Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I managed to get rid of Raeann's chou chou (smelly pillow) last Saturday. Haha

It happened like this...

She dropped her chou chou through the small hole between my bed and the wall and i refused to pick it up for her cos it was quite 'in'. I was lazy to shift the bed and get it for her. Then i was thinking, aiya might as well stop it.

So i told her, 'ga-ga (monster) bite your chou chou liao, eat already, NO MORE!'.

And she made noise for 1 bloody hour. She kept looking & pointing at the hole, asking me to find it for her. I repeated, 'ga-ga mum mum already' many times.

She refused to sleep, kept pointing at the hole and say 'GA-GA, PAH PAH (scare)'. HAHAHA

I sayang her & ask her to go & sleep, she die die don't want to. Then i said, 'U make some more noise, i don't want you anymore!'.

Then she kept quiet, came to me, asked me to hug her & she sleep! LOL

After she woke up, she did not cry anymore. She did find her pillow but i told her, 'U forget liao meh, just now ga-ga bite & eat finish already'. Then she blur blur, walk away lor.

Many people asked her about her pillow these 2 days. She told them, 'ga-ga ARMMM (eat)'. Wahahhahahha so funny lor. Kids are kids. Naive, innocent + cute!

Now she keep all her toys after playing cos she scare ga-ga eat them up! Whahahahhaa

Luckily she was quite well-behaved these few days without her pillow arh. Ah bo ZY sure surrender and give it back to her! Then she will be forever sticking to that smelly + dirty pillow. YUCKS!

In another 3-4 months time, i'm gonna think of a way to quit her pacifier!!!

ZY : Wah she really ok liao hor, without her chou chou.

Me : I told you before liao. Kid's habits are decided & controlled by the parents. Its whether the
parents want to stop it anot. Gotta be harsh otherwise its gonna be shameful in future.

This is me. If anyone think that my way is wrong, WHATEVER! I know what's best for my kid. :)


Ok, peektures as promised!


See?! It's really very girly, sweet, pretty, shiny & extremely princessy!

The box is super duper heavy, LV-Inspired one ok!

Even the dices are so unique, the ribbon stands for ONE.

But the kitty doesn't bring me luck at all. Played twice only & i lost $326.00. :(

ZY said kitty is his mistress, cos he won almost $500 during these 2 times. Ma de! Win my $ still dare to talk cock! Haha

We played 50cents-$1, shooter pay & until 8 tais.





I guess, SHE is a boy. =]

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