Saturday, May 9, 2009

Am i heartless?

I'm back from a terrible Mothers' Day dinner. It's such a horror that i hope there won't be next time anymore.

Queue and long waiting time are unavoidable cos of the occasion & crowds. Never really enjoy the dinner cos all the while i'm busy feeding Raeann, as usual. Sigh

Baby Shin Le is a cutie! He's very very adorable and i wonder why he still has that 'baby smell' on him @ 11 months old huh? I love that 'baby smell' man. Baby Ashlyn also has it! I miss her. I shall arrange to see her soon. :)

Mahjong session with XS & hamster last night cos the Hello Kitty mahjong set arrived!

WOW. What a beauty!

Every part of the mahjong are really pretty except for the wordings. It's those olden cheena writing and we can't really get used to it.

I lost $177.00 and i told the mahjong, I HATE THEM. Whahhahahahhaha

I'm just joking. How will i ever hate such pretty things that was given from my bestest pal?

I love the mahjong completely. It's totally irresistable, i swear. Pics are taken and i'll upload them on Monday, if i can remember. LOL

Coach capacity in megenta had also arrived. It's BIG, alot bigger than the one i had. XS said it's good, can put many things. That's for her anyway, glad she liked it!

I'm still contemplating whether to get the plum one or not, cos the seller has some attitude problem. -_-" Yeah, i'm getting them from a different seller cos this one (megenta's seller) doesn't have plum color. So sad! The other one (plum's seller) sells at a steeper price of about $40.00 difference! That's alot ok! Awww...

Ok, actually my purpose of blogging now is to ask my readers a question...

Am i heartless?!

Cos i just read Alice & Julia's blogs & i see that they're so vexed and upset when they see their lil' ones crying upon sending them to school...

How come i'm not huh? OMG.

To me, i feel is normal for kids to cry during their first 1-2 weeks in school. And i don't really bother about Raeann crying cos i know she will & must get used to it one day. The more i go 'sayang' her, the louder she'll cry if she doesn't want to go to school.

Even though i'm given one week to accompany her in the school, i did not even do it for one day. Cos the first day she was very fine, sut sut walk in herself, take book and sit down. She don't even bother to say 'bye' to us. She started crying on the 2nd day for awhile. And she completely stopped crying on the 5th day, if i did not remember wrongly.

Now in morning she will wake up, ask for milk then go and take towel & hankerchief out from her cabinet & ask me to bathe her cos she wants to go school to find 'korkor' & 'jiejie'. At times, she do get cranky and refuse to bathe. So i will ask her, 'Do you want to go school? If yes, must bathe!', then she will LL walk to the washroom herself & let me bathe for her.

I know she's still very young & i shouldn't do that to her. But to me, they must learn from young. I want her to be independent like me & not dependent like her dad. If i'm going to be soft hearted & stop letting her to go school just becos i don't want her to cry, she will still be the same when she goes to K1, K2 or even Primary One. How long am i able to protect her? And NO WAY i'll let her insist her way like how his dad is now.

Sorry for being so harsh darling but you will realise my good intention one day. Your mummy, me was given such harsh training by your ah gong ok! Yes, my dad was very harsh to us de. It was only after i got married then he reduce his scolding on me.

Those who read my previous previous blog (the one before i got married) before should know that. During that time, i'm always made to cry at work, tio scolded until cry. Right also scold, wrong also scold, bo tai bo chi always tio kan, dam jialat!

But it's all thanks to him that i'm independent now. I never rely on people to help me to do my things. Even if i don't know how to do, i'll try to figure it out until i know.

I'm not like someone who simply use 'don't know' as an excuse & open his big mouth to ORDER people to do things for him like as if that person is oblige to do it for him. If don't want to do, he threaten to BASH that person up wor. So scary man!


Please remember that i'm not a person whom's easy to be bullied de so don't ever try it... again!

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