Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Blues

Just some random thoughts...

Upon seeing so many friends/mummies having a nest of their own, i'm honestly green with ENVY.

I had always wanted a house of my own since i was very young. But seems that i can only 'dream' of having one.

Cos we can't afford. :(

So many people have been pestering me to get my own house & i have to explain my difficulty over and over again.

Buying a house isn't as easy as buying LV bags. I don't own alot of LV bags anyway. -_-"

My CPF alone (cos ZY don't have CPF) is not even enough for the 10% deposit & we will have to fork out more than 10K cash to top up for it.

Where am i going to get 10K? Yes, my mum will definately help me but i don't want to. I've never ever ask for financial help from my parents at all.

I'm married. It's ZY's duty to support me, giving me a shelter over my head & not my parents. It's either we share half for the flat or he pay. Neither am i going to buy a house for him to stay too. I've paid more than enough as a woman already.

It's no big deal owning a car at all!

If i can choose, i would rather have a house than a car.

I took up 10 fucking years of loan from the bank for my car & i'm still owe-ing more than half the amount.

If i were to sell it now, i've to fork out 10+K to the bank! And again, where am i going to find 10+K?

It's every woman's wish to marry a good man.

Divorce is woman's greatest failure in life.

Who would want to get a divorce if they can choose not to? Not everyone can get good husband & enjoy good life.

I've been very lenient towards ZY now cos i simply 'bo chup' & closes one eye for everything.

But how irritating he can be, nobody knows. Not that i didn't want to give in but he's really too much at times.

He's ridiculously spoilt. He went for billiard almost every noon & throw all his work for me to do. Just open his big mouth & expect that i MUST do it for him.

I'm not working for him. Yes, i did promise that i will do for him... during my free time! But i need to settle my companys' stuffs as well. How many hands do i have?

That day i merely asked him to check email himself, he use 'don't know' as an excuse.


What's so difficult keying in username & password then click?

I got super fed up & i asked him to do his invoice himself. I've done all the settings for him already, all he need to do is to key in the informations. Very difficult?

He said he wants to beat me up!

Need he has to use such a harsh tone, just to force me to do his things for him? He think i will be scare?

Luckily my mum was around to stop everything.

I'm human. I'm not robot or god. I cannot simply do everything for him & where is he? PLAY BILLIARD.

I've nothing to say if he's working... Or if he asked his mother to do for him since she loves it so much.

But no leh. I'm expected to do EVERYTHING for him. He should marry a maid instead.

Really hate people saying 风凉话 when situations are not falling in their shoes. If i were to marry a good husband, i die die also won't divorce him lor cos i'm not one who treats marriage like a game.

Ok. Enough of all the rantings. Some stuffs to share...

I brought Raeann to take bus, MRT & LRT to XS's house cos ZY drove my car to work.

It's so tiring but fun! I've always wanted her to experience taking bus & train. And to let her know, i will not pick & fetch her everywhere she goes in future. She must learn to be tough!

Actually it's been a long time since i last took bus/MRT & i'm so afraid of getting lost!

Heng i'm not 路痴. I still know how to read directions board.

I borrowed ezlink from Mary cos i don't have one & i don't know where/how to purchase it too!

I took bus 241 to Pioneer MRT station (Used to be 242 to JP but don't have 242 now!). It's just 2 or 3 stops away from my house. So fast lor!

Then i took MRT to CCK and change LRT to Bukit Panjang! LOL


I seriously don't dare to take too much pics cos i look like so 'sua ku' lor!


Raeann doesn't like the LRT cos it's so small, crowded & stuffy!

One hour + ride to XS's place. ZY called & was shocked when i still haven reach XS's house after one hour.

I told him i took bus, MRT & LRT and he said i 'eat too full'. Haha

Frankly speaking, i wanted to rot at home that day de cos the sun was very BIG man. But as i'm getting terribly fat, i forced my butt to move out of the house.

Overall, Raeann was quite well-behaved but she will drive people CRAZY! LOL

She's super friendly, she said 'BYE BYE' to everyone especially indians/bangalas.

She got so excited upon seeing black-skin people. And she will say 'NEI NEI BYE BYE' very loudly & give them a big smile. -_____________-"

Nei Nei = Ah Bu Nei Nei = Bangalas.

It's so paiseh till i had to carry her & speed up my walking pace.

We managed to reach XS's place in one piece. Hehe

Saw baby Ashlyn! As adorable as ever...

Raeann : Di Di!

Me : No it's Mei Mei...

Raeann : Oh, Mei Mei!

Me : Yah, Mei Mei lor!

Went to walk around and back in 2 mins...

Raeann : Di Di!

Me : I say no lah. It's Mei Mei ok!

Raeann : Di Di! Di Di!

I think she purposely wan...


1713 is back last night! Owner went holiday till this coming Thursday! Woohoo!

Gotta go bank later! Vrooommm... Vrooommm...


Our new shoes! I love this flat & my pedicure so muchie!

3rd pair of shoes this month liao! Shoes fetish is back! Shopping vein is still acting! Siao liao!

P/S: Raeann may not be as smart as others but it doesn't matter to me at all. Whether she will gets a degree in future is not something i'm able to control too! I believe in fate. :)

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