Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's your conscious that killed you.

I've always thought that i'm quite lucky cos people & friends i met are always nice, justice & true.

But as i gets older, i realised, human are not as simple as i think.

Knowing how to admit to own's faults is a 美德. However, not everyone are able to do so. It all lies with your up-bringing.

I've finally met someone a family like that. Don't know it's consider heng or sway. But i'm sooooo glad that i'm finally getting rid of them SOON.

I don't understand why they are so afraid of people telling truth behind their back. IF they hadn't done it, what's there to be afraid of?

And since they have done it, just admit & apologise. Why they (the whole family) can just push the blame to one innocent party? And the worst thing is, they always accused people of things that they (others) didn't do. Make-up stories EXPERTS. PRO man.

Maybe it's the bond in the whole family lor. Always side with their own people even though they knew that it's wrong! Or maybe they think is right?


But anyway, it lies in them; the family. There's nothing me or others can do. Let them be & if they feel happier this way.

I don't see any point or meaning getting angry & lose your appetite over such people anymore. I've been through it & no matter what i say, they sure have some stories to turn around with. And that's why i didn't bother to explain or say much this time round cos i know i'll be wasting my breath. So, what's the point?

I felt apologetic towards my sis-in-law for getting scolded for something which she had not done at all. It's again, not my fault too. Whose fault? You guys be the judge lor.

At 11.30am today, ZY came to my office to settle his paperwork.

Me : Why Raeann kept screaming & shouting for nothing everytime she came back from your house? She will scream for every little thing (which she never do so in the past) that she can't get now or will scratch or hit people. If you don't want to teach her, then don't bring her back. I'll teach her myself.

ZY : I got teach her lor.

Me : How you teach her when you're always sleeping & leave Raeann to your mum's care?

(I knew he was sleeping becos everyweek when i call him to ask about Raeann, he will use those 'seh seh' tone to tell me that Raeann went out with his mum since morning. So, isn't he sleeping and throwing Raeann to his mum? Is it so difficult to guess?)

ZY : *stunned for a moment* (in a sacastic way) Ya lah, i never look after her lah. You are the best la!

After a short while, he left. And guess what he do?

He called his brother and complained to him that my SIL 跟我打小报告.

And his brother, without getting the truth/fact right called and scold my SIL all the way. He don't even bother to let her explain.

WTF! What a family huh.

First of all, since when did i mention my SIL to him huh?

2ndly, if he did look after Raeann and did not throw to his mum, why would he be afraid of people telling me? Right?

Fact is, my mere guessing are all truth lor.

He got guilty conscious then he accused my SIL. Good at pushing blame huh?

I called him to clarify things out. You know what he replied after creating all these stupid mess?

ZY : Ok lor. You say don't have then don't have lor.

*Hung Up*

WOW. He wants to make it sounds as though is my fault again? WHAHAHAHAHAH

So silly. I'm not affected at all. I won't get affected by all these idiots anymore. The whole family one of a kind. Birds of same feather flocks together.

If you people were to threaten me with Raeann's surname ever again, i will make sure YOU ALL will never get the chance to ever see her anymore. TRUST ME!

The best deal :

1) Make a woman pregnant.
2) Chin chin chai chai marry her.
3) Make her do everything for you.
4) Let her pay most of the child's expense.
5) When you need sex, talk to her. When you don't need, ignore her.
6) Hit her for nothing.
7) Say want to divorce her &
8) Fighting for the child after that. His reason - the child shares same surname with him.

Who don't want such a deal? Tell me lor. So simple. Don't have to look after of wife & kid. Shoot your sperm into the woman's vagina & that stupid woman will have to do for you; unwillingly.

That's me lor! But... my disastrous fate with this idiot had ENDED. What a relieve!


'God determines who walks into your life. It is up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go.'

Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a little updates!

I know i've not been blogging much lately. So sorry.

Now that i started typing, my mind is blank. Haha

How i wish time could be turned back or speed up a little. So that i can finally have my freedom! I'm so in love with single life man.

This time, i did not blog about what lead to the 'fight' between me & ZY. Not that it's my fault, it's not even my bloody fault at all! But i'm just dam tired of arguing cos he think he's always right so i let him be right lor. No point arguing with an idiot, waste my time only.

My ILS says it's only a small issue & not as if he had an affair outside. OF COS LOR. Cos it's his son who hitted me, if it's son-in-law who hit their daughter, what would they say then?

I'm not born to let him order around & hit ok! STUPID FAMILY.

I just kept quiet throughout the whole matter, ignore each and every of his work, move on with my own peaceful life & i'm very happy now.

My mind is made up and i jolly well know that i've made the right choice. :)

Setting each other free is also a form of happiness.

Alright, enough of those frustrating issues.

I finally get to ride in space shot this time round! Yippie. Getting to see the beautiful scenery at a tip level. Shiok man!

There's a 1000001 pic inside XS's camera. I'm waiting for her to wake up! She's having a hard time over the weekend cos baby Ashlyn was very cranky. Most probably she's angry with them for not bringing her along to Genting lah.

Luckily Raeann is not angry with me! LOL

I did not let ZY bring her back last weekend cos i miss her so much & i want to spend more time with her! Good also. Cos she always learn RUBBISH back from there & there's no one to teach her what cannot be done.

Did i mention she actually climb out from the car seat (which she never dare to do so) after ZY borrowed the car seat to bring her back? Cos ZY bring up the car seat to let her play lor. And she learned how to set herself free from the seat belt. Can she play with such thing meh? It's not a toy leh. Don't they know how dangerous it was when i was driving & i suddenly saw a head popping up and down from the rear view mirror? I scolded her & i told her if she were to do that again, i will cane her. And she don't dare to do so now.

I don't dare to say she's a good girl but i dare to say i've done my duty as a mother. I teach & discipline her well... Although at times she's still very unreasonable and insist what she wants, especially when i'm not around. But i've tried my best. I'm the only devil around whereas everyone else are trying to be angels.

I'm kinda worried she will hate me in future. :(

And that's why i wanna blog! So that IF she gets to read this blog in future, she will understand how much i really love her. :)

I'm gonna extract the entry out from my previous blog about the whole pregnancy i've gone through.

Ok, peektures now.


This little imp saw baby Ashlyn in her combi. She went to search for her own combi upon reaching home & insist to sleep on it. So oversized now! Funny lor, last time she don't like to sit at all.


Bubble has a new haircut! Hehe


我们两骑着脚车踩下去, 呀踩下去! The Ah Bui Ah San (Fatty & Skinny)!


I hope i don't scare you people off without any make-up. Hehe

Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm back!

Thanks to XS & HB for the fun & safe ride to Genting (yet again, haha)!

No pics taken cos the scenery is still same & everything still remain unchanged.

This time round i lose lesser in casino. Luck was quite good in Carribean Stud Poker but not others. I anyhow gamble that's why lose abit lor.

I gtg now. Miss my lil' baobei so muchie!

Bye & nightz!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Hey hey.

I'm officially 25 today! Happy Birthday to me!! Hehe

I'm not going to blog much cos i've birthday lunch & dinner later. Gotta go soon!

Friend treated me to Ritz Carlton for dinner last Saturday. The food is still as great as ever. YUMMY~

I'm very sway lor. This morning got scratched by durians on my legs. OUCH! One big patch & bleeding somemore! How to wear shorts tomorrow? Sigh. 25 year old birthday scars!

Gtg now! Lunch!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Excuse me.

Joanne sing : "I want nobody nobody but u! I want nobody nobody but u! ... ..."

I wanted to blog! But i need to revamp my company's website today. Just gotta the instruction this morning...

So, i'm not gonna be loh soh and write too much, just a brief short & sweet entry. :)

I met up with dear Jamie (In case anyone dunno, she was my sec sch best friend!) on Friday night. That night was darn fun cos i shutter around many places! I did not drive & luckily i did not. Cos i was dead drunk! I reached home about 5+am & completely K.O. Not a nice feeling to puke. YUCKS!

I feel really happy to see her again after so many years. Still as chio as ever! Hehe She intro me to some of her best friends and they're cute! Young & sweet. Suddenly i feel so old. Shit man!

Peektures: Drink Drank Drunk!





She's very photogenic hor? All her pics very nice de! No editing needed!

I can't wait to meet her again!

I really need to go now. Pile of work on my desk!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Many many things to blog!

Aloha! How are u guys?

I'm on leave on Friday & time-off yesterday, to look after my little rascal.

Life has been much fulfilling these few days! :) Catching up with old friends is great! Miss those days when we mahjong, mahjong & mahjong! Hehe

Ok, i finally received my cheque from Nuffnang yesterday. After a long long wait since i cashed out my earnings in April. A pathetic amount of $49.49 cos deducted $1.00 for processing fee. But it's ok. It's an extra bonus for me! I hope advertisers will give me more ads! PLEASE.


I accompanied mummy to shopping on Sunday @ Vivocity & we went to Secret Society Bosses for our sumptuous dinner! Food was as usual good & service is thumbs up! I'm craving for it again now! LYDIA!!!!!!!!!!! LUNCH!!!!!!!!!! Haha

Mummy bought me a chio rubber band from Chomel. I love it! Thanks Mum!


I was in town with Mummy & Bobo yesterday noon. We went for the yummy Lucky Plaza Yong Tau Foo. BEST! I've been craving for it since many weeks ago! Aftermath, we went to the 3 for $10 shop and we bought many many glasses!

My favourite among all is...


Hahahahahaha. Bobo said i looked like those pervert '麻辣教师'. -____-"

I think i look cute ma! No meh? LOL

But but...

She's cuter!



Pardon her messy hair & dirty clothes. She bathe 5 times yesterday, 3 times within ONE HOUR. I changed her till i'm dead beat. She kept shaking while taking those pics & that's why it's so blurry.


Retro baby! She has been so sweet these few days. Kept kissing & kissing me out of sudden! Really love her alot!

Oh. There's something i feel so proud about her i need to mention! Actually i don't feel anything surprising about this initially but everytime when i bring her out, everyone will crowd around her, give her freebies & commenting how smart she is!

She can use chopsticks! Very very well, like an adult! And she really can kiap food with it lor!

Actually she can take chopsticks in the right way since many many months ago. Think when she's about one!

Everyone kept asking me how did i teach her that. I'm not so smart or patient to teach or train her but just that she loves to imitate what we are doing. And she just learnt it herself!

She eat whatever we eat even though it's spicy! She can take chilli wan lor, better than my maid. Haha

Finally, she has done something to make me proud. Hehe


Restaurant City

I mentioned that Meiyi always laze around cleaning other rubbish when the toilet is dirty right? I got proof now!

Last Thursday, i noticed that the toilet was dirty but she was don't know cleaning what shit.


5 mins later, i went inside my restaurant again! And she's still don't know cleaning what shit!


ARGH! The floor is so clean, don't know she kept scrubbing it for what. -________-"

I'm siao already, ignore me!

Anyway, i bought uniforms for my waitresses liao!


If you notice, my $ is always very little. Cos whenever i earn abit, i will spend & spend. Change this, change that. My restaurant setting don't know change how many times already lor.

I gtg now! Bye!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now i know why...

I'm feeling relatively down for the whole morning and i'm wondering why?

Now i know. My aunty visited me. No wonder i'm soooo sleepy even though i sleep so early every night.

Bobo treated me to Ajisen for dinner last night. I'm si bei super full cos i've been eating since 12pm yesterday. Then later i treated her to Haagen-Dazs ice cream again. It cost me $24.60 for 6 small scoops. It's very exp but damn yummy lah!

Something happened last night...

Bobo was walking alone in front while me & Raeann were strolling behind, a distance away from her. Then there were this group of guys gossiping about me! Cos Bobo heard & was laughing away.

This group of guys walked past me when Raeann suddenly grabbed on my leg & asked me to carry her. So this guy turned to his friends and say, '你看后面有一个漂亮妈妈!哇,那么年轻就结婚. Haiz'.

I didn't know at all. All i know was he turned & looked at me for 2nd glance. So i called out Bobo was i wanna tell her something. And this guy was completely shock & paiseh cos he knew Bobo heard everything he said and would definately tell me. He was dumb-founded for 2 mins & his friend kept asking him what happen.

Bobo was laughing away and i asked her what happen. I thought there was something on my face or what. Then she tell me after that.



This is yummylicious i tell u! Fran Patisserie.

The berries cream is really thick. I've been indulging it since last night. SO NICE LOR! Bought it the Japanese snack shop (Yamakawa Super) @ Jurong Point. $4.20 for 12 sticks only. Raeann also love it alot! TRY IT!

I've been thinking alot these few days. Cos ZY has been pestering to come back & i'm so hesistant to let him back cos i'm really enjoying my life to the max now. I guess he is too. So why he wanna come back? His reason was, don't wish to give Raeann an incomplete family.

Ok fine. I agreed with this too. Raeann is the most innocent victim that always suffer becos of us. But is she suffering? She can't express & we all don't know.

I'm really tired trying out & letting the history repeats again & again. Nobody just understand how i feel. But luckily this time round nobody tried to talk me out anymore. Cos i'm sick of saying or hearing this topic.

Issit really hard to maintain a marriage? Issit really hard to get a man who really understand what i need?

My ideal husband is very simple only. Why he makes it sounds such a difficult task?

All i need is someone who can listen to me & be more considerate to my feeling. And not when i talk, his eyes & brain on the TV and i get NO reply from him. Like that i might as well talk to the wall, right?

And i need him to help me as well. Not throwing every single rubbish to me, ordering me around like i'm a maid & there he is enjoying his billiard session.

Which means, he will only talk to me when he needs me to do something for him. And he think is right. He doesn't know i'm unhappy even though i tell him that i'm unhappy straight to his face. He would simply ignore me & treat me like i'm transparent.

So, whats the point of him being around? He brings me nothing but work.

He doesn't give me any happiness. He doesn't give me any care or concern. He restricted my life from only work & home. He gave me tons of work to do. All he care for is his friends and billiard only.

I'm really very very sick of him already. Until now i feel so numb of whatever shit i'm treated.

I really don't mind being a single mother for i've phobia of marriage already.

It's such a mental torture. I just wanna be happy, so difficult meh?

We're still so young. We shouldn't waste each other's time anymore.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's wrong with me?


Wah lau. Just now i went to IMM bank. Then i decided to pack my lunch there. Can't decide what to eat so i packed XXL crispy chicken first...

Then i bought a bottle of cold barley.

As i walk, i feel the food is too little & i thought i won't be full afterall. I walk walk walk & saw Mos Burger. Long long time did not eat already so i went to pack one Teriyaki chicken meal lor.

Then i walked back to my car. I was eating the XXL chicken & drinking the barley while walking. When i reached my car, i suddenly feel 3/4 full liao.

Now, after finishing half a pack of the Mos fries and some apple soda, i feel really full.

Siao liao. Still got burger and more than half of XXL chicken untouched. How arh? Who want to eat? Come Bukit Batok & collect from me!


Kidz Amaze @ Safra Jurong

A 3 storey high indoor adventure playground not only for the kids but adult as well.

I'm amazed at how adults enjoyed themselves as much as the kids too. Haha


Borrowed Safra card from my bro and enjoyed a discounted rate of $3.20 per pax. How worth?! Unlimited time somemore! They closed at 9pm!

Raeann played for free cos they thought she's below 18 months. LOL

It's F.O.C for kids below 18 months! SO mummies, what ya waiting for?

Thinking of organising Raeann's birthday there but... she got 20 friends meh?? Think 19 out of 20 will be my friends instead. Haha


It's really HIGH. Look so fun!


Raeann & Ethan really enjoyed.



Bobo enjoyed very much as well...


My sis loves her school uniform alot! I don't know why!


While we were about to leave...


Raeann refused to leave lor! KIDS.

It's really an ideal place for the kids to have FUN. Cos of the stupid hot weather recently, it's nice to hide inside the air-conditioned area for few hours! REFRESHING man. If you want, you can take a nap inside. They will not bother you! Haha

I'm thinking of employing a maid but it means extra financial burden to me. Sounds kinda stupid also as i've bought car seat & i can jolly well handle Raeann very well by myself. Hmm... See how ba!

OH YAH! Raeann quitted her pacifier on her own already! I did not do anything to her pacifier but she just did not ask for it anymore. Unless she sees it, otherwise she will just forget about having pacifier at all.

So, i'm gonna keep away all her more-than-6 pacifiers by tonight! So good that i need not have to think of ways to bluff her anymore. LOL I think is cos that i keep telling her that she's a big girl already & it's very shameful to suck tu-tu still. So smart of her to understand what i'm talking man!

My MIL still asked me to quit her pacifier at only 3 years old when i intended to quit her at 2.

Anyway, i'm happy she quitted all her habits away! :)

I asked Raeann if she wants her lao-8 to come back, her reply was, 'MAI'. Whahahahhahahha

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Restaurant City

Hello. Yeah. I'm finally blogging now.

Last Friday, i started up a restaurant in FaceBook.

Now, i've 5 employees.

1) Jovan - Cook
2) Justin - Cook
3) Jing - Waitress
4) Louisa (XS) - Waitress
5) Jocelyn (Meiyi) - Cleaner


But this Meiyi ar, need to sack her away liao. The toilet is always dirty and she's there don't know cleaning what other shit.



This is me, the ladyboss. Ain't i cute?! LOL


Brought Raeann to the new Safra @ Jurong for a meal yesterday. And going again today for the Kids Amaze; an indoor playground for the kids. Only $3.20 for Safra member, SO CHEAP! No member is $12.00 (i think so).

Ok, gtg and manage my restaurant now! Else all my staffs are eating snake already! LOL