Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sleepy head

My parents are once again in Hatyai now.

I need to wake up @ 6.15am today cos i promised mummy to help her send that fat baby to school.

So sleepy can. Not enough sleep makes me fatter. :( SAD!

Yesterday i received a Mother's day card from Raeann again! This time round is from her chinese lesson, previous one was english lesson (i realised it only yesterday).


Obviously, i knew is not done by Raeann lah. The only thing done by her was the messy red paint on the card. Haha

I will keep all her priceless pieces. :)

This morning, i don't know why i ki siao, maybe wake up too early liao.

I camwhored! This is something which i've not done for a very long time liao...


I'm not feeling good today. My sore throat is here again... I need durian!

Durian is my remedy whenever i've sore throat! Surprisely, i recovered everytime. Maybe 与毒攻毒! Haha

I'm officially on diet w.e.f TODAY!

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