Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's wrong with me?


Wah lau. Just now i went to IMM bank. Then i decided to pack my lunch there. Can't decide what to eat so i packed XXL crispy chicken first...

Then i bought a bottle of cold barley.

As i walk, i feel the food is too little & i thought i won't be full afterall. I walk walk walk & saw Mos Burger. Long long time did not eat already so i went to pack one Teriyaki chicken meal lor.

Then i walked back to my car. I was eating the XXL chicken & drinking the barley while walking. When i reached my car, i suddenly feel 3/4 full liao.

Now, after finishing half a pack of the Mos fries and some apple soda, i feel really full.

Siao liao. Still got burger and more than half of XXL chicken untouched. How arh? Who want to eat? Come Bukit Batok & collect from me!


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