wants. Up to him lor.

Heh, that neverfull is really not bad. Big and spacious - able to fit in alot of things! Whooooohoooo.

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