Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's your conscious that killed you.

I've always thought that i'm quite lucky cos people & friends i met are always nice, justice & true.

But as i gets older, i realised, human are not as simple as i think.

Knowing how to admit to own's faults is a 美德. However, not everyone are able to do so. It all lies with your up-bringing.

I've finally met someone a family like that. Don't know it's consider heng or sway. But i'm sooooo glad that i'm finally getting rid of them SOON.

I don't understand why they are so afraid of people telling truth behind their back. IF they hadn't done it, what's there to be afraid of?

And since they have done it, just admit & apologise. Why they (the whole family) can just push the blame to one innocent party? And the worst thing is, they always accused people of things that they (others) didn't do. Make-up stories EXPERTS. PRO man.

Maybe it's the bond in the whole family lor. Always side with their own people even though they knew that it's wrong! Or maybe they think is right?


But anyway, it lies in them; the family. There's nothing me or others can do. Let them be & if they feel happier this way.

I don't see any point or meaning getting angry & lose your appetite over such people anymore. I've been through it & no matter what i say, they sure have some stories to turn around with. And that's why i didn't bother to explain or say much this time round cos i know i'll be wasting my breath. So, what's the point?

I felt apologetic towards my sis-in-law for getting scolded for something which she had not done at all. It's again, not my fault too. Whose fault? You guys be the judge lor.

At 11.30am today, ZY came to my office to settle his paperwork.

Me : Why Raeann kept screaming & shouting for nothing everytime she came back from your house? She will scream for every little thing (which she never do so in the past) that she can't get now or will scratch or hit people. If you don't want to teach her, then don't bring her back. I'll teach her myself.

ZY : I got teach her lor.

Me : How you teach her when you're always sleeping & leave Raeann to your mum's care?

(I knew he was sleeping becos everyweek when i call him to ask about Raeann, he will use those 'seh seh' tone to tell me that Raeann went out with his mum since morning. So, isn't he sleeping and throwing Raeann to his mum? Is it so difficult to guess?)

ZY : *stunned for a moment* (in a sacastic way) Ya lah, i never look after her lah. You are the best la!

After a short while, he left. And guess what he do?

He called his brother and complained to him that my SIL 跟我打小报告.

And his brother, without getting the truth/fact right called and scold my SIL all the way. He don't even bother to let her explain.

WTF! What a family huh.

First of all, since when did i mention my SIL to him huh?

2ndly, if he did look after Raeann and did not throw to his mum, why would he be afraid of people telling me? Right?

Fact is, my mere guessing are all truth lor.

He got guilty conscious then he accused my SIL. Good at pushing blame huh?

I called him to clarify things out. You know what he replied after creating all these stupid mess?

ZY : Ok lor. You say don't have then don't have lor.

*Hung Up*

WOW. He wants to make it sounds as though is my fault again? WHAHAHAHAHAH

So silly. I'm not affected at all. I won't get affected by all these idiots anymore. The whole family one of a kind. Birds of same feather flocks together.

If you people were to threaten me with Raeann's surname ever again, i will make sure YOU ALL will never get the chance to ever see her anymore. TRUST ME!

The best deal :

1) Make a woman pregnant.
2) Chin chin chai chai marry her.
3) Make her do everything for you.
4) Let her pay most of the child's expense.
5) When you need sex, talk to her. When you don't need, ignore her.
6) Hit her for nothing.
7) Say want to divorce her &
8) Fighting for the child after that. His reason - the child shares same surname with him.

Who don't want such a deal? Tell me lor. So simple. Don't have to look after of wife & kid. Shoot your sperm into the woman's vagina & that stupid woman will have to do for you; unwillingly.

That's me lor! But... my disastrous fate with this idiot had ENDED. What a relieve!

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