Friday, May 22, 2009


Bought a car seat for Raeann @ $139.00 from OG! Bobo sponsored $50.00! ... for my & Raeann's bday. But i treated her to buffet lunch @ Mushroom Pot. (I so bo hua leh!)

Thanks to friends for the concern sms. I'm fine, really.

This time round, i'm more calm & clear, no longer feel angry, sad, agitated or whatever.

Maybe, i had really given up. Alright, shall not brood over spill milk & i need to move on.

I need to settle alot of stuffs & i feel so lucky we didn't have a house yet. *phewz*

Yesterday, Raeann saw ZY strangling me. She cried, ran over to hug me & keep sayang-ing my face. I feel so sad seeing her like that, guilty as well to frighten her. *sorry baobei* Divorce is the best solution. I don't wish to give Raeann a bad childhood memories.

I'm in dilemma now. I don't know whether to put Raeann @ his place during weekends or weekdays.

I won't deprive her rights from seeing her dad cos i feel it's unfair to her. But if i place her during the weekdays, the time she'll be spending over at CCK will be more & the chances she will become spoilt rotten is almost 99%.

However, if i place her during the weekends, i think i'll have sleepless night cos i'll just miss her so badly & the time will be so difficult to pass by... At least during the weekdays, i need to work & time won't pass so miserable for me.

Anyway, it's such a hard decision cos no matter what, i'll have to sleep without her for a few nights a week. :(

My parents will be back tonight! Mummy said, we will discuss it again when the divorce date is nearing. I'll be waiting for this day - 24th March 2010. It's finally the official day i'm single again.

I'm so sick of doing everything over again! I need to go family court, re-apply for PPO, attend court session, blah blah blah. So troublesome!

Is there any shortcut for it? I'm so tired & lazy but i die die have to do it cos i won't be a fool for twice.

God, please help me & give me some strength to move on!

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