Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a little updates!

I know i've not been blogging much lately. So sorry.

Now that i started typing, my mind is blank. Haha

How i wish time could be turned back or speed up a little. So that i can finally have my freedom! I'm so in love with single life man.

This time, i did not blog about what lead to the 'fight' between me & ZY. Not that it's my fault, it's not even my bloody fault at all! But i'm just dam tired of arguing cos he think he's always right so i let him be right lor. No point arguing with an idiot, waste my time only.

My ILS says it's only a small issue & not as if he had an affair outside. OF COS LOR. Cos it's his son who hitted me, if it's son-in-law who hit their daughter, what would they say then?

I'm not born to let him order around & hit ok! STUPID FAMILY.

I just kept quiet throughout the whole matter, ignore each and every of his work, move on with my own peaceful life & i'm very happy now.

My mind is made up and i jolly well know that i've made the right choice. :)

Setting each other free is also a form of happiness.

Alright, enough of those frustrating issues.

I finally get to ride in space shot this time round! Yippie. Getting to see the beautiful scenery at a tip level. Shiok man!

There's a 1000001 pic inside XS's camera. I'm waiting for her to wake up! She's having a hard time over the weekend cos baby Ashlyn was very cranky. Most probably she's angry with them for not bringing her along to Genting lah.

Luckily Raeann is not angry with me! LOL

I did not let ZY bring her back last weekend cos i miss her so much & i want to spend more time with her! Good also. Cos she always learn RUBBISH back from there & there's no one to teach her what cannot be done.

Did i mention she actually climb out from the car seat (which she never dare to do so) after ZY borrowed the car seat to bring her back? Cos ZY bring up the car seat to let her play lor. And she learned how to set herself free from the seat belt. Can she play with such thing meh? It's not a toy leh. Don't they know how dangerous it was when i was driving & i suddenly saw a head popping up and down from the rear view mirror? I scolded her & i told her if she were to do that again, i will cane her. And she don't dare to do so now.

I don't dare to say she's a good girl but i dare to say i've done my duty as a mother. I teach & discipline her well... Although at times she's still very unreasonable and insist what she wants, especially when i'm not around. But i've tried my best. I'm the only devil around whereas everyone else are trying to be angels.

I'm kinda worried she will hate me in future. :(

And that's why i wanna blog! So that IF she gets to read this blog in future, she will understand how much i really love her. :)

I'm gonna extract the entry out from my previous blog about the whole pregnancy i've gone through.

Ok, peektures now.


This little imp saw baby Ashlyn in her combi. She went to search for her own combi upon reaching home & insist to sleep on it. So oversized now! Funny lor, last time she don't like to sit at all.


Bubble has a new haircut! Hehe


我们两骑着脚车踩下去, 呀踩下去! The Ah Bui Ah San (Fatty & Skinny)!


I hope i don't scare you people off without any make-up. Hehe

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