Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

Today, Raeann's school specially arranged a mini concert for all the kids' mothers to attend. I'm just back from there.

Today is also the day when i feel that all my efforts and pain are being paid off, by the little joy of my life.

I'm happy & proud to be a mummy now! :)

The teachers taught the kids to sing for us (mothers), prepare salad & gave us their priceless master piece.

Although Raeann can't really sing and most of the time she's just being 'extra' by adding 'YEAHHHH' at the end of the song, i'm so touched by all these little gestures. Can't blame her cos she's still the youngest inside the class... also the shortest! Haha

I love my little TERRORIST aka BUI KIA!


Even the teachers also tabulek tahan her ok! She's the bully of the class lor! Sigh

She can snatch other kid's food until those kids CRY! And then now, when they see her, they put their lunch box high up so that she's unable to reach it. The teachers were telling me that those kids are sooo funny cos they teach each other to put their lunch box HIGH HIGH if they see Raeann coming.

Aiyo, this bui kia ah, i really don't understand what she wants. She just refuse to eat from her own lunch box even IF the food are the same. Very funny right? She purposely want to eat from other's lunch boxes. -_________-"

Sometimes really feel so paiseh lor. Imagine the kids go home & complain to their parents? Alamak.

But nevertheless, this bui kia bring alot of joy & laughter to my life. I guess i'm really used to having her around my side, pestering me. Haha



I wonder if she'll still remember Mothers' Day 15-20 years later?

Anyway, i <3 Little Learners. Thank you for accepting & guiding my little bui kia...

I hereby wishing all mummies in the world a ...


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